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  1. Ya I think I would have kept me in the playoff hunt too. Tough loss. Oh well, best of luck to whomever makes the playoffs.
  2. This is not a team I care to route for. They’re soft, can’t score consistently and have Absolutely no heart. I have too many other stressors in my life right now. This was suppose to an outlet to distract me from some other issues I’m dealing with. Long story short I think I’m going to take a break for a bit from this team which unfortunately includes our little corner of the internet. Hopefully when the team becomes something to be proud of again I’ll return but now is looking like a nice time for a break. For the most part I’ve enjoyed our discussions all. Sure I’ll be back eventually. Everyone in Sabrespace Fantasy Football, you’re still going down!!
  3. Don’t want NS not knowing there’s a game today. Have at er.
  4. There’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile and looking like another bust in a long line of busts. How’s he looked this year?
  5. I love your contributions to this forum. I also would like to consider myself fairly well educated. Having said that, I had to look up the word ‘rancour’ as I’ve never read or heard that word in my life. Going to have to start using that. But I have also read this post five times now and I don’t have a clue at what you are trying to say here my friend. I agree that it is valid to question every move the organization makes. Including the bottom guys. However, there is no evidence I have seen in what Gilmore has done on the Sabres or throughout his career that justifies me caring in the least if he is claimed or not. Is there something I’m (and apparently 30 other nhl franchises who passed on him) missing? I’m still hoping beyond hope he doesn’t become a regular starter on this team. Maybe it’s just me but I’m not worried about Nelson because he is behind all of the guys in Buffalo as well as Borgen and Pilut on the farm. Nelson is the same way as Gilmore to me, if he starts playing regular minutes this team is in big trouble.
  6. It really is incredible. Out of those pairings I think I sit Risto and Bogo but tough to do if you’re trying to move Risto.
  7. I was a guy that was fine keeping skinner off Eichel line so we could try to produce something outside of the first line but JFC if we’re playing him with sheary and Rodrigues I just, I just don’t get it.
  8. That was a close one.....
  9. What are you talking about man? He played in 4 games and the team lost 3 of them. I would argue the Washington and Minny games (even tho he was forward in the minny one) were two of the worst games this team has played all season. So not really. He has played ok and the team was horrendous in half of the games he’s been a part of. Buffalos affection for fringe hockey players while constantly trying to run their stars out of town will never cease to amaze me.
  10. Dregs goes on a buffalo radio station to tell everyone Jason is trying. Me thinks the Sabres really want everyone to know they’re trying real hard.....
  11. For those still thinking the leafs couldn’t wait to run Babcock out of town. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/sports/leafs/opinion/2019/11/22/mike-babcock-hasnt-changed-and-neither-has-the-leafs-tendency-to-panic-under-pressure.html
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