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  1. None of the OHL clubs have any affiliation with NHL clubs. Sabres would have had no influence at all over this trade. Sudbury is leading their division (narrowly) and OHL trade deadline is January 10th. They made the deadline move for a playoff push and try and hold onto their division lead.
  2. I donno. I wouldn’t bet on Terry being a dumb man. Jason can say all he wants but the team has been essentially out of the playoff race for all three years now by New Years. New Years. Again, in a hard salary cap era. That’s unbelievable. During the ‘golden’ season no less. Who is even our up and coming saviour for hope of a quick turnaround. We have exactly one blue chip prospect in the pipeline right now.
  3. Look at the results that’s all that matters. We were DFL two years ago, 3-4 points out of second last the previous season and this year is also looking scary. How are we still making excuses that it’s just too hard making trades in this league?
  4. Seriously. In a hard salary cap era we shouldn’t go a decade missing the playoffs where half the friggen teams make it. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at this point to be upset. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we should be done giving the benefit of the doubt. How the hell have they not figured it out to atleast be in the playoff hunt after January when you have a top 10 player in the whole league and have barely had any meaningful injuries......If you’re up for making excuses at this point then good for you I guess.
  5. Are you kidding me? They have a 25 year old coming off a vezna winning season. You think they were looking for a goalie prospect? That’s the best deal tampa could make and had to move Miller for cap purposes so they did. I’m pretty sure they weren’t specifically looking for a goaltender.
  6. Well I’m listening now Randall and you’re right ok?! 😉
  7. @WildCard close your eyes and walk away from the thread my friend 😉
  8. No your just upset. It’s not the sabres fault for being irrelevant in a salary cap era for the last decade. Eye roll.
  9. Well we’re both on the same page here. But why does he not try to make another move or four after seeing this blow up in his face during the 18/19 season? He had all friggen offseason with a plethora of nhl caliber D at his disposal for trade.
  10. No I wouldn’t have. Go back and take a look what Vancouver gave up for JT Miller.
  11. Gotcha. But couldn’t we try for more than 1? Especially coming off the decade er season we did last year? Was one forward upgrade going to really be enough?
  12. Does it matter? Then we miss the playoffs by 25 points instead of 15? Ok I’m done. Let’s just hope this is a start to more things to come but that’s how I’ve felt since last May so not holding my breath.
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