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  1. Ya I really do still like JBott but this would leave me wondering....
  2. The only thing I really didn't want was an old retread coach. Not only that but he's like the 3rd or 4th retread option even available. At this point you hope a team overreacts and fires a good but Round 1 losing coach or you go with Keefe or Smith. Won't even be excited with Keefe or Smith until they actually turn it around but if they hire JM would be about the only way I would be disappointed.
  3. You wouldn't take Pod at 7? Reminds me of the draft a few years ago where there was highly ranked Russian (can't remember the name) where he was suppose to go high and ended up falling to I think Dallas? Then there's also Grigorenko lol.
  4. Jeez if Pod is there at 7 do we take him? From everything I've read the talent is all right there and for awhile was almost the consensus #3 pick. But at the same time the whole Russian factor is there. There appears to be significant talent this year at the 7 spot. Do we gamble?
  5. This is hilarious. On a roll tonight.
  6. Yep, we should all be pretty big stars fans next round.
  7. So who are we thinking? It sounded like botts wanted an experienced guy but to me keefe and smith check most of the boxes. Maybe waiting to see if a coach still shakes loose now and if not go with someone like that? I’m cool with one of the Swedish guys as an assistant but no thanks to head coach.
  8. I think officiating changes come playoff time in every sport. Just ask the saints 😉
  9. I’m good with this. Doesn’t the SHL usually play 40 or 50 games? The first year is a big adjustment in terms of travel and games played in the nhl. Give him a breather and full offseason to train. Im sure he will attend in future years (hopefully we’re in the playoffs and he can’t I guess).
  10. @LGR4GM - you’ve advocated for some guys who have hit in the past (barbashev and BB come to mind). Will be interested in your final rankings once we get close to the draft. This is such a big pick for the franchise if the pick gets made.
  11. This is a good point. I want botts to have full say on this hire but we shouldn’t forget the housley hire was almost unanimously approved by the fan base at the time.
  12. Still have Smith as my #1 option but I would be good with Keefe.
  13. 24 year old centre who can score 25-35 goals consistently and we can 'shelter' him on our second line? Ummmmm yes. Would cost an absolute fortune tho. Don't think 7OA and Risto would come close. What would you be willing to give up for him?
  14. Ya none of those names draw much excitement.
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