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  1. Decent scouting report. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/04/dylan-cozens-scouting-report/
  2. I don't doubt at all they are on a 5 year plan. I still think he needs to be active this summer. You can't miss the playoffs and win the cup in a couple years. Get a couple of stop gaps (ala Stasney) that help us get in the playoffs today and get some valuable playoff experience for the group. Maybe this pushes Mitts down a line which is fine. Coz will keep developing next year in Lethbridge. My point is, I agree with you and things look really good about 3 years from now but let's supplements the existing core to bridge us to a top 6 that includes Mitts, Cozens and possibly Olofsson. This is the line I had an issue with I guess.
  3. From everything I've read and watched I think you're selling him short. He put up some pretty big numbers and looked very good at international tournaments. That release he has on the wrist shot is not something you can easily teach. He is also a tremendous skater with a great first step which I think translates well to the NHL. Hockey sense seems very good too so I don't think we're looking at an Evander Kane type. I also have to think there may be a little untapped potential. I admit I don't have all the research but didn't he move from the Yukon around age 12 to play in BC/Alberta? This was basically because they don't have a program up there for him. Most 7 or 8 year olds showing elite potential have elite coaching available in other parts of the world. He did not. Once he got down south and obviously in the WHL he was exposed to it but can't help but wonder what the Sabres training staff will do with him. Maybe it's nothing, I don't know. I think we're spoiled with Jack. We know we have the #1 C in place already. Any other year in which we don't have a franchise C, there would be an obsession that Cozens will be that guy. Why not? Pick 7 in a pretty good draft have some pretty high expectations.
  4. While I agree with your last sentence I'm not sure things can get much worse in terms of Buffalo being a destination. They've already been out so long, small market yada yada that we already have to overpay for all these things. My biggest fear is eventually someone big on the team will want out. They have to become a legit playoff contender this season. Not until American Thanksgiving, not until March, until the very end.
  5. Because everyone already knows Dahlin and Mittlestadt. I’m not interested in where they are in our pecking order. I want to learn and debate the guys not on the team that are coming.
  6. Imagine how far that move would escalate the cross border rivalry? I still ***** hate Edmonton for the vanek offer sheet. A move like that could revive the war of 1812.
  7. But signing him to $12 and forcing the leafs to match is just right.
  8. Only thing about Offer Sheets is those 1st rounders are unprotected. How many trades do you see now of days where the first rounder is not protected? Should a team that hasn't made the playoffs in nearly a decade be giving out offer sheets to anyone? Those 4 firsts hold a lot of value. I think I would focus on trading with teams who are right at the cap. I think you can get some good players for a (relatively) cheap price. Having said that, Point is one of the few I would look closely at offering it too.
  9. That's why his D2 decision is so important. Hopefully he has a nice year and is ready to go October 2020. Otherwise he's likely going back to Lethbridge (where by this point he likely doesn't have much to prove). Long winded way of saying yes I believe he's in Buffalo for opening night 2020.
  10. I could see his D2 year. It didn't necessarily work out for Mitts making the team out of D2 season but Cozens is a bit more physically developed. Reports are that he's closer to being NHL ready. Still needs to add a bunch of weight/muscle but if he has a great year at Lethbridge and WJC over Christmas than I could see him making it next year. I think we also have the issue of Sabres or Lethbridge in 2020/2021 do we not? Does anyone know if he would be AHL eligible for his D2 season or NHL/CHL only. Who knows if that impacts the decision or not.
  11. @Randall Flagg - Awesome list. He's not a free agent but where would you list Stasney if he were to come in a trade? What section would you put him under?
  12. The beauty of Eichel is Mitts and Cozens have the opportunity to be sheltered going forward. If either turn out to be a decent top line centre (especially one who is well rounded like Cozens sounds) we are laughing. Get Stasney or someone on a two year deal that can fill in until those young guys are ready.
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