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  1. Derrico

    Practice Report: 02-06-2019

    Nice to see Larsson back at practice playing on a regular line.
  2. Derrico

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Sign me up for this please.
  3. Derrico

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Just saw this. Wow what an interesting deal. Looks like the leafs have a 6 year window. I donno if I like this deal or not. This frees up a couple mil per season over the next 5 years but obviously creates some problems for them once the 5 year extension ends. Tavares probably has 5 years of high end production left as well. They're going for it and in a salary cap era you can't blame them. Let's just hope they don't win this year or next five. I think after that they could be in some trouble. This certainly opens up a stronger possibility Matthews does not retire a leaf but also increase the odds they win a cup over the next few years.
  4. Derrico

    GDT: Sabres vs. Wild, 7PM EST, 2019-02-05

    Man, I wish they would swap pommers and Reinhart. That would be a very interesting looking second line.
  5. Derrico

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Thanks buddy.
  6. Derrico

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Joel still out there?
  7. Derrico

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    'The move wasn't made as a way of sending a message to wedgewood and Wilcox that they are at risk of losing games.'. LOL
  8. Derrico

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Jbott is a big believer in developing guys in the A. Iā€™m also fine with this approach. I want to make the playoffs bad but jbot is smart to be looking a year or two out.
  9. Derrico

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I see what you did there šŸ˜‰
  10. Derrico

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Are you calling my thingie small??
  11. Derrico

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Am I the only one that is more than a little worried about what this deal is going to look like? If its Kanes 7 x 7 then sign me up. Something like 8 x $9? I'm not sure I want to go there.
  12. Derrico

    Practice Report: Thursday, 1-10-2019

    Hahhahahah I wouldn't mind that. But if Smith is just sitting in the press box I would rather him back down in Roch.
  13. Derrico

    World Juniors

    Although this sure can happen I don't think this is unique to Canada or to hockey in general. I've been to see nephews play soccer and baseball and it's similar. I can't say for certain but I imagine football in the southern states also have these issues. I should mention that both of my boys started hockey over the past couple of years and parents are now required to take an online seminar on how to behave. They talk about everything from how the referees are usually young teenagers trying to earn money to coaches being volunteers and this isnt the Stanley cup playoffs. This is a requirement. The kids cannot take the ice until the parents have completed the seminars. Additionally every arena in our city has the same sign on the door saying 'this is not the Stanley cup playoffs and the game is for FUN.' I'm not doubting this is still a problem but hockey Canada does seem to be trying to address the issue. Also, I just don't want this to be painted as all Canadians as I've been to many minor league games without any incidence. It is disgusting though that some parents do these types of things.
  14. Derrico

    World Juniors

    He is, without question, my favourite Sabres prospect. Mainly because so many collective heads exploded when he was made the Sabres third round selection.
  15. As long as NS doesn't start the GDT I don't care how early it gets started ;)