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  1. Ya it looks like I'm in the minority here. It isn't exactly John's fault I suppose. But to have 'suffered' through the tank years to watch Reinhart get traded for a song and watch the captain of this once proud franchise hanging in a private box with half the Bruins roster considering everything that is going on with his situation? I guess I'm just bitter. Maybe my bitterness shouldn't be directed at John but we as fans have suffered through 10+ years of misery now so sorry if I'm not going to kiss John's ass now.
  2. And here my 6 year old son overheard Eichel talk this weekend and asked dad why Jack Eichel is no longer going to be a sabre. Can’t stand what this franchise has become. Already regretting buying the centre ice package.
  3. Remember the good ol days when we actually cared about this and were pissed when the sabres wouldn’t stream it?
  4. Happy Birthday SDS
  5. I trust you SDS. If this was wildcard we would be looking at bringing in officials NHL style to oversee the lottery😉
  6. Going to be tough to overcome. I still can't believe I've never made the playoffs in this league....
  7. How was it determined? I thought it would be randomized 30 min before the draft like most others?
  8. Now why on earth would you have to be sober for the draft 😉
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