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  1. Oh wow, are you saying we’re allowed three scratches per game but we’re only using two right now? Yes in that case no move would be necessary until Bogo is ready as well.
  2. Gilmour goes down and Scandy sits. But JFC we have Pilut AND Borgen sitting in Roch right now who are old enough they don't necessarily need anymore seasoning and have alot of potential. I still don't want the Sabres to move Risto for the sake of moving him but if the right price (top 6 forward) return is available they can make that trade and still have very good depth imo.
  3. It is for sure the biggest factor but should not be used in tie breakers (unless it's the most points against makes it). To me it's so random some weeks. I put up says 157 points and I may be the third highest scoring team in the league but if I get unlucky and face either of the top 2 teams I'm taking the loss. That's why PF is a good indicator of how good your team actually is and should be first tie break.
  4. Based on the Points For it looks like Pi is getting the shaft. I know first tie breaker on old platform was Points For and it appears to also be the case on Yahoo.
  5. The team is 7 - 1 and freaking 1. Coming off a win on the road against a primere team in the west having played 3rd in 4 nights, 4th in 6. I should be going nuts but last seasons 10 game win streak and associated collapse have me nervous. During that 10 game win streak many pointed out how they were winning a bunch via ot/shootout and the fancy stats guys correctly reminded us how Corsi and other stats said we weren’t a great team but getting puck luck. What’s our fancy stats looking like thus far? Can I get excited yet??
  6. Another guy I’m excited to see get up here when the opportunity arises.
  7. I can’t wait for Montour to join this group. RK wants defence to be mobile and get the puck out of the zone quick with a good first pass. He’s going to fit in like a glove.
  8. Isn’t it so nice having some real defensive depth for the first time in 20 years?
  9. 100% as it should be. Thing is, I think that 10 year window is opening now (if not it has to be next year with Eichel already playing in his 5th season now).
  10. I've always kind of questioned the Sabres ability to develop any player (this goes back to Tyler Myers days of regressing after his rookie season). But VO might be the poster boy in player development. I know he played alot of years back home but I'm sure Sabres staff were in constant contact and had a say in his development also.
  11. Derrico

    NHL.TV Feed

    Looks great on my Roku when it's not blacked out!
  12. They had Friedman on instigators about an hour ago too. He said there were very few games around the league last night which partly contributed but also no secret with Montour and bogo coming back at some point there’s obviously depth there to move him. Lots of scouts in the stands. Also mentioned Ducks as a team really trying to bring in a rhd.
  13. Ya I know nothing about that but looks like I have some research to do. Thanks.
  14. I’m in the gta. Don’t have cable so I have nhl.tv and have watched all of the others. Even if it was Toronto I could maybe see it but Montreal? Says I’m blacked out for the area. Wish it was like Sunday ticket where you actually get all games including local.
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