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  1. This exactly. Unfortunately I was there live in Ottawa tor Game 2 when Tim got wrecked. Game 1 of that series is still my favourite sabres game of all time. Connolly was nothing short of wizardry in Game 1 and many games leading up to that point. Losing all the D the next year hurt but losing Connolly was the biggest blow IMO.
  2. Darcy is like that girl you never appreciated until it was too late.....
  3. I get it to a certain extent. But Nightingale has had too big of a roll in icing some of the worst teams in NHL history. No sense speculating on what happens next I suppose.....
  4. If he looks at a list of moves the Sabres have made under Nigtingale's watch and concludes he is an answer to the problem then yes, the new guy is a bum, same as a long list before him.
  5. This is interesting. I have placed a lot of blame on KA for doing jack ***** about our goaltending in the offseason. If Terry is pushing UPL then it may be difficult to bring in someone to just be a placeholder. Goalies usually take a long time to develop so I hope KA continues pushing back on that issue. Last thing we need is for our only goalie prospect to be rushed and ruined as well.
  6. Wow. Someone who has an ounce of clue who will oversee everything including our 'analytics department' that consistently ignores analytics? What a concept. I hope his first move is to replace Nightingale.
  7. Hall will do what JJ has done in his limited showing with a new team; play at a considerably higher level then he did here. A million reasons to speculate as to why. I didn't mind Lazar but he is replaceable and Bruins fans will end up liking Hall much more then Lazar because he will make the bigger impact. Boston is only paying half of Hall's salary (what is that like $3 mil) for a shot at another cup. They also barely gave up anything in the trade. If I'm a Bruins fan then whatever Hall gives me is gravy and if he can get back to his MVP level then look out. There's very little risk fo
  8. For the record I've been calling for Smith to be fired prior to him staying onboard with RK. Nearly every single D that came here and played under Smith during his tenure here have regressed or disappointed. He should not have been retained with RK and so glad he is gone. I'll be interested to see how the next assistant does with our D but it can't be worse then Smith.
  9. The second question becomes why wasn’t he given an extensive opportunity at C until now, 435 games into his professional career? After playing predominantly C in junior and on the top line for Canada at wjc.
  10. Eventually they will be just fine. We live in a salary cap era. Nobody wanted to play for the Bills until they had a couple of good seasons and now everyone does. Same will happen with the Sabres. They need to start drafting much better and stop overpaying mediocre players. That's been their biggest flaw over the last number of years imo. Also the ROR trade which was universally hated. JBott set this franchise back a decent ways after that trade.
  11. I don't want to continue rehashing the tank talk and love reading the content you add to this forum. Having said that, you can not be serious regarding the bolded lol. I thought the same thing about the Bills until they became good. We're in a salary cap league. Management was so incompentent to overpay Skinner and Okposo and Molson and......IMO the real problem with this franchise is giving big, long term money to the wrong guys and we're now also in cap hell.
  12. Agreed. Where are our mods? I'm so sick of the tank impregnating all of these other threads. I know how hardcore they were regarding moving politics out of threads. I just want to move forward and discuss moving forward in a thread like this instead of rehashing the same tank points a million times.
  13. You’re not in journalism. If you start breaking news first you get more regular clicks and followers which equals $$$
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