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  1. They should have been doing this a month ago. I don’t doubt they were but beyond frustrating nothing was able to get done. Didn’t we see a bunch of goalie signings and trades during free agency? Adams shouldn’t be let off the hook for this.
  2. They should have been looking to trade for a goalie regardless of Ullmark. If he’s out for awhile they need to be making a move ASAP. Again, why are we wasting a season of Dahlin on his ELC, Jack in his prime and the top free agent in the league one year deal?? So much riding on the season and Adams makes zero goaltending moves. I will keep banging the drum that not addressing goaltending this offseason is as bad as JBot not addressing the 2C in prior offseason. It is, and has been for the past twelve months, an obvious area of the roster that had to be upgraded. What
  3. We needed to trade for a goalie 6 months ago.....three months ago.....last month......here we still are.....This like the twighlight zone waiting for JBot to trade for 2C.
  4. Would of felt better had he made that kick. Backup an but still. *QB
  5. How long before Buffalo brings in a competent goalie? Too many games the backup is going to have to play this year. He’s going to cost sabres a playoff spot. Make a damn move before it’s too late.
  6. I’m sitting with a leaf fan and he laughed so hard. Said they’re down 4-1, he might wanna start.
  7. Literally all offseason Sabres fans have been calling for it. So obvious. As inexcusable as JBott not getting that second line centre last off-season.
  8. Hutton is terrible. This is 100 percent on Adams. He had to have known he needed to upgrade goaltending and didn’t. On him.
  9. Oh come on Ryan is not a great hockey player by any stretch. My point is also that this isn't the first time or team that Skinner has moved up and down the lineup. It's not just RK. It happened before and its happening again. Maybe both NHL coaches (not sure who Caronlina's was at the time) are morons or maybe, just maybe, there's a reason for it.
  10. He did just fine playing with a Derek Ryan. Let's also not forget that he soured pretty bad in Carolina as well for one reason or another. Not sure he should just be given the benefit of the doubt. https://www.canescountry.com/2018/8/3/17647722/carolina-hurricanes-jeff-skinner-trade-inevitable-avoidable-don-waddell-bill-peters
  11. I don't watch a ton of Canes games but I know the year before he was traded he was playing most of his time with journeyman Derek Ryan. Top 6 I should have said.
  12. I realize he mainly played on their third line and did just fine. I also know that he played on a top line last year and scored 14 goals and 9 assists. That's 9 assists in 59 friggen games played!! Woof. I also realize the Sabres missed the playoffs with him playing in said top line when the friggen playoffs were expanded to almost every team in the league. No I'm not going to cry for Skinner because RK has him on the 4th line. A lot will change and I suspect Skinner will end up on the third line with a guy like Cozens. I also suspect he will be playing the second power play and his
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