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  1. Sabres rep called me today reminding me mini-pack's are on sale now (mini-pack holder for several years prior to last). I told him I've been so disappointed with the results that I'm opting for buying just a game or two this year. Plus I'm very disappointed with the lack of discount on mini-packs last season AND blue and gold scrimmage being exclusive to season ticket holders (I get the amount of cash dropped by STH but Jesus I've dropped enough on them and small things like this feel like I'm being alienated as a fan). Don't get me started on how they don't give a crap about southern Ontario Sabres fans with their lack of Saturday home games..... I digress......the point of all this was the faith the ticket guy was even putting in RK. He says Krueger is making significant changes throughout the organization. I love the idea of RK but jesus, coach the hockey team. Show me results. I'm done with this garbage of a product. I've been drinking tonight yes. But Christ, you can only spend so much money on a team when you go to games in January EVERY season and the team is out of it. Then they go and give very little discounts (last season atleast, haven't looked this year), allow only a small number of ppl in blue and gold tourney (this is a somewhat cheap event that people can bring their kids and develop a new generation of fans but they screwed that up too), dont' have very many weekend games. No ***** you. I'm done spending so much money on this team. These are the fans that have supported through the last decade of ***** quality and now you're going to call me up and try talking me into buying atleast 6 more games? No. I truly hope Kreuger is the answer because the Sabres seem to really be banking on it, I want to start loving them again. Again, I've been drinking so I'm sorry but right now ***** them.
  2. Yes that's right. The next collective agreement could get ugly. I'm sure teams are projecting out their lineups over a few years and have models where they slot guys in terms of salaries. Nobody has likely slotted these big RFA's appropriately. That just trickles down to everything.
  3. A buddy I work with put a great list together. The jist of it is there has been so little movement because there is essentially too little cap space available around the league to accommodate the likely asks from the remaining prominent RFA's and UFA's. I wish there was a way too attach the file but I'm not sure how and it doesn't copy over well. He went through a cap friendly list similar to what Wildcard listed and placed the RFA's outstanding and added a conservative estimate for each salary. Then looked at guys like Gardiner and other free agents left and there is just no space. In past years teams would go over the cap in the summer and find an Arizona or Ottawa to take their hit at some point. Those teams are now running out of cap space. I don't think the NHL anticipated what these RFA's would be getting on their first deal out of ELC. I bet you still see a couple more deals that look crazy one sided but it's to a free up a team over the cap. I could see compliance buyout allowance coming at some point.
  4. You saying you won last season AND didn't put in much effort??
  5. @Norcal @Wyldnwoody44 @TrueBlueGED @Eleven @jsb @Hank We are moving over to Yahoo Fantasy Football as the platform. Please PM me an email I can send the link too in order to join.
  6. Ok fine I relent. I will make the move to Yahoo to keep the chorus of boos from getting too loud. PM Me the email you want me to send the invite too. It just makes it tough because the weekend before the season is Labor Day weekend in which many people (myself included) go away. Technically Monday night is still the weekend (Mon is Labor Day). That wouldn't work?
  7. The easiest way is to just go to nfl.com/fantasy There will be a place to login. Once you log in your team will pop up. Also here is the league page https://fantasy.nfl.com/league/2631523 Looks like SDS is in so once everyone is I will set the draft time. I'm thinking either Monday Sept 2 or Wed Sept 4 at like 930pm. As we have done before I will try to accommodate as much as I can so please let me know if this day/time really does not work.
  8. Actually I think everyone else is confirmed back so @SDS and @Claude Balls are in while taro and juju out. Next question is draft day/time. I usually prefer close to the start of the season and in the evening (around 9ish). Thoughts?
  9. @Claude Balls - I forgot juju is out so you’re in. Please pm me an email I can send invite too.
  10. Looking back I see you were interested in joining last year so you can take taro spot. Could you please pm me an email address I can send the invite too? Your next if a spot opens up.
  11. Nowhere did I say anyone was being unreasonable.
  12. This. I don’t know. I keep coming back to true saying when you have a franchise centre and franchise D you are not far away. Seems like a lot of negativity right now and with it being early August my hope tank is filled to the brim. I think we do hit 90-95 points this year if they stay healthy. They showed flashes of it last season. This team is and has been building mainly through the draft. It’s finally time for this to start paying off. VO looked legit on Eichel s wing in that small sample size last year. The D is completely remade. Miller, Joker, Montour (basically) are all new and knocking on the door. Pilut should be ready. On paper, this is the best starting talent and DEPTH they have had in many years. Does Eichel have a bit more (just from his age and development curve)? What about reinhart? Certainly expecting to see more from Mitts. There are still big problems up front but replacing pommer with johonnson and Vesey should still be an upgrade. Goaktending. Let’s hope the new goalie coach can get that back on track because we are a playoff team or not based on this. At times in November they both looked like the real deal but also looked awful in the second half of the year. My other major concern is coaching. I really like the RK hire but we can’t afford to get off to a slow start. He better have his system implemented during training camp and preseason.
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