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  1. Who do we pass in the standings? Which teams ahead of us take a step back, which teams behind us improve?
  2. It really comes down to goaltending. We should be strong enough in other areas with just normal, expected performances.
  3. I know it might sound like i'm crapping on Dahin but I'm not. But points aren't the only judge of a player. Housley was a crappy defensive player, just horrible. Who can forget the great Rick Hampton...lol
  4. Orr won his first Norris as a 19 year old. then just went crazy. I'm not writing him off, just see a need for major improvement.
  5. I don't even remember the question now. Point is, In my opinion, we need more out of Dahlin if we want a better chance to make the playoffs. I'm not saying he can't or won't, but I think people dismiss his shortcomings too easily.
  6. irrelevant, Dahlin needs to take a big step up this year to help the team make the playoffs. It's not all on him, but that's why he was #1.
  7. We can play these games all day long - Dahlin was #1 overall 'generational talent', Karlsson was 15th overall.
  8. not an exact science, but I would say , elite would be top 3 player or thereabouts, it's like pornography, i don't know how to define it, but i'll know it when i see it.
  9. So if Dahlin is miles ahead of say, Karlsson, he should be a star this coming season, right? and actually, Karlsson had 78 points in his third season.
  10. He's got a long way to go, he's below average defensively and above average, but not elite offensively. If and when he gets there, I'll be happy to say so, but fans cannonize him at the same time accepting the fact that he's not there yet. He'll be in his 3rd season, he was expected to be further along than most teenagers because he played in a higher league in Sweden. He needs to be better than good. In his defense, I do believe the team has held him back and not given him more freedom to make plays, maybe that changes this year with more talent up front and another season with Krueger.
  11. I really don't. Certainly not like a number 1 overall 'generational talent'.
  12. One could say Hughes was a big reason why Vancouver was a far better team. He was an impact player, I don't think Dahlin was, he got points, yes, Hughes made plays.
  13. But Hughes was dominant in the playoffs. That was really impressive. Let's hope.
  14. Look what Quinn Hughes did as a 20 year old, let's see if Dahlin can impact games like he did this season. Especially what Quinn did in the playoffs. He was a force.
  15. A few years back it was always mentioned/assumed that the sabres only made money if they were in the playoffs. At best , break even during the regular season and profit during the playoffs. No player salaries , but plenty of revenue in the post season. They really need to work on that playoff thing.
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