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  1. Just read Pierre LeBrun saying with Trouba off the market now that a few teams are now looking at Risto. Tampa looking for a top 4 RHD
  2. It was you , not the internet. Stupid comment.
  3. nothing would surprise me on how people react. Honestly, once I read 'coddled little bitch' I didn't think anyone would be making a joke with such terrible statement.
  4. I'm aware of that, I watched him play as a rookie. However Ken Dryden won the calder the year Martin was a rookie. Which is what I was commenting on.
  5. because he chose to sign with a team other than the Sabres? Grow up.
  6. But if they're not, our season is shot already. Do you take that chance? Not sure what other options are out there, but this makes me more nervous about the upcoming season than any other position.
  7. And he beat Rick Martin, who had just set a rookie record of 44 goals. I'm still upset over that.
  8. and i have an autographed framed photo of Orr's goal. Which is nice.
  9. the Cup was awarded to Montreal in 1969 , in St Louis, 50 years ago.
  10. I don't consider firing Housley 'a hurdle', actually pretty easy to do. One thing to keep in mind is that we need to leapfrog quite a few teams to get to the playoffs, which of those teams aren't trying to improve just like we are. Even if we have a good offseason, it's a huge task to overtake so many teams.
  11. I'm still pretty sure Duchene and karlsson will not have any interest in playing for Buffalo.
  12. let me guess, everyone wants to come to Buffalo to play for Kreuger?
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