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  1. None of our local reporters were aware of this?
  2. A mentor for your GM? How about just get a good GM, we haven't had one since Regier.
  3. 11 months between games, not much of a training camp, a couple delays including a 2 week one, all to go along with numerous roster changes. Not a recipe for success.
  4. In his first season under Kruger, he had 4 fewer points in 23 fewer games than his season under Housley.
  5. I don't think 5 years is considered a bridge deal, it's considered long term. 2 years is a bridge.
  6. i seem to remember reading that GMTM really loved Draisatl as well and tried to swing a trade for the #3 pick to get him after Reinhart.
  7. really can't be blamed on any of the goals today. He's not the problem today.
  8. seemed to imply that. What was your point in mentioning Hutton giving up 4 goals...
  9. Good saves don't make up for bad goals. You need good saves and no bad goals to win consistently. The last bad goal lost a chance to keep a divisional opponent from getting a valuable point.
  10. They look like a team with 7 or 8 new players in the lineup and very little training camp to get ready. They seemed to be skating into each other an awful lot. So out of synch.
  11. Besides turning down Regier's offer to coach the Sabres, didn't he also turn down another NHL head coaching offer? I'm thinking Tampa, but not certain.
  12. We'll probably score enough, but the team is still pretty weak in our own zone. That will need to improve.
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