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  1. Never said he should have a top position in the Sabres organization. He helped put together a pretty solid team. The Sabres are the worst organization in the league, he still would be an improvement. After watching the Sabres, I will not criticize Chayka for spending on goaltending. Raanta is a top goalie when healthy, Keumper was a surprise, but he's been solid. Again, i never said he was great, but he had a good team here. He probably did give out too many big contracts to non top 6 forwards. I think the biggest criticism for him should be the contracts he gave out. He locked in young players too soon and paid too much.
  2. He's acquired 2 top end goalies, something JB couldn't do. He has a team that probably would have made the playoffs last season where not for injuries. He's not great, but he's built a pretty solid team. He's got the guts to go after someone like Hall. They're a good club in a difficult conference. He also acquired some nice assets for picking up salary cap problems from other teams, all but one contract is off the books.
  3. I find it boring as well. I'm a Yankees fan, couldn't wait for the game last night and I was still bored.
  4. The team in the field might disagree that strikeouts are nothing. It's an out and when you strike out Trout, it's usually a pretty big deal. But i do agree that the game has changed since 1962.
  5. it shouldn't be relevant what Weir said. This should be about Roenick. I remember the preaching of personal accountability... when it's on the other side.
  6. Philosophical differences? What did they discuss when they interviewed him a few years ago?
  7. There is no leader of the protests, which is why it's all over the board. There is no leader of the country either, which is why this will continue for too long.
  8. Not having quality goaltending has been a huge problem.
  9. At least he waved goodbye
  10. Schoenfeld. Had maybe a couple good years, but mostly poor. Always out of position but nobody seemed to care. I've never seen a Sabre make so many mistakes and barely hear a negative word about it.
  11. I was at that game. It was incredible. Rico had so many great chances to score, just couldn't get it past the goalie.
  12. Marion Hossa - to the Coyotes. AZ had plenty of cap space to absorb the contract and get something good in return. They've done this a few times, it's worked out well.
  13. You really think the team is getting out of him what was expected with that contract?
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