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  1. Marion Hossa - to the Coyotes. AZ had plenty of cap space to absorb the contract and get something good in return. They've done this a few times, it's worked out well.
  2. You really think the team is getting out of him what was expected with that contract?
  3. He's overpriced because he's not living up to the contract he signed. He was the top free agent available at the time and he hasn't produced. I don't think the Hecht comparison is a good one. He was never a top flight top 3/6 forward.
  4. Coyotes needed scoring. They have 2 excellent goalies, strong defense and speed. If Hall plays up to his capabilities and Kessel gets untracked, they are a legitimate contender. It's a great deal, They didn't give up their top prospects either.
  5. Devils are picking up half his remaining salary, if that's what you were referring to.
  6. How do we know he didn't ask respectfully? How has he burned bridges? Nothing on this thread suggests that he wasn't quiet and respectful Chirp? how about ask? It would seem to me he was either told or thinks he will be the odd man out , so why not ask for a trade.?
  7. First playoff game I went to - Chicago in the 74-75 season. NHL All Star game The Who 1979
  8. Maybe they told him he wasn't going to play much anymore with Dahlin back now. What would you do, just sit in the press box?
  9. I don't think it's any harder than it was before. Injury prone, final year of contract so he's a rental, and a pretty hefty salary this season. Sabres don't have much cap space to eat anything either.
  10. You can see the puck in his glove and that part of the glove was clearly over the goalline
  11. If 100 people looked at that replay, except for the replay officials, 100 people say that's a goal.
  12. Has it really been 'tossed around before'? I must have missed it.
  13. It would have been nice to see him at Alumni functions over the past couple years. Anyone know why he wasn't around?
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