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  1. Vegas didn't make it to the finals by picking up players like Okposo.
  2. Doesn't he own the record for most Stanley Cups as a player? Major bust.
  3. Look how Dylan Strome turned his career around when traded to Chicago. Might be expecting more lightening in a bottle.
  4. You really can't count on Bogo this season. He's not a quick healer. And he's gone after the season.
  5. Mark Potash‏Verified account @MarkPotash 4m4 minutes ago That 19-year-old Henri Jokiharju was a favorite of Joel Quenneville but couldn't play for Jeremy Colliton seemed to show just how big the Blackhawks' coaching transition was. Roster mechanics played a part, but it still seems like a strange demise for Jokiharju with the Hawks. 4 replies 4 retweets 16 likes
  6. https://theathletic.com/1068059/2019/07/09/heylaz-mailbag-what-are-the-blackhawks-doing-with-henri-jokiharju/ Don't know of the writer, but he seems to think this guy is a top 4 NHL defenseman right now.
  7. I always felt this should be the case. Currently , it's not a deterrent for many. Over the years I've had many employees that have lost their licenses because they couldn't afford the fine. It prevents them from accessing better jobs unless that job is on the bus line.
  8. Are the Sabres any closer to cutting the 20 point gap to making the playoffs and how many teams that didn't make the playoffs improved more than we did. NYR and Devils should be better. Monumental task ahead to make the playoffs.
  9. no, it was a joke. Not worth more time than already put in.
  10. You consider pornography a waster of time? And we're supposed to take you seriously? a couple well run organizations.
  11. it's just my point of view, but i live in Phoenix and when we made the trade, I told my friends we just stole a future star. He was very talented, young and trying to earn a full time spot. I thought the Coyotes made a huge mistake at the time of the deal.
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