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  1. I'm sure he could find happiness in any other city. Do you really think he 'loves' buffalo or does he, like every other athlete, know how to kiss up fans that need to be kissed up to. We won't get good value for Eichel, you don't trade players like him and expect to improve because of the trade.
  2. GM has to look at if Granato is the coach that will take you to the playoffs, not just get more out of some players. He might be the right choice, but regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, the new coach search needs to be extensive. He certainly has earned an interview. Rochester might be great fit for him. It's not too unheard of to take a team that goes 0-18 and improve on that, nowhere to go but up, but can Granato help the take the team to the next step?
  3. Pegula would only spring for a 60". Covid ya know.
  4. What is the big picture, and why would it encourage Ullmark to re-sign here?
  5. How many 'better' people want to come for Buffalo. If they're that good, they might wait for a different opportunity. League perception might be you get 2 years and then you're gone.
  6. I know, it's ok to give him consideration, but you need to look around and hire the most qualified person for the job. It may be Granato, but if there is someone clearly better than Granato, hire that person.
  7. One win does wonders for the outlook, doesn't it. We are not close at all. Likely not as bad as we've shown, but we need work.
  8. He's just doing a crappy job of running the team. He's still a billionaire.
  9. so the 'no salary cap' on scouting and other things he said about the purpose of the team is to win championships was just BS? Harold Ballard is not the ownership comparison we want.
  10. A : Rico is a pretty awesome top 5 pick, easy HOF pick if he avoids the knee injury. Turgeon should be in the HOF.
  11. And he did it with a criminal family in charge and then with Golisano, who wasn't going to be a free spender. Also, when the NHL was running the team. He really did a great job. Things didn't end well, but do they ever?
  12. We had good success with Golisano, Quinn, Regier and Ruff, maybe they weren't perfect, but they gave us some great hockey. They will be the last people I crap on in regards to this franchise. Didn't Pegula say something about there being no salary cap with regards to scouting? I think it comes down to the fact that Pegula has yet to hire a quality GM, after firing one of the most productive ones we ever had.
  13. I love Punch, but I think overall success, probably Regier. No slight intended.
  14. Darcy probably has the most success of any GM in our history. But I think he's out of hockey, he left the Coyotes for personal reasons and think he's been quiet ever since. Fans wouldn't like him back, even though he was successful.
  15. That makes the most sense. Really , it does... really.
  16. A lot of Buffalo people are clueless too. I remember when we first heard about Pegula, all I could think of were the stupid fans we sat near for years at the Aud, thinking one of them became a billionaire and bought the team.
  17. It would be crazy to trade Eichel. We'll never get adequate return. It will hold us back even longer.
  18. Just get rid of players that won't be on the team next season. You're not going to be able to rebuild now, the trade deadline is mostly for teams in the playoffs. Keep Eichel, Risto, Reinhart, Ullmark, and some young guys. Move anyone else.
  19. Would anyone even notice? Has anyone even seen him recently?
  20. None of our local reporters were aware of this?
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