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  1. I’m fine including future 1st but they HAVE to be Atleast top 10 protected.
  2. I thought I had that one! Good win. Maybe we will see each other again come playoffs.
  3. Unreal 7 year deals for him and Tage. Such big parts of the future locked up for reasonable money.
  4. Agree on bills but me thinks it will take more than 3 months (of which almost all of it came when they were already eliminated last year). We have suffered for 11 years straight!!
  5. I’ve done my part. When they start winning again on a regular basis this won’t be a problem.
  6. I think they got Pilut because he didn't want to play in Russia anymore (understandably).
  7. True. The good news is Skinner is effective because of his skating and playing a skilled fast game. Maybe silver lining is Mule is not known for his speed at all but more using his size, strength and positioning to be an effective player. Let's hope we can get him back sooner than later with no long-term impacts.
  8. What happens if tuch or Thompson go down? the Sabres arnt building to win it all this year. I hope they do great this season as well. But you don’t trade your 20 year old reigning ahl rookie of the year who just put up near historic numbers to fill a whole for this season. Sign another D in the off-season.
  9. Are you actually serious with this take?
  10. Agreed. Although another year under Donny, another year experience for the Bryson’s and cozens of the world, adding power, JJP, Boosh and Comery sure don’t hurt either. The amazing thing is the core is so young and doesn’t yet include any of our first rounders from last draft we were drooling over in the summer. Fun time to be a Sabres fan.
  11. Right? Connor mcdavid and oilers on the road and then the undefeated, legit presidents trophy threat flames on the road two nights later? They can beat anyone.
  12. It’s been 2.5 years but we’re finally back. Looking forward to watching a live Sabres game again. It’s been too long.
  13. I really like that. Had to listen to the Ottawa feed and couldn't get over all the ballwashing how great the power play look and this guy and that in the preseason. I'm like, man, it's preseason. That don't mean *****.
  14. What the actual ***** kind of opening gdt is this??? Before midnight as well? Mods, for the life of Sabres mojo this season, delete this thread! EDIT - and ban PTR while you’re at it…
  15. It use to be NHL Live but the rights are now with sportsnet. Check out the link below. If you get the highest level package all Sabres games should be available. https://nhllive.com/en/support/accounts-billing/account-management/important-changes-to-nhl-live-for-the-2022-2023-season
  16. Yep. Was kind of hoping for Savoie to get a couple of games as a taste before going back but I understand it.
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