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  1. None of the OHL clubs have any affiliation with NHL clubs. Sabres would have had no influence at all over this trade. Sudbury is leading their division (narrowly) and OHL trade deadline is January 10th. They made the deadline move for a playoff push and try and hold onto their division lead.
  2. I donno. I wouldn’t bet on Terry being a dumb man. Jason can say all he wants but the team has been essentially out of the playoff race for all three years now by New Years. New Years. Again, in a hard salary cap era. That’s unbelievable. During the ‘golden’ season no less. Who is even our up and coming saviour for hope of a quick turnaround. We have exactly one blue chip prospect in the pipeline right now.
  3. Look at the results that’s all that matters. We were DFL two years ago, 3-4 points out of second last the previous season and this year is also looking scary. How are we still making excuses that it’s just too hard making trades in this league?
  4. Seriously. In a hard salary cap era we shouldn’t go a decade missing the playoffs where half the friggen teams make it. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at this point to be upset. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we should be done giving the benefit of the doubt. How the hell have they not figured it out to atleast be in the playoff hunt after January when you have a top 10 player in the whole league and have barely had any meaningful injuries......If you’re up for making excuses at this point then good for you I guess.
  5. Are you kidding me? They have a 25 year old coming off a vezna winning season. You think they were looking for a goalie prospect? That’s the best deal tampa could make and had to move Miller for cap purposes so they did. I’m pretty sure they weren’t specifically looking for a goaltender.
  6. Well I’m listening now Randall and you’re right ok?! 😉
  7. @WildCard close your eyes and walk away from the thread my friend 😉
  8. No your just upset. It’s not the sabres fault for being irrelevant in a salary cap era for the last decade. Eye roll.
  9. Well we’re both on the same page here. But why does he not try to make another move or four after seeing this blow up in his face during the 18/19 season? He had all friggen offseason with a plethora of nhl caliber D at his disposal for trade.
  10. No I wouldn’t have. Go back and take a look what Vancouver gave up for JT Miller.
  11. Gotcha. But couldn’t we try for more than 1? Especially coming off the decade er season we did last year? Was one forward upgrade going to really be enough?
  12. Does it matter? Then we miss the playoffs by 25 points instead of 15? Ok I’m done. Let’s just hope this is a start to more things to come but that’s how I’ve felt since last May so not holding my breath.
  13. If Frolic salvages the season somehow then all the praise for Botts but jfc that looks like something I hope I’m not going to bet my job on. Where was the forward upgrade in the summer? This is the forward upgrade we’re looking at after months of speculation, pissing off veteran D by sitting them in the press box and have us sitting outside the playoffs yet again while staring at a real possibility of being a bottom 5 team yet again. I mean atleast it’s something but after a full calendar year of basically sitting on his hands? Not. Nearly. Enough.
  14. Been like this for 3 losing seasons now. Why not go back to the same well of surrounding Eichel with nothing but bottom 6 forwards. I mean atleast he did ‘something’ FINALLY
  15. Remember that time we thought we would be moving a D to bring in a top 6 forward? ***** does Botts love his bottom 6 forwards.....
  16. They didn’t though. I also thought mitts was the 2c answer so I’m not about to anoint cousins yet.
  17. It’s a joke in a salary cap era this franchise can’t get their head out of their ass for basically 13 years now. It’s a freaking hard cap salary cap too. It’s embarrassing being a sabres fan and I’m sick if it. Never going to ever change teams but I’m finally done spending money on them, that’s for sure.
  18. If that’s what’s happening then again HE HAS TO GO. If GMs won’t trade with him because they think he’s a moron then that’s just as much reason for him to go. Jesus Christ it was bad enough sucking for a few seasons to tank and get jack. Now management is so incompetent they can’t surround Jack with anything and they piss away seasons with him here and not actively tanking? Seriously what on earth has JBott done for this franchise? They’ve finished DFL and bottom 6 or so every season? He gave away ROR. It’s incredible really.
  19. Ugh now that’s a scary thought.
  20. ask Carolina and Colorado what a few trades can do. You’ve watched the Sabres forwards the past couple of years. Was it not insanely obvious changes had to be made? Johansson and Vesey? Everyone kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never did. Get creative. Nobody had the stockpile of NHL D we had/have to make a trade either that I’m aware. It’s incomprehensible anyone thought this F group could get us in the playoffs. Jack is playing at an mvp level, they’ve barely had any significant injuries (skinner just got hurt) and the team scoring must be bottom 10 in the league again without even looking.
  21. We can focus our attention on the ROR trade all we want. It’s what happened this summer or lack thereof that has sealed his fate. You just cannot piss away another season and without upgrading the forward group that’s what was going to happen. Everyone saw it coming and shocker, that’s how it’s playing out.
  22. Wow I thought it couldn’t get any worse with exGMTM and now Jbott continues to run this thing into the ground. What a joke. He. Has. To. Go.
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