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  1. Kr632

    Happy B-Day SDS

    Couldn’t have been better timing. My Uber passenger took her mask off and second later the alert came and her mask went back on. She asked if I reported her.
  2. Kr632

    So #8

    I’m drawing a blank for some reason. What did Murray say again?
  3. Yes! But like eleven said it depends on the price. Montour, risto, and any pick besides 8 would be fine to go the other way. He can stay with rob ray while he finds a house That would be amazing
  4. What do you think it would cost to get him?
  5. They close off the gorge trail In winter but it’s just a gate so we went around it. It gets pretty icy down there so I wouldn’t recommend it. But the water level is much higher than the summer. So waterfalls that are just a trickle normally are raging. I’m gonna have to check out ricketts glen.
  6. Watkins glen state park in the winter when it’s closed. It’s beautiful.
  7. Whenever I drive by the zoo I yell what’s up Tage to the giraffes
  8. Wing was cooked good but the sauce turned my stomach and didn’t taste good at all. Tried them again a couple weeks later With friends and same issue. We each ate two and threw the rest out. That’s not mentioning the terrible staff
  9. They were great 10+ years ago but have been going down hill since. Last two times I went I asked for extra crispy and extra extra crispy and they came out hardly cooked. Sucks because they were awesome
  10. This. It’s bar bill and it’s not even close. like you said they do everything right. There’s a bunch that could fight for distant second. Nine -eleven is the absolute worst.
  11. Is Monahan a legit option? I see his name mentioned a lot but don’t see why he would be traded. Is it a cap issue? I would trade for him in a heartbeat.
  12. What C can we get for pick 8 and a player? I’m down for trading this pick right now.
  13. Hey. My team is on the way to their third straight cup. Us drunks can draft better than botts
  14. I think that’s a little generous. He was about the same height as my mom and she’s 5’9”. His hair at the time might have gave him a few more inches. I’ll see if I can find the pic
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