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  1. Krueger has said many times that young players will get rest days.
  2. To be fair he has said multiple times that he is going to give young players some time off on back to backs or during weeks with a heavy work load. That being said he needs to go.
  3. I have watched him in SHL. He’s better all around. He’s not the “exact player who was drafted only 5 inches taller“
  4. Not sure what you’re watching but he’s gotten better at pretty much everything. Saying he just got taller is a terrible take.
  5. It’s crazy how often our players are surprised a pass is coming to them. So many great scoring chances or easy goals missed because the guy receiving the pass wasn’t paying attention
  6. How did Quinn look? Cant find much of anything about him.
  7. I really think this would help him. He’s regressing up here. Take some pressure off him and hope he can get his head right.
  8. How much longer do you think he can play at the level he’s at now? Hes 31 and had 110 pts in 18-19(his best year) and 84 pts in 70 games in 19-20. He seems like the type that can still put up points as he ages but I haven’t watched him play in a while outside of a couple Sabre games.
  9. NHL free agency is completely different than the NFL. Crazy how long it takes for the bigger names to sign. Also seems like nothing happens before noon.
  10. Who is projected to be the No 1 overall pick next year? Lol Isn’t Hall a LW? We have a lot of them and a very highly paid one that underperformed.
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