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  1. Got to the gwb at 230pm in April. The second we hit the bridge everyone had to go no 2 very bad. It took 45 mins to get across
  2. There were some beautiful passes all over the place. Eichel and Reinhart are something else though.
  3. RW so reinhart can play with skinner and Johansson. but what a game. We looked like an actual NHL team.
  4. Olofsson. 7:07 in first.
  5. Never said we don’t have smooth flowing traffic. I said they hate it. They keep lowering speed limits, adding traffic lights that aren’t synchronized, adding stop signs where they aren’t needed, narrowing roads. What part of the city do you live in. I’m near the 198 and Elmwood. Since the idiotic changing of the 198 to a parkway the traffic near me has been pretty bad. Can spend a half hour in front of wegmans on Amherst street on a bad day. Dont let there be a slow roll going on in the area.
  6. Buffalo hates smooth flowing traffic.
  7. Kr632

    OT: internet

    So then saying you’re getting this exact speed when you’re not is telling the truth? Interesting. The ad may say “up to” but they (call center and technician at the house) tell you that you are getting this exact speed when you aren’t is a lie. Edit- A few of my employees work for spectrum (and Verizon) in the offseason and have confirmed that spectrum lies about speeds. One of our accounts is a large spectrum office and pretty much every employee will say that they lie. Im not in the business so I can’t get technical but you saying speed tests are a joke goes to show that they are shady if they use them to prove they’re getting a certain number even when other tests show a different number. Shoot last week they had an outage in my area and denied it for hours over the phone even though the technicians on the pole said there was
  8. Kr632

    OT: internet

    No. Spectrum does lie about their speeds. They will come to your house and show you a rigged speed test and tell you you’re getting this exact speed. But if you use any other test it shows that you aren’t getting anywhere close. If you call them out on it they start making excuses. Watched them do it at my parents, my brothers, and my house. Pretty much the entire neighborhood. We switched to Verizon and all the tests matched with what they said. Spectrum lies all the time just google it. There’s plenty of stuff
  9. Kr632

    OT: internet

    We had Verizon 1 gig with 5 TVs and and two Xbox and it worked great. Then they jacked the price up an extra hundred a month so we switched to spectrum at 100 or 300 I don’t remember which(they had three levels we got the middle one) and it struggles to say the least. There’s a lot of lag when playing games on line and streaming services buffer a lot now when they never did before. Everyone I know has problems with spectrum internet so it’s probably them lying about the speeds.
  10. I guess you don’t remember it as well as you think lol
  11. Sabres- LaFontaine, Mogilny, Olofsson Non Sabres- Hextall, Ovi, LeClair hate- Marchand, Crosby, domi
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