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Around the NHL: 2022 Off-season

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1 hour ago, inkman said:

It is?  Seems like they kinda got hosed

A First and a Probable Future Second Pairing RHD for a player they would not be able to re-sign because of cap restraints, that’s a Good Return. 

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41 minutes ago, thewookie1 said:

ROR was good but Bogo was awful

ROR counts, Bogo moved so far down the depth chart he became passable

I know what you mean but Bogo is irritating to watch still playing on a roster as good as Tampa's. He went from the very bottom to the top in the same year. Definitely fits that graphic.

43 minutes ago, DarthEbriate said:

Or Hasek.

Hasek I wouldn't count as he did have success here and almost got us to the very top. 

I just hope Eichel and Lehner don't get to raise the cup in Vegas. That would be the worst. 

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