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  1. The best marketing is the marketing that is truly invisible and genuinely felt. Akin to how you're more likely to believe a suggestion from a friend or family member; when Adams says he wants to better the Sabres and that he personally wants the team to improve for the city, its believable since he's one of us. He's from Buffalo, lived in Buffalo most of his life and has both a personal and professional desire to succeed.
  2. What Dudacek said is pretty much my take. What he showed against MTL was a rustier player getting back into game speed whose playmaking slowly came on through the game while he did a good deal of harassing most shifts. A lack of consistency can easily be put on his likely recovering stamina. Excuses work in individual cases; I’m not going to worry unless we see these types of issues well into the season.
  3. Being excited and ready differs from being truly ready. Just because your health is back to good doesn’t mean you’ll immediately pick up where you left off.
  4. If his Defensive play continues to improve and he puts up 50+ pts, I’ll take the 9.5mil contract to him personally. Ideally you want to keep everyone under 10mil seeing as no one has won a Cup and only Price made a finals with a 10mil + cap hit.
  5. Not to mention Miller's age is almost entirely in his 30's for the contract's length.
  6. I’d say option 2 if the game count were less high. I ended up with option 1 due to that as I’d say he’s a regular if he plays 70 games. My best guess is he starts as a regular but is overtaken by Peterka as the year goes on. However he continues to be a top tier sub for injuries all year long with 20 to 30 pts based on his usage
  7. Why has he lost favor there? He was solid for them
  8. Women's hockey is a true oddity since it is certainly less quick and far less physical than men's hockey but it still works unusually enough. It's akin to College hockey level play minus the hitting. I just hope this doesn't go the way of the WNBA which is honestly an affront to sports in general due to it being marketed akin to a Major 4 when its nowhere near that. Women's hockey seems to understand its place better and markets accordingly.
  9. Hmmm, why would Kane give a hometown discount to a team that wasn't his hometown team.
  10. My guess is Cozens overall will end up being something akin to a lesser ROR with Peca's tenacity but never surpassing a 2C level offensively on a consistent basis. That being said he'll be a fan favorite for his entire career and will likely be the player who "wins" us the Cup. This year I think he ends up with 45 to 55 points with approximately 20 goals. Where his impact will be felt even more though is in his general play and ability to come up "big" in the clutch. My hope would be he embraces a center-version of Tuch's game with some additional defensive skill.
  11. I'm still going to accept Larsson being the target based on the timing being too on the nose. My guess was Buffalo gave an offer to Larsson near the UFA opening then backed off when he "signed" with Pittsburgh; after R2 chose not to stick around they re-approached him about signing back here but Larsson was non-committal. Perhaps he even mentioned a family related issue making his decision harder. With that information Buffalo calls Sheahan's agent and inquires on his interest in returning to Buffalo. Sheahan probably liked it here so with little else to do just waited to see what would happen barring another team offering him a better deal. Larsson decides to go home and thus Buffalo immediately contacts Sheahan and signs him. Sheahan's style is much more akin to Larsson than it is to R2
  12. I just like throwing stones….. 😛 To be honest I see no issue with trash talk and ridiculing of other teams regardless if f their standing in relation to your own. Just don’t claim your team is better or superior as a whole. Teams screw up promotions all the time and trashing talking the guilty party is perfectly fair game. After all NHL teams are technically on an even field. It would be different if we made fun of some ECHL team for being cheap.
  13. Honestly even if he hadn’t played here; that’s a sad attempt at Eichel’s appearance
  14. My guess is that he's mediocre most the year. 15 to 20 goals and about the same in assists over 65 games. Next year however he'll take off. His career can be summed up as this pattern. Year 1 Juniors: Mediocre Year 2 Juniors: Great Year 1 AHL: Mediocre Year 2 AHL: Great So I see no reason why it wouldn't continue that way.
  15. Would I have made the trade, sure However Monahan may have been unwilling to come to Buffalo to begin with. Additionally I’m unsure where we’d line him up. At his best he was a 1/2C but hasn’t been at that level in a few years. He’d potentially be better than all but Thompson at center but he could also be worse than all of them. He’s looking to save his career and that would require biggish minutes on a 2nd or 3rd line that we really can’t provide without stripping a youngster of the same opportunity. Immediately trading him would of been a potential answer but with his value being so negative; would even 50% garner anything? Technically we could of bought him out at some point as well but that isn’t a great look to be honest.
  16. Well I’m not all that shocked; compared to how 20-21 went, anything somewhat interesting would of been better. I have more hope than confidence, I think the team is going in the right direction finally and Adams definitely seems to be at least a good manager of people which is certainly a huge upgrade from the prior two GMs.
  17. My guess is they'll give him a few games and see if he can fit in; otherwise they have a European team for him to play for and continue to slow-cook
  18. Supposedly CGY is sending their 1st with Monahan to MTL which honestly ticks me off a bit; granted Monahan has a 10 team no trade and it would be very easy to cause trade issues with that.
  19. Czechia knocks off the US.... but at least Kulich had a great night with 1 EN goal and 2 assists.
  20. I think he’ll continue to play like he did last year as long as he’s healthy. His production may drop as some of his PP time is reduced however. I’d offer him the captaincy and a one year extension. We are not in a desperate need of lesser assets to need the flexibility to trade Okposo or Girgs. (I highly doubt we’d even get a 2nd much less a 1st barring a production explosion) If I’m choosing between a 3rd, 4th and 5th in the latter part of each round or keeping the team whole; I’m keeping us whole.
  21. Even if Adams was interested in Copp he went home on a lucrative contract. I’m unsure if any contract would of interested Copp barring absurdity/
  22. I guess a better question would be how many certifiably #1s are even in the league at this point?
  23. Rosen was out there the last 25 seconds and had a chance but the puck was shuttled into his far skate
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