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  1. If their mom is from Winnipeg as someone else previously stated there's a pretty decent chance they are dual citizens.
  2. I have commissioned a well known international artist to create a piece that expresses the abject hopeless depression and unspeakable pain I am going through right now:
  3. Good to see we apparently hired the Mets medical staff as well.
  4. The injury got worse while he was rehabbing a few days back:
  5. If anyone needs me I'll be over in the corner crying my eyes out for the next month or so.
  6. Unless we are playing a marquee team there are thousands of empty seats at every game. When Pegula took over there was literally a waiting list for season tickets and through sheer stupidity and incompetence those days are long gone.
  7. I am absolutely stunned that we are that "good" over that period. Would've thought we'd easily be dead last.
  8. Example # 1,245,975 showing Sportsnet pundits are idiots: Guy just suggested players use playing in the ASG as a bargaining chip to make the league commit to playing in the Olympics. Unless I am mistaken isn't the entire point of the ASG to help fund the player's pension plan?
  9. If you wanted to know what complete and utter scum the Barclays Center people (Ratner and Yormark) are: Had this story confirmed for me by someone who would absolutely know: when there was talk the Isles wanted to play games at the Coliseum (Which the Barclays people operate) for the 3 years before Belmont opened Ratner ordered the pouring of concrete down the toilets in all the suites as an act of sabotage to make going back impossible. They also secretly funded the ridiculous lawsuit against the Belmont Arena.
  10. I'd be shocked if the Bengals don't use a franchise tag on him. Also AJ saw our QB for next year throw 7 TD's in the first half of a national championship semifinal so he might want to stick around.
  11. One of my all time heroes Sam Wyche, legendary Bengals coach has passed away at the age of 75. Among other things he gave us the single greatest moment in the history of pro football:
  12. And the fact that if the league and officials did their job and handed out severe punishment to players who injured guys on filthy plays there would be no need for frontier justice shows that they all have IQ's identical to their shoe sizes.
  13. I am reminded of a great Bobby Heenan line on how he would've fixed WCW: "I'd get everyone in charge of it in a room and roll in a hand grenade.".
  14. Botts was actively shopping ROR well before the 2018 trade deadline. He clearly wanted to get rid of him. Botts is far and away the absolute worst GM in the entire league, a complete and total failure. Our roster is terrible, our prospect pool is mediocre at best (and at forward it's actually really bad), the drafting has been poor (passing on the leading goal scorer in the OHL for a dime a dozen defensive prospect, packaging late round picks to move up in late rounds, the infamous 6th round trade with the Leafs that was among the stupidest things in sports history) and absolute stupidity in handling player development (Tage and Mitts). There is no excuse for him not being sacked the second yet another non playoff (and very possibly another bottom 5 season) ends.
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