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  1. What did I ever do to you??????
  2. Other than that that day in April of 1997 when I said goodbye to a team I loved more than anything this is my low point as a hockey fan. That last post was amazing,.
  3. Saw the edit and want to point out that one of the very few smart things Botts has done was that deal with Jack. Ask any other GM if they'd like Jack for $10 million a season and they'd say "Yes" so fast your head would spin. Your post was spot on.
  4. Forget the complete incompetence: PSE has had TWO PSE Presidents ousted for sexual misconduct.
  5. Who do you think is responsible for this organization being the biggest toilet in the entire sport?
  6. Because it perfectly explains the clown show we are watching right now and the previous 8 seasons.
  7. If anyone needs a live stream of the game here it is:
  8. I was thinking of someone else to use as an emergency fill in:
  9. I could care less about cap space. I don't want to end up reading a story in 10-15 years about Kyle suffering from dementia and having to be put in an assisted living facility. We have to do the right thing and tell him we are never going to let him play another second for us ever again. If it leads to lawsuits so be it.
  10. So we've officially reached " Billy Martin ordering Mike Pagliarullo to go to the plate and bat from his opposite stance despite him having never done so in his entire life" territory?
  11. I think in theory the tank was not a bad idea, it was just executed incompetently. When we were stripping assets we should've been acquiring as many draft picks as possible (which is what teams like the Astros and Sixers did). That's what the Dolphins are doing right now as well. The draft is by far the best most effective way to acquire talent, the more picks you have the better the odds you hit the jackpot.
  12. And we have a GM who would be dumb enough to make that trade in a heartbeat, so yeah...
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