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  1. Full set from the Bouncing Souls 30th Anniversary tour date at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ:
  2. Another rules thing: there was a situation in the OT where Stevens closed his hands on the puck in the crease and it was just a penalty. I have always thought doing that was a penalty shot, not a penalty (The most notable example being game 5 of Isles-Panthers in 2016 where in OT an Isles player got called for it and a penalty shot was awarded but Greiss (Who along with *Redacted* were the reason the Isles won the series) saved it). Was the rule changed since 1994?
  3. Any list of the greatest goalies ever that doesn't have Hasek right at the top isn't worth paying attention to.
  4. BRING BACK MY WHALERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ForeverWhalers #BringBackTheWhale #DieKarmanosDie
  5. Since someone mentioned Wegmans it should be noted that the company announced that all hourly associates are getting a raise of $2 per hour until this situation is concluded.
  6. Streaming wrestling from IWTV, Highspots and Honor Club while holed up in my apartment with these guys: L-R: Tage 1, Tage 2 and Weird Tage
  7. "You're getting Jake Sanderson and you'll like it!"
  8. https://gfycat.com/definitivebestkinglet 😠😠😠
  9. And look at their AHL team that is the best in the league, then note they aren't being carried by a bunch of Quadruple A/AHL/Minor League for life guys but actual honest to God legit NHL prospects.
  10. You do realize that if we had taken him our piss poor organization would've bungled his development so bad that instead of being the Hart frontrunner he'd probably be headed back to Europe as an NHL bust right???
  11. When you get the chance to draft a defenseman with no offensive ability whatsoever whose a non entity on a mediocre college team over one of the best goal scorers in all of junior hockey who is carrying a team that should've finished dead last into the playoffs YOU DO IT.
  12. There are literally no decent #2 centers who will even be on the UFA market this summer. In fact this might be the worst UFA crop of the post lockout era.
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