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  1. Your very bad Twitter idea of the week: The thread is exactly what you'd expect.
  2. How could the laffs afford him with their cap situation?
  3. In his 5 seasons Jack has played exactly as many seconds in a meaningful game as I have. That doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon and at some point if the nonsense doesn't end the penny will drop.
  4. Since you failed to comprehend what I said: If the Sabres end up trading Eichel the team relocates shortly thereafter and are as dead as my Whalers.
  5. Anyone fine with Tampa winning it all needs to go watch that footage of Dahlin laying unconscious in a pool of his own blood after an elbow from one of their troglodytes and hang their head in shame.
  6. Fans in Kansas City, Houston or some other city will be concerned with this because that's where the Sabres will be shortly thereafter.
  7. Of the several I've talked to (and were my reps) they all quit. They are really really ***** to work for.
  8. It widely know he was being shopped by Botts in the middle of the season which probably affected him. Basically they created a self fulfilling prophecy.
  9. You think when we reach the historic Ten In A Row after another season of being a league punching bad it's going to help that bottom line? And the Pegulas aren't like freaking Karmanos or something, they are like the 5th wealthiest owners in the league. I'm sick of the neverending failure.
  10. How does that explain them failing harder than any owners in modern NHL history the past 9 seasons? They literally did a powerpoint presentation telling their own freaking employees that a pillar of their organization was maintaining their lifestyles. Talk to anyone who has ever had the misfortune to work for them, there's a reason PSE has a higher turnover than a McDonalds.
  11. Me at the thought of a Tampa-Dallas final:
  12. Unless you are just waking up from a coma you have been in since 2011 you are probably aware of the fact they are just about the least successful NHL owners of the modern era and that this is just the latest strike against them. "Nine Years, ***** All!!!" #PegulasOut
  13. I wish someone would have the stones to walk up to Terry and tell him "Do you realize that if you were to tragically pass away and they did a moment of silence for you before the next home game it would get the Old Man Wirtz treatment?" Maybe that would end up being a moment of clarity and cause him to pull his head straight out of his ass and start behaving like a serious and credible owner
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