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  1. I believe in Tage, for through a Magic Giraffe all things are possible.
  2. Peter Chiarelli, the man who turned the Oilers into the sport's biggest laughingstock until we picked up that dubious distinction.
  3. Tage is on a strict diet of nutritious rainbows:
  4. If Jesus is such a good friend of the Pegulas why doesn't he visit them and say "Look, I can perform miracles but making Botts a competent GM is far beyond even my powers".
  5. The trade created a hole in our roster that basically killed our last two seasons and (unless an NHL quality center magically falls out of the sky into our laps) will probably wreck the next 2-3. Botts has assembled a cap max team filled with really bad players and a prospect pool filled with almost nothing but "fringe NHL player at best" types. And then there's his hoarding of RHD the way crazy cat ladies hoard cats, which caused a needless glut that only put the team in position to be low balled because everyone knows there's no room for all of them.
  6. And unless Ralph plans on revolutionizing the sport by only dressing 4 defensemen a game next season so what?
  7. The thing with Antipin is that the season was effectively over before New Year's Day and the team was throwing out guy with no future or upside whatsoever and not even bothering to give him a shot. There was no reason whatsoever why he shouldn't have been given a decent look. And don't forget how he suffered a horrific injury at the hands of trashbag punk Hartnell which probably was the final nail in his NHL coffin.
  8. There's a reason why there are more incredibly stupid and indefensible mistakes (as in things that when they happen everyone exclaims "What in the hell are they thinking?") made in the NHL then every other major American pro sports league combined.
  9. Except neither one really was given that chance. This organization is a complete pile of suck, tossing away useful assets because we are run by incompetent fools is a major reason why our organization is a complete pile of suck.
  10. Funny you mention Lee because while he's never leaving the island he is the exact type of player that we desperately need: his bread and butter is going to and staying in front of the net. Lacking that type of player just absolutely kills us.
  11. Off the top of my head: Antipin and Pilut (you know, a guy who is basically the only guy that when paired with Risto (who is basically a laughingstock of the sport because he is so bad) made him a positive player and was rewarded by being buried in the AHL while worthless junk players were given spots in the NHL lineup for life no matter how bad they or the team sucked).
  12. I can't understand why nobody can understand the very negative long-term ramifications of this: This team has to have the worst rep of any NHL team to European UFA's because of how many guys they have treated like crap. Why would any sane person sign here if they had any other option because they know if they come here they will be dicked around by our garbage clownshoes organization.
  13. The problem is that he has shown he is completely incapable of knowing what players are ones you should acquire and which ones you shouldn't touch with a ten foot poll. In fact he actively targets guys who are in that last group. Short a miracle of biblical proportions we are going to get exactly the same this offseason and then when 20-21 ends up being the 10th Hindenburg in a row the Pegulas will somehow be unable to understand why.
  14. Forget that: I can't think of a GM who did as much damage to a franchise as Botts did in 3 seasons and who probably destroyed them for the following 5 seasons since Mad Mike destroyed the Islanders. Even Chia is better on the bumbling dumpster fire buffoon scale then Botts.
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