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  1. Miller to Vegas for Fleury(2mil retained) Vegas gets their old cap casualty back and a much needed 3rd RD while ridding themselves of a portion of Fleury's contract. Just a more general idea
  2. Very disappointing, what makes it worse is I can't honestly tell if they are bad or just extremely unlucky. They get chances and haven't been outplayed so far this year but never seem able to get over the hill of L -> W
  3. Not exactly surprising; they'd be looking for a 1to1 swap of young centers and we don't exactly have one close in value. Eichel >> PLD Cozens ? PLD Staal, Sheahan, Girgs, etc < PLD
  4. The chart guy, Sean Tierney says Buffalo has been one of the best teams in our division thus far from an analytics PoV despite our record. We are also arguably the most unlucky team beside Chicago.
  5. That was a true joy to watch; I hope they play like this more often! Maybe a punch to the face is what Dahlin needed, certainly worked last year. Patrick Sharp said the Sabres sent a statement to Philly by sending out their 1st PP unit and scoring after that idiotic play with 2min left. I'd agree
  6. I wonder what happened, whatever it is I hope he and his family are ok.
  7. Eichel looks banged up but at least he looked a bit more like his old self. Only too pass happy
  8. How exactly does one do that? It doesn't matter who we bring in from coach to players they always divebomb at a moments notice
  9. Why can't we have nice things; we draft and the players just seem to die once they arrive in the NHL
  10. I wouldn't do that by any stretch. I could certainly see something around Reinhart for PLD however. They have put up similar numbers and Reinhart is only slightly older. Barkov, on the other hand, I am sure they would want Cozens primarily with multiple other pieces involved. Columbus is being pressured by the player, while Florida is more likely pressured from salary. That being said, Florida is trying to dump Yandle as well so who knows.
  11. Then I guess he plays here because I can't see any advantage in him playing 24 games in the WHL
  12. I wonder if you can use a loophole with a pick transferring only if a player plays a certain number of games on your team.
  13. As a conservative but, more importantly, an American I am disgusted by what happened yesterday at the Capitol Building. I'm more than disappointed in Trump's response as well..... I really don't know what to say at this point; I disagree fervently with most Democrat stances and feel as if the Republican Party has been co-opted by a wannabe fascist who even upon losing the election refuses to concede. 🤢
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