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  1. All of that show was to lead to this..... wow.... that's like a kick to the balls.
  2. He's akin to Ted Nolan but seems far more sophisticated in his approach. He'll need an Xs and Os guy but he certainly strikes me as someone who can at very least reverse this ever somber franchise.
  3. Skinner, Myers (if we even want him), Hayes/Lee “money talks,” Stralman (Dahlin + money), Dzingel (opportunity)
  4. Why does Buffalo always get screwed? Honestly, we have won one lottery and besides that have only ever had the worst possible scenarios play out practically. Burn in hell Dallas for failing us. I hope the Blues are wrecked in the conference finals.
  5. USA vs Germany tied at 2 after 2 Eichel has an assist with one of his patented faceoff plays with Keller playing as Skinner.
  6. Also 06 leaves me bitter. I do however like their style and rebellious feel to their marketing. Can’t stand though how fair weather the majority of their fans are
  7. I hate them for their uncanny luck. They make the playoffs twice a decade and yet make it to the conference finals every time
  8. Supposedly they want to make a living and have insurance like the men. So effectively let's say they each want a minimum of $20,000 with additional insurance. Each roster would likely hold 23 players + maybe a couple extras due to a lack of any minor league. $20,000 * 25 = $500,000 Add to that, let's say $100,000 in insurance and equipment So we are already at $600,000 per team and we haven't even touched stadium costs, transportation costs, etc. Let's sum it up at 1 mil per team to keep it simple; can the NWHL make 1 mil per team + profit at its current format? Not really. They play one/two games a week and only 16 games per season plus a potential two for the playoffs. They would need 2000 tickets sold per game at $10 each to hit $20,000, 4,000 to justify the salaries for both teams. Additionally you would need to add at least 9 more games to the regular season so that the potential to break even with salaries alone is possible. Any amount of ticket price hikes would only hurt the attendance further so their max ticket price probably sits around $15. Most NHL teams struggle financially as it is; how do they hope the NHL will convince owners to almost certainly toss another million per year into a furnace? Not to mention, how do you have the NHL universally support the NWHL if the number of actual NWHL teams wouldn't even surpass 1/3 of the NHL's teams? Why should the Sabres, Bruins, and Leafs owners need to support the NWHL if the Stars, Panthers, and Coyotes don't? There's just so many questions that would need an answer.
  9. The NWHL has all but one team owned by it's league. This strikes me as women trying to force the NHL to prop up their league akin to the WNBA. Biggest problem I see immediately is that the NHL has its own labor dispute around the corner thus the women will likely be more of an after thought.
  10. I wonder if they bring Tippett as HC for structure and Gronburg as an AC as a way to invigorate the team while also giving him the entry to the league he desires.
  11. I just don't understand how we could do so well in regular season but completely fall to pieces in the playoffs. Honestly how is it that we cannot even back into some success? It's like everyone is conspiring against us to endlessly fail at every turn.
  12. Damn Blues and O'Reilly to hell. Now we must rely on whomever wins the Dallas/Nashville series to save us from being stuck with a bottom 4 pick in the 1st
  13. No interest in trading Risto in the division, especially to Tampa. Nothing they'd be willing to give us would be worth the huge risk.
  14. I don’t think Kessel will be worth a ton at this point. He’s 31 and making 7 mil for 3 years until he’s 34/35. He’s a one trick pony who if he loses his scoring is a cap Hell scenario. I’d offer Scandella and a 4th and nothing more. They save money, I take a high risk reward player who’s on the wrong side of 30.
  15. You and Blue can continue to think ROR was scapegoated but I honestly will always believe there was far more to it than that. Thus I will always despise him for that and for seemingly re-finding his love in St. Louis. So I pray the Blues lose by round 2 not only because of him but for their draft pick which if one of CBJ, VGK, DAL, or COL make it out of the 2nd round we'd get the 19th pick.
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