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  1. I’d rather have Barkov if they start blowing stuff up.
  2. I like Domi, just not enough to trade Reinhart to get him
  3. That would be bad for Buffalo as we really wouldn't be acquiring a center but rather 2 wingers who have previously played center some.
  4. Even if it was the fairest trade imaginable I’d rather not aid the Leafs to get my hands on an average 3C and Mid-6 winger
  5. That would be a horrid trade for us seeing as Kerfoot isn't a 2C.
  6. Tim Murray understood how to build player chemistry but had an almost religious adherence to specific players and no ability to figure how the personalities would work outside the rink. Botterill seemed to think that skill alone would make the team better. The problem was he got far too many players of a very similar skill set and without any diversity of skill types the team would excel early in the year in open hockey but would collapse upon teams locking down for the playoff runs. He also had no ability to understand his top player’s value.
  7. I wouldn’t take McDs contract if they gave me their 1st next year. If he were under contract for 3 years I’d say go for it but he’s literally signed until he 38/39 years old He doesn’t have to be protected he has a M-NTC not a NMC though just so you guys know. He had better adore Cozens because he’s going to be good
  8. Aside from Point, Cozens is off the table entirely in my opinion. The problem I keep having is how will we fit our guys in after making the trade? My first solution is doing a trade akin to Cirelli & Killorn for 8OA, Thompson, and Risto w/ 1.4 mil retention, perhaps we add a 2nd next year. Thompson is a far cheaper replacement for Killorn and an RFA 8OA could very well give them a great player in the next couple years as the continue to play with a near flat cap. Risto has been noted, in the past, in rumors to Tampa Bay and at 4 mil he would clean up some of their shortages. Essentially the problem with Cirelli + Killorn is that they are 10 mil or so. With Reinhart, Olofsson, Kahun, Ullmark, making about 16mil Ristolainen and Montour become cap problems while Jokijarju becomes a need for our cap space.
  9. The two being talked about or what exactly.
  10. I wonder if Tampa Bay would be interested in the 8th Overall more so they could grab that Dman prospect ranked about there? After all they are in a bit of a predicament with the expansion draft with 3 D already to protect in Hedman, Sergachev, and Cernak I'd assume. Jokiharju would need to be protected which would mean he or Cernak would likely be left exposed. Just a thought
  11. Based on this my guess would be Cirelli and either Killorn or Johnson Gourde served as a D center prior to Cirelli usurping him and the coach supposedly really likes him hence I eliminate him from the winger category. The other would be Palat whom I doubt they'd trade seeing as he's only under contract 2 more years, has produced similar numbers to Johnson and Killorn but is younger than both. Out of the two above I would guess Johnson would be the one due to his contract being 4 years and being the same age as Killorn. So, lets assume Cirelli and Johnson would be the 2C and Top Winger respectively, what would Tampa Bay desire? They would want an RHD and more obviously. The 8th OA/our 2021 1st would likely be involved as well with conditions for the latter. As for RHDs we have quite the stockpile of them. Ristolainen 2 x 5.4 mil Montour RFA (Approximately between 4 and 5 mil) Miller 2 x 3.875 mil Jokiharju on his last year of his ELC Will Borgen and Ryan Johnson would be the other notable RHDs. My first guess would be Jokiharju as for their primary desire but I do wonder if they could be looking at the others as well. The one negative about Jokiharju, is that he is an RFA next year and to be perfectly honest, their cap doesn't actually improve a ton. Even with Johnson's 5 mil off the books they would still be near the cap next year after Cernak and Sergachev's contracts. The other small problem with Tampa is that even with Johnson and Cirelli gone, they would to make another move just to open up enough space for a 4th line. (That being with Cernak and 2.75mil and Sergachev being at 5mil) So part of me wonders how the heck they will fix this. Also, I wouldn't trade a 1st with Joki. To be honest I wouldn't be interested in trading Reinhart or Cozens for either.
  12. To be honest, most of us do lol 🙂
  13. To be honest it is extremely hard to tell if it was intentional or not. Tkachuk's skate raises once prior to hitting Scheifele bounces off the ice and goes up seemingly clipping Scheifele's ankle. The hardest part in judging this is due to Tkachuk's style of dirty play and thus there is an immediate bias to blame him for doing it purposely. If you watch Karlsson's injury by the skate of Matt Cooke it looks intentional due to the combination of his far longer list of offenses but also because it looks like he purposely was trying to injure Karlsson by at very least causing him to twist his knee since Cooke's leg seems to go way over for no seeming reason. On the other hand It doesn't seems as if Tkachuk's was purposely aiming to to clip the ankle and it just occurred due to the ricochet off the ice. He does steer his skate into a stopping motion but his momentum makes it hit the ice and bounce back up. That being said, he may just be much better at the whole "accidentally on purpose" thing than Cooke ever was.
  14. Hawks trounced the Oilers in Game 1 6-4 Hurricanes bops the Rangers aggressively in Game 1 3-2
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