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  1. It may have more to do with Karmanos doing his due diligence or even potentially related to departure from Pittsburgh technically happening in this league year.
  2. Well that certainly isn't good. He's our most important player and we can't lose him pretty much regardless or else we'll be looking at another 3+ years of no playoffs and disappointment while watching another ROR situation play out. (Even if we get good value for Eichel)
  3. Well I doubt anyone could of predicted how unlucky we have been with goalie health this year. Not to mention we really shouldn't be in the market for another random goalie; if he could of got one of the two CBJ goalies its a different story. If he must just sign some random goalie out there to a contract.
  4. Something here doesn't seem kosher. I'm unsure as to exactly what but these numbers give a very different look than both the regular analytics we all see and just the basic eye test. My only guess is the the whole opponent metric is flawed and thus creating some unusual results. Trying to base skill level 5v5 on PP time is a flawed concept in of itself. @WildCard is certainly on the right path seeing as some players are more specialists than others. How I personally see it is that PP time and 5v5 skill don't really correlate all that well. For starters most teams have PP uni
  5. I look forward to his assistance against Boston, he can play pretty well and is a literally fearless.
  6. Quick question, what exactly will Adams be doing with Karmanos managing the Amerks, Scouting, Player Development and Analytics Departments. Part of me wonders if Adams hopes to become more of President of Hockey Ops versus a classic GM.
  7. If they had to lose, they certainly made the Bruins earn every last ounce of a point.
  8. With what exactly lol, I just threw out a bunch of predictions. Also I definitely see someone giving Hall a good check. I doubt they are going after him, barring some unknown locker room beef, but you always see that after trades. It's sort of a hey there... remember me.
  9. He's technically referring to staggering the flow of the game to break the momentum in order to regroup. It doesn't mean to skate slow; it tends to mean goalies' freezing the puck and defenseman holding the puck behind their net on a change to allow the team to breathe.
  10. 5-2 Buffalo with an EN goal at the end. Sabres Goals: Cozens, Bjork, Reinhart (EN), Okposo, and Dahlin Bruins Goals: Bergeron and Hall Cozens and Bjork end up with 1g1a and R2 gets 1a The Mitts line has several good chances but is mostly neutral with Krejic's line Okposo scores just after our PP expires Reinhart's line barely survives against Bergeron's line but does just enough to limit their scoring chances. Hall gets walloped by one of Risto, Miller, Cozens, or Dahlin
  11. I have a suspicion that Krueger was effectively Hall's primary reason he received a full NMC. After all, a full NMC on a 1 year contract worth 8mil is rather unusual unless the team and player are very comfortable with their respective situations. You might see a vet or long time player for a franchise do this or someone fearing being waived at some point but Hall really doesn't fall into either category. From there you look at general trade protection. Various levels of a NTC work fine for protecting players from situations they don't wish to be involved in. But Hall's agent obviously insiste
  12. Depends if he's getting chances or not. As long as Eichel and either Cozens or Reinhart are still producing and he isn't hurting them then I wouldn't. Let's see if we can get 20 to 30 goals out of Skinner; he's played better as of late and giving the 9mil man a chance seems wise. Obviously if he's weighing his line down I'd change things but give him a chance to sink or swim. And more than 3 games against the Isles.
  13. My plan for 2021-2022 Buyout Eakin Sign Reinhart 5x6.5mil Sign Asplund 2x1.1mil Sign Mitts 3x1.4mil Sign Dahlin either to a 2x4mil bridge or 8x6.5mil Sign Jokiharju 2x2mil Sign Ullmark 3x4.75mil Sign McCabe 1x2.85mil (He may need to based on his injury) Sign Mrazek/Riemer 1x3.5mil Trade FLA's 3rd to get Seattle to take Miller Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart R2 - Cozens - Olofsson Asplund - Mitts - Thompson Bjork - Girgs - Okposo Dahlin - Jokiharju McCabe - Risto Bryson - Borgen Ullmark
  14. He wasn't meaning it in the sense he was angry at Buffalo. He was effectively saying what almost every player says after being traded in that he wants to make us "pay" for trading him. But he doesn't have some over-arcing agenda against Buffalo.
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