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  1. RNH & Kassian for Risto & Sheary (450k retained) Cap Neutral Any thoughts? Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Olafsson - RNH - Vesey Johansson - Mitts - Okposo Larsson - ERod - Kassian Dahlin - Montour McCabe - Jokiharu Pilut - Miller Extras: Wilson, Girgs, Hunwick Bought out Scandella, buried Sobotka
  2. He strikes me as Risto's opposite in terms of analytics. Risto's are below what he appears to be while Gardiner's are way to high. I've watched him plenty of times, and this graph goes completely against my own eyes which means something isn't right.
  3. I’d be interested in a few forwards from Anaheim: Rakell, Silverberg, even Getzlaf if it’s fair. Not at all interested in Gardiner, he’s Risto with no physicality and a bit better zone exit ability.
  4. I'd still like Boyle for his off-ice and 4th line usefulness but that's it.
  5. At the price we got him for, I think its a solid move. We now, at minimum, have a solid fallback option at 2C which is better than just holding onto the hope we'd magically get a 2C for free.
  6. I’d rather keep Risto in that case; we don’t need another undersized streaky winger.
  7. The problem with Gusev is we would need to acquire at least one other Russian. For whatever reason, Russians travel in groups in the NHL. They all strangely go to teams with other Russians.
  8. I’m unsure what this would even be regardless of how much I want to believe your “source” Who do they have on the trade block actually worth our attention?
  9. I would of been willing, if we had our 3rd, to go up to the next level with 2 1sts and offer him 9.9mil with the same style of stacking bonuses. A 1-2 punch of Eichel and Aho would do damage
  10. Hope not, we need teams around us to get weaker, not stronger
  11. I want no part in Hoffman Trochek on the other hand would be a great target as he's coming off a somewhat down year with an injury.
  12. How about a 2 year deal to help mentor Dahlin? Anything within 2 years is fine to me as Dahlin's contract will be after that.
  13. I would of made that deal, a 1st is never something you turn down for paying 6mil in cap space for a year
  14. Would #31, Nylander, and Girgs be enough for Collin Miller and Stastny and Reaves(Cap dump) maybe? It does take approx 12mil off their books a tad over 10 with a Girgs signing.
  15. I wouldn’t trade Mitts for Cerelli straight up even; I can’t trust his stats on a juggernaut offensive team would translate to Buffalo. I have 0 interest in trading Risto in the division so that further puts the breaks on that trade in my opinion. My predictions: We trade Risto and Nylander to Vancouver for Virtanen, 10, a late pick in a year or two and Juolevi. That just sounds very Benning + Botts esc. C. Miller and Reaves/Clarkson for our 2020 2nd Scandella is sent somewhere for a 3rd in 2021 and a 4th this year. Sobotka is dealt for Callahan and a 4th
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