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  1. Ironic how Eichel's weak play lost us the game, technically, in Buffalo in OT against Gaudreau. Tonight Gaudreau got to cute in OT allowing Sheary and Eichel to get to them and eventually score.
  2. thewookie1

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I worry Puljujarvi has been ruined by the Oilers or was never that great to begin with. After all, he was linemates with Laine and Aho for the WJC. He also isn’t the fleetest of foot but if the price is low enough I’d throw them lower end asset for his recovery process
  3. thewookie1

    The Power Play - How to Fix It?

    The problem the PP has is their complete lack of motion. They make it way to easy to protect against since we rarely have any movement besides the puck holder. When Eichel has on the half wall, it seems as if most of the team stops moving thus leaving Eichel very few options. There should be at least two, maybe three guys moving around at all times among the four non-puck holding players. Either the man down low or up high should stay in a steady spot as a safety valve but the other three should be skating around looking to find openings. Hell, even a basic circle for the other three would at least create motion that the opposing PK would have to adjust to. Presently, they all go to their respective spots; then Eichel skates around trying to find any angle he can use. The other team is barely moving thus retaining their formation and leaving Eichel with only the options of forcing a pass through a mess of legs, try to snipe or merely call up a Amerk to literally stand wherever the other guy had been. I honestly can say that I could make a better PP strategy than this coaching staff.
  4. You are blind if that's an illegal hit. Eichel has every right to be there as much as McDonough. The Dman goes low and quite literally bumps into Eichel's elbow which is in tight to his body and not moving. (Eichel is literally against the boards as skinny as you can get) Effectively its like blaming someones mailbox for being in your way when your biking when its in the correct location. After he bumps into Eichel he goes full Oscar worthy performance to draw a penalty. McDonough should be given a suspension for that embellishment and the refs should be fired. Larsson shouldn't of been penalized since it wasn't going to be called until after Sergachev crosschecked him in the head. Sergachev should of been ejected for that intentional head shot. Pilut did take a penalty but Callahan also embellished
  5. thewookie1

    2019 moves

    I believe you have to have this year's pick.
  6. thewookie1

    2019 moves

    We can't offer sheet Kapanen at that level because we don't have our 2nd rounder.
  7. There's a chance this will be a great game seeing as the Sabres due to tend to play to their opponent's level. We play down to bad teams and up to good teams more often than not. We are going into this game 1-1 with Tampa with having won our game at home. So while we are the lesser team, its hockey, anything can happen!
  8. thewookie1

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes -- Jan. 11, 2019

    This game was the definition of puck bounces deciding a game.
  9. thewookie1

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Good luck getting that Carolina
  10. thewookie1

    All Star Ballot last man in fan voting

    I wouldn't be surprised if at very least people who played with him likely voted for him.
  11. thewookie1

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    Just wait for a new compliance buyout or eat it until we actually need the money. I don’t see any point in overpaying Duchene, who quit on his last team, so he can play 2C for a year or two.
  12. thewookie1

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    I'm expecting Pommers to wake up around game 60 and go on and get 15 pts in the last quarter of the season. He did it last year after having a almost pointless middle of the season. Then in the playoffs, hopefully, he'll likely be in our Top 4 or 5 in scoring. Why? Because vets always seem to turn back the clock in the playoffs since they are effectively giving it everything they've still got in a short burst.