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  1. I'm guessing the Pegulas didn't exactly ask for what was reported. Hell they could of asked for 85% funding to start but the media obviously loves to blow things up like that. After reading it, here’s my guess. Pegulas are asking for something between 1.1 and 1.5 billion for the new stadium. The Pegulas are pledging around 400 mil in their money to renovating the KBC. If you put the stadium cost at 2 billion, and add the loan from the NFL the state pays about 75%. They are likely trying to hedge further privately funded KBC renovations with County/State assistance on the new stadium. The original price tag on the stadium’s projection was around the funding request hence the news saying they want 100% funding. They unlikely gave any serious threat about moving the team but sensationalism is far better for clicks.
  2. I doubt the NFL would really want to move Buffalo over teams like Jacksonville. Primarily due to the appearance of a moving a team that sells out with a season ticket waiting list versus a stadium that has to cover multiple sections in their stadium. I don't doubt Buffalo is one of the smaller markets, but we are also one of the more rabid fanbases and its extremely unlikely Bills fans would follow them elsewhere. Effectively, while Austin might make more immediate money; Buffalo is far better in terms of publicity and helping secure a Canadian audience. I doubt Jerry Jones would want a 3rd team in Texas and since he'd be the primary proponent for a move I can't see it happening. Oddly I think the NFL likes Buffalo to a certain degree; we help bring in viewership and revenue from Toronto while also being an easy target for the whole idea of "see we don't only care about money" which protects the NFL some from potential tax troubles.
  3. They'll make an agreement here; the NFL does like Buffalo due to its fanbase and I doubt the Pegulas actually intend to move the team. That being said we'll be hearing a lot of this as they try and angle themselves to get more public funds.
  4. I partially disagree. He was a great scout but had zero ability to understand personality based value and the greater interconnectivity between a team’s players. He took the whole players are “robots” approach and ignored any and all potential personality clashes that could arise.
  5. Oh I never meant it that way. I was more alluding to the feeling that whatever we put in the NYS pot tends to end up primarily in NYC and the surrounding region. Granted they put more in; but it still is aggravating nonetheless because we seem often overlooked
  6. I’d rather help pay then lose either team; we are always stuck paying for primarily NYC stuff as it is. May as well get something from them. That being said; I’d be more interested in a 3way split between the NFL, NYS and the Pegulas
  7. You just bury him, the option you gave would be completely unacceptable to the fans and I highly doubt they are so completely inept as to think otherwise
  8. The lease to the stadium yes, I think the NMC is in perpetuity; at least in theory
  9. One thing is that the Bills aren’t allowed to be moved due to their purchase agreement.
  10. I came up with for SJS Eichel for Couture(25% retained), Eklund, Robins, 2022 1st and 2023 1st The 2022 1st has a Top 10 Protection that can be used to shift the picks 1 year into the future. Couture is a guy who'd want to be here due to being a BIlls fan and from the area. Additionally he could be used as a shield for the young centers behind him. The retention makes him 6x6mil and a buyout becomes reasonable in a couple years regardless. Here's my version of it: https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/2681817
  11. Girgs and Okposo would be my go to for the next C. Both are very team 1st and never quit.
  12. Pretty much, Buffalo fans are suckers for plucky groups punching above their weight class on a nightly basis. I’ll always feel that given obvious effort and hard work that we’d support even a 20 win team because they’d still be entertaining and fighting. Most of our recent teams always have a combination of underachieving vets and mediocre middle 6 guys. It’s why Cozens was able to woo 3/4th the fan base through merely skating hard and looking like he gave a damn. one problem with Eichel was although I’ll never doubt his effort; his skating style makes him appear slow and plodding more often than not. Even though we know he’s a fast skater.
  13. Used yes, on everyday people. Not on 25 year old athletes who will take large amounts of physical abuse on a near daily basis. It's "experimental" in the sense it has never been done to a professional hockey player.
  14. So Pi asked on the Free Agency thread about FIsh's other players https://puckpedia.com/agent/peter-fish Interestingly enough, he also has a website which seemingly hasn't been updated since 2017-2018. http://www.globalhockey.net/index.html For a conspiracy, Fish represented Chris Drury. So perhaps he's trying to help his former client get his present one?
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