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  1. I just don't understand how this team doesn't change; we change players, coaches, and managers and yet the same problems always persist. Player always seem to regress when coming to Buffalo. We have no power forward and it shows. Tampa is getting away with mugging and slashing to an extent only seen in the playoffs yet we get called for defending our goalie.....
  2. Not trading Risto in the division for “hope”
  3. I don’t believe they officially called him up based on the wording. He still an Amerk on paper but will be in Sweden in case of an injury
  4. i wouldn't trade Risto and a 1st for Hall Way too much for a rental or a 8 to 10mil guy when we still need to sign Mitts, Reinhart and Dahlin
  5. I don't really think we deserved to win, but Arizona certainly didn't either. They got two lucky goals, the refs weren't helping Eichel who was being mugged in the 3rd and we hit the goalpost 2/3 times in the OT.
  6. They actually got trapped. Until then we had continued to use our base lines to keep pressure out of our zone. Reinhart and Olafsson were in the process of changing when Risto iced it with 1 minute left
  7. I love this one Good win, I like to see the Sabres win even when the top line doesn't do all that much. Makes this feel more sustainable.
  8. We were besieged and our team looked absolutely worn out most of the 2nd and half the 3rd but seemingly woke up in late in the 3rd to help Hutton secure the goose-egg. A win is a win however and 6-1-1 is nothing to scoff at. I honestly cannot say I have ever seen so many missed shots by a team as the Kings did tonight. It was like they all were stricken with near-sightedness
  9. Rough night, started great but succumbed to Anaheim becoming thugs. We didn't deserve to win but there was some unlucky puck luck involved. For example Dahlin bringing the puck in on the PP, losing it but Skinner holds it in; yet the puck literally bounces from the center of the blueline to the boards until it goes into the neutral zone. There was a Scandella play in the 3rd where he made a really nice one handed clear but it seemingly hit the boards oddly as it proceeded bounce back, hit Kase's skate and right back onto Kase's stick for another opportunity. Eichel seemed to start forcing things in the 3rd God, can someone please give Dahlin a great shot. He's so damn close to offensive greatness but lacks a real threatening slapshot/snapshot
  10. Rough game for Dahlin and a few others. Eichel had a few ups and downs but played well enough The last goal was in large part due to a pair of uncalled penalties which ****** me off. Larsson's stick was broken and later Risto's stick was held by Barkov. But in the end we still won so onward to Monday against Dallas!
  11. Crazy game which we effectively swung wildly between great and awful for the full 62 minutes. Eichel with 4 pts, definitely making up for his gaffe in Columbus Dahlin had some great plays and some where he was the sucker 2 pts Johansson has just enough skill to activate Skinner; last year without Eichel he couldn't produce but with MoJo he can! Despite dragging around Sobotka 3-0-1, I like it!
  12. Bad way to end but at least they played the whole game. Passes weren't as crisp as the first couple games but got better as the game went on to some degree. Ice sucked in the 1st, the puck died in empty space multiple times. They are bigger thus our players had more trouble playing against their forecheck. Eichel needed to shoot not pass in the OT. He tried to sucker Foligno in during OT but Risto had already left and in that split second Foligno took advantage of Eichel's lack of an easy out. Goaloffsson is just a great asset. Johansson is as well. Mitts was nigh-invisable except making one great D play in the 3rd.
  13. Cows say moo Chickens say bach bach We say Ralph Kru We shall make it to 1000
  14. For all we know Krueger asked the players about what they liked and felt they were good at and he just found a way to channel that into a game plan. I'd be surprised if he didn't ask Miller about Vegas's strategies as well. Bylsma was over reliant on stretch passes Housley had a strange obsession with only man to man defense RK seems to feel, why force players who can't stretch pass to stretch pass when they play better with a different approach. Do what you are good at, do your part to further the team as a whole and play hard every shift. I see his strategy being much like Vegas because like them, we have had no real identity for years and have effectively been trying to stuff our team's assortment of players into a specific type of bucket. Vegas, had players who had played in all different systems thus decided the best approach was to simply find commonalities all the players could do, play hard and fast. Over time, the core of players will find a certain niche they like and slowly the team will work to that over a few years as it sheds those who don't fit and tweak existing players.
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