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  1. Any Kane trade would likely require some retention in this flat cap world. Reinhart and our 1st next year for Kane would very likely be at the center of the trade. From there it would be a matter of assets and money being swapped. I’d throw in Mitts and Risto and see if we can get Murphy from them. They would get younger and we would get another star. Reinhart, Mitts, Risto and our 1st for Kane (3mil retained) and Murphy It would come down to Bowman’s thoughts on Risto and Mitts. Hall-Eichel-Kane would arguably be the best Top Line in the league. Sounds terrible defensively but offensively goalies would cry in terror
  2. Far to costly and unpredictable to play even 60 games outdoors for every team. Put 1/4 in the arenas + somewhat filled suites and wear masks. People need to take some responsibility for their own health and the world can’t continue to hide and hope a vaccine appears in the next 6 months
  3. I’d love to know the rate of return on investment. Not the literal money but for every 15 who receive help how many stick around for 2 or more years
  4. The problem with making hockey more accessible is multifaceted to say the least. For starters there are positives in its present form. For instance the vast majority of hockey players tend to be pretty smart, behave off the ice better than the average player in other leagues, and do still hold onto some tradition. (They haven’t sold out to every political agenda, going trend, or even society’s terrible trend of trying to make everything offensive only in all circumstances like the NBA and NFL are and the MLB teeters on.) The serious problem with hockey is cost to start the sport and maintain said play. Not only does it cost a lot of money but quite a lot of time. Helping low income families get to play by helping with equipment or league costs would be great however there are problems with that as well. Most notably is that children tend to be rather unpredictable and peer driven. If 8/10th of an inner-city friend group play basketball and 2/10th play hockey who what will continue more than likely? The money needed to flood a market not only would be high but would likely be very limited in success. How does one compete with a far cheaper and engrained sport? I can also understand the NHLs noncommittal stance on all of the recommendations the Hockey Diversity Alliance put forth. I will always be against race based quotas for hiring.
  5. I’d be looking for a 5x6mil contract. I refuse to give him a 2 year contract unless it’s well under 4 mil as it would only hurt Buffalo for him to get 2x6 and flee to UFA. Even arbitration is preferable to a 2x6 deal as we retain his rights.
  6. Hmm, that would be a hard one but I do like Chychrun quite a bit and seeing as he has a Pegula connection can’t hurt. I just hate anything involving unprotected 1sts. Give me Top 3 protection and I say sure.
  7. Here's my long Kuemper trade Buffalo trades a conditional 1st, Mitts, and Hutton to Arizona for Kuemper The Conditions are as follows: - If the Sabres make the playoffs in 2021 Arizona receives the 2021 1st Round Pick -If there is no season or Buffalo misses the playoffs in 2021 the pick is pushed off a year - If the Sabres make the 2022 Playoffs then Arizona receives the 2022 1st Round Pick - If Buffalo misses the 2022 Playoffs and Kuemper appears in fewer than 41 games for the Sabres in 2022, Arizona receives a 2022 2nd Round Pick - If Buffalo misses the 2022 Playoffs and Kuemper appears in 41 or more games then the 2022 1st Round Pick is Lottery Protected for the Top 10. ---- In this final scenario the 1st is moved to 2023 which would be unprotected if opted by the Sabres to keep a Top 10 pick.
  8. Schmidt remember was also 5x5.95 mil and is 29 at this moment.
  9. Anyone have any idea what cap savings happen on a retained salary if they are buried? Mainly because Hutton at 50% retained would be at 1.375 mil and with the 1.1mil regained through burying him they'd only get a 275k cap hit
  10. Surprisingly not many have much in actual cap space; many are similar to us in RFA cap hell.
  11. You get rid of 2 of Risto, Montour, and Miller. Use 1 for an LHD and the other for draft picks/prospects Montour can have salary retained easily and either Miller or Risto can be used to acquire a similar capped LHD. Lets go with Ullmark at 2or3x2.8mil Olofsson at 2x3.7mil Reinhart at either 1x6mil or 5x6.25mil At this point we have 22 skaters 12 Fs, 8 D, 2 G with 1.145mil cap space. Trade Hutton at half retained and our 2nd for Raanta. Saves Arizona 2.875 mil in cap space. Trade Miller to NJ for a 3rd and a 5th in 2021 And you sneak under the cap at 162k capspace The primary negative is Borgen would be playing his offside or we have Davidson as a 5/6 Dman
  12. My best guess is they play, let's say 56 games, and set up 4 schedules. Schedule #1 is the best case scenario and is just a regular shortened season with no cross conference play. Schedule #2 would have a hypothetical 1st month of a Canadian region separate from the rest. Toronto for instance would play Montreal and Ottawa 4 times each and up to 2 games against the other 4 Canadian teams. 16 games can be done rather easily without wrecking the full schedule. Arizona would be swapped with Winnipeg divisionally to help. American teams would play in their division mostly and a few cross conference games. After the 1st month they would go on to a more or less typical season with 40 games entirely in their conferences. Schedule #3 The same as Schedule #2 however after the 1st month the Pacific Division with Winnipeg as well as the Atlantic Division would play their Canadian divisional opponents in groups to make for fewer trips between countries. Sabres would play Toronto, then Montreal and lastly Ottawa for instance. The schedule would be broken down in a way to allow each team the ability to go to the other's home for 1/2 games. Any extra games would be played against their in-Conference counterparts. Schedule #4 Would start the same as Schedule #2 but after the 1st month would be broken into smaller 2 week bubbles. Preferably they would bubble in locations where limited fans can attend. If they never can break out of these mini-bubbles; depending on the groupings, you would go 1-8 in the conferences straight up. And effectively erase the divisions for this season. The playoffs would be either a regular set up or you could play a regular 4 round best of 7 playoff using the 2-3-2 style so that travel is limited to a max of twice per round. Instead of the 2-2-1-1-1 format we are used to.
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