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  1. thewookie1

    2019 College UFAs

    I'd sign a goalie and a winger to add reinforcements to both Rochester and potentially Buffalo.
  2. thewookie1

    2019 NHL Draft

    I'm done with tanking, so win out. May the pick fall where it wills.
  3. thewookie1

    2019 Off Season

    I will always have a soft spot for Ristolainen for his physicality and pesky play but if I can swing Risto for RNH I’d do it in a heartbeat and seek physicality to replace his. With that I’d sign Stralman for 2 year at about 6 million to be Dahlin’s partner. Id like to sign Ferland for under 5mil a year if he’s willing to give us the following Top 6 (assuming Skinner signs) Skinner - Eichel - Ferland RNH - Mitts - Reinhart
  4. We have no team culture to buy into where as Boston does. It all stems back to the loss of Drury and Briere and how the team as a whole never recovered. The tank in of itself was a double edged sword as it allowed us to get super talent, but jettisoned our identity. Old players from a franchise are what makes a team. What we need is a small old guard of Buffalo players, who want to play here and want to teach and help lead. Veteran stars can still support teams very well as a team retools since they were stars to start and have a level of respect and authority with every rookie that walks in the door. The pre-tank Sabres really couldn't have done that either with our sheer lack of high-end aging talent and our terrible drafting. Eerily enough, there is a small chance that had we brought Vanek and/or Stafford back with Pommers; we may have seen a better overall season. Not because they are great players anymore but because they all experienced what its like to play in Buffalo during our mid-2000's runs and that identity of "never giving up" may have rubbed off more. The problem is, Pommers is alone and we need an identity. The one thing Tim Murray tried, that was very smart, was bringing in Gionta and Gorges at the same time to be a leadership group and try to instill a culture. Problem was, Gorges' knees became shot so quickly that he went from the competent shot blocking dman to a pretender and his clout fell with it. If anything, this offseason we need to empty spots and find a combination of savvy vets and young blood to create an identity. At the moment we have a single savvy vet in Pommers, a load of youngsters, and a bunch of rift-raft who don't fall in either category. I think Berglund's departure hurt them more than we suspect. He wasn't a great player but he seemed to bring our defensive line together and had played a while. Sorry for the somewhat incoherent rant.
  5. 13-3-1 Boys, lets go get it done!!!
  6. thewookie1

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I wish we could convince Quennville to come here and Housley to take a role as an assistant coach until a new opportunity arises. I feel Housley is likely a solid assistant but lacks the personality to play the bad cop.
  7. thewookie1

    GDT - Sabres @ Leafs 3-2-19 @ 7pm

    Worst part about this game was the Sabres didn't actually play half bad. We deserved a win over Toronto yet are 0-2-1 this year against them.
  8. thewookie1

    Mike Commodore: Babcock is a terrible person

    He also mentioned their bad blood started with Anaheim at Babcock's start of his career. So Babcock was an ass even prior to him winning a Cup. To me a coach can be an ass to his players; but he should never take that over to staff unrelated to his position. They aren't being paid millions to put up with his attitude.
  9. thewookie1

    Trade: Beaulieu to Winnipeg for 6th rounder

    6th > nothing Also you can only hold onto so much depth. This strikes me as a favor
  10. thewookie1

    Trade: Beaulieu to Winnipeg for 6th rounder

    Del Zotto also only fetched a 6th so it appears to have been the depth Dman price this year.
  11. thewookie1

    Trade: Beaulieu to Winnipeg for 6th rounder

    Pittsburgh probably asked us to take Pearson hence the lesser return on Beaulieu
  12. thewookie1

    Sabres Trade Deadline Predictions

    There may still be something since Botts won't say they're done
  13. thewookie1

    Skinner Contract Watch

    8x9.5mil officially
  14. thewookie1

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Skinner will want 8x9 based on Stone's contract