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  1. No, that’s a bottom 6 prospect and a latter 1st. Nothing with enough value to make me interested
  2. I like Copp far more than Roslovic seeing as he’s at least more than a run of the mill prospect
  3. Kyle will likely sit two as well. We aren't trading a guy we just signed, or Vesey whom we just traded for. Reinhart wasn't bad after the 1st McCabe and Montour were ok
  4. I think Mitts needs to have some time to grow into his slightly larger size. His D awareness is a bit better though
  5. Well, if ROR didn't want to stay here then we were already in trouble.
  6. Nothing says he hasn't tried. The price may just be ridiculous.
  7. Feed cut, then was re-initialized by Sabres with our broadcast. The Krueger video popping up though was very odd lol
  8. Hate the helmet thing, loved to see helmet-less players get a goal occasionally. Not fond of the shoot in with freeze rule either as it will potentially create situations where a team will take a shot from beyond the red line, have one guy race to the net and effectively put the goalie in a catch-22.
  9. Mad someone from Hamburg I’d like to keep the skyway
  10. Eichel was out there maybe a tad too long based on his play in OT but in the end he's still our best overall player at this time.
  11. Yup, sometimes you need a save from your goalie and in this game there's not been many from our two.
  12. I was too young to truly remember the whole event but I remember my teacher rolling a TV into the classroom and later going home very confused about what was going on.
  13. That would be terrible, Roslovic is a future 3rd liner and Perreualt is a 3rd liner. I’d rather have Kase in that case. id also rather have Risto than Faulk due to his far larger use on the team. He brings physical play regardless if he’s producing offensively.
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