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  1. I’m confused by why people were angry at Eichel. He made 3 or 4 really nice plays on McDavid. I am fascinated by how he plays a passive role in 3v3. He seems to only use his speed if he sees an opportunity and I really don’t see that as a negative
  2. A very odd night to be sure. Some thoughts: The events seemed partially staged; which was unusual. Al Macinnis' shot was faked; and I have no clue why they would do that Binnington won in part because of the only 2 or 3 trick/fun shot attempts The target shooting tech failed so badly that Luongo made fun of it The last event was great on paper but in practice was a confusing mess. Not to mention they changed the OT rules for it. I've seen women's hockey before and what we saw tonight made it look far more sloppy then it is in actuality. Fastest skater was the Top 4 and the Bot 4 but was at least interesting I did not need to see Brett Hull's ugly mug again. (I did enjoy seeing him fail miserably) Why did they bring out a Blues legend at the start and not have him take a shot?
  3. No one was moving to help; Dahlin is his release valve but aside from Reinhart moving a little to the corner no one else really moves which then requires Eichel to make a perfect pass just to keep the play alive.
  4. We should of had a powerplay for the last 35 to 55 secs seeing as Eichel was hooked, held, and slashed at least 3 or 4 times. Can we please send Bogosian to Rochester. If Boston can waive Backes then we can waive Bogosian. I'm sick of watching him just give the puck away every other time he's handling the puck.
  5. I still see no point in going after the owner; he's done a lot of good for the area. He's far from perfect but I'll never understand the sheer anger pointed to our ownership.
  6. No, I refuse to help the Leafs become better in any sense of the word
  7. As a hypothetical, if SJS asked you for Mitts and 2 2nds for Couture would you do it?
  8. I think Erod is traded and Wilson is the 1st sent down. Lazar and Asplund will eventually alternate in where needed
  9. If Housley were still here I'd be all for it, but seeing as our present coach has been here for merely 43 games I'm not interested. If this were 2 years from now with ok results I'd say hey Ralph, would you like a role as Hockey Czar with a raise; we'd like to bring in this successful coach to take us to another level but we earnestly believe we still need you here to truly make that happen.
  10. They told us there was a problem and that he wouldn't get here until sometime this week. Maybe the Czech government is off due to the holidays
  11. Had he not caught the ball it would be considered a dead ball as we've seen all year. However he caught it in the air thus meaning the ball was live. I've heard that it shouldn't of been a touchdown but rather a safety with it being Bills ball after the punt off.
  12. I'm trading Erod for a 4th and Bogo for Simmonds if at all possible. Then I'd sign Pommers to a league minimum contract with the understanding he may not be in the lineup much once Skinner and Olafsson return At this point I'm just looking for any kind of spark to keep this team alive through those injuries.
  13. I just hope he doesn't lose what he's been building all year. Why can't we have nice things?
  14. I wish the guy luck, not enough to beat us in anything, but for his life in general.
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