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  1. This entire thread is a great example as to why so many people in the sport have such a low opinion of fans.
  2. If there is a God the Jackets fire Torts and we hire him and kick Ralph upstairs. We desperately need a guy like that who will come in, kick ass, take names and hold people accountable.
  3. Gallant wouldn't be a suck up toady PSE yes man so there's zero chance that ever happens.
  4. I'd be happier for her if her parents hadn't done what the Rigas family failed to do and killed the Buffalo Sabres.
  5. We just got beat on home ice by a Devils team missing almost all of their relatively few good player and were outplayed by a significant margin. There is no way to sugarcoat things, to quote Michael Ray Richardson: "The ship be sinking."
  6. What will the excuse for this wretched performance be from the Stooge Brigade online and the trash Buffalo hockey media? How will they cover for St Ralph the hockey genius?
  7. The price just skyrocketed because they know now they have us by the nads.
  8. Fair enough. Just remember reading a lot how he was often in Radar's doghouse his first several years and it clouded my view. But the point on Hedman was true so I'm batting .500.
  9. Reality Check: It's common knowledge that PLD wants out of Columbus so he can play in a big market. Does that sound like a guy who wants to come to Buffalo?
  10. When the other team has clearly phoned it in and said "Here, have two free points" and you "dominate" and still lose I don't want to hear "Well, we looked good". No, you had a game you should've won but failed to. Seriously, how many of you think this team isn't going to end up 0-6 to start the season at this point?
  11. Years back before Marvin Lewis arrived and there were at least winning seasons in Cincinnati there was an editorial cartoon with Dick LeBeau inspiring the team by saying "Let's go out there and lose by less than we usually lose by!". Listening to Ralph on the postgame felt a lot like that. Talk of moral victories and encouraging defeats personify the losing culture he was allegedly brought in to change. Losing needs to be made unacceptable because as long as playing well in defeat is celebrated than losing is all we will continue to do. For God's sake make winning the standard for this organiz
  12. He also once called out the HF Flyers board village idiot by name. Legend.
  13. Denis Potvin (the only defenseman who IMO is even in the same conversation as Orr) was not Denis Potvin the first few years of his career and that was with Al Arbor as his coach, who you must concede was a wee bit better than Ralph. Victor Hedman, the undisputed best defenseman in the league didn't light the world on fire his first few years.
  14. We all bag on Risto but at least he called ***** on that and said "We made it easy for him". Make him the coach because at least unlike Ralph he isn't satisfied with moral victories.
  15. Almost all our shots are of the empty calorie variety (AKA: Shots from the perimeter with nobody in front of net that are routine saves for any NHL quality goalie).
  16. When you're a man up for 30% of a period and produce almost no high danger scoring opportunities that's NOT a good period.
  17. And they had never held GM positions, much less had any success as one. And Adams pretty much ensured another season of failure by failing to address the goaltending issue of having the single worst goalie in the league (yes, even worse than the bloated corpse of Corey Schneider).
  18. Edit: "Two things" Um, yeah about that...
  19. Maybe instead of hiring a smooth talking flim flam artist as coach and a PSE crony as GM maybe hire actual credible people who've actually had NHL success so the team stops being an unmitigated disaster and Jack doesn't want to leave? Worth a shot no?
  20. That is correct. Only thing is that it's a minute behind real time so you get push button notifications of goals before you hear them.
  21. If you made either of those trades the Sabres ticket office phone system would crash from so many people calling to drop their season seats. Ed Johnston/Mad Mike level horrible ideas.
  22. The Isles beat the Flyers in what was just about the most lopsided 7 game series ever last year. If Jordan Eberlie didn't have just about the most comically awful series you will ever see an NHL player have it would've been over in 5.
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