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Everything Sabres Uniform Related - Royal Blue Please!

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On 9/15/2015 at 1:10 PM, sabills said:

I'm telling you, 5 years. That'll be the 50th Anniversary and this team will, theoretically, be coming into its prime; perfect time for a full redesign and go back to the royals.


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2 hours ago, CallawaySabres said:

Even though I knew that was the case, I am glad that they finally announced it. It's just as well that 2020 is the year because they should hopefully be a playoff team by then. In the meantime, only ONE more year of crappy hockey and piss stained jerseys - whoohoo!

You may have that chance because it was supposed to be this year...but probably next that they run through all of the jerseys and wind up on the royal.

This is still happening next year? I feel like they would have hinted at that along with the Royal announcement today, but who knows. 

I kinda hope that doesn't happen at this point, or we are waiting another 2 full seasons before we actually get the Royal full time. 

Edit: Also, everyone seems to be taking the announcement today to mean we are getting Royal for the start of the next season, if it turns out it's not until closer to the end, they are gonna risk annoying people now haha

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