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  1. He's f-ing terrible. Watch how many times the puck leaves his stick and then next hits the tape of a Sabres stick. (Hint: it doesn't happen very often). As long as guys like this are eating minutes on our D corps, we are going to be terrible.
  2. Would be a huge mistake, but the sooner he gets here, the sooner he leaves here, and the sooner Botterill leaves with him, and the sooner we stop trying to copy all things Pittsburgh, which isn't going to work with our group anyway. Having said that, it would be easier just to avoid him in the first place.
  3. You sound like Gerard Gallant and the rest of Vegas, who were all blaming the call for the loss, instead of their collapse. Anyway, I don't have a dog in that fight; the game was boring until the penalty was called and then became one of the wildest, most entertaining playoff games I've ever seen after it. In that sense, I'm a huge fan of that bad call.
  4. Just finished watching SJ vs. LV. Holy crap; that 3rd period and OT was some of the best playoff hockey I've ever seen. Pure drama and excitement.
  5. I enjoyed the Boston/TO game and I think Boston will win the next one too. Also kind of glad SJ won in double OT simply b/c it extends the series, which has been phenomenal. Not sure who I will pull for though in Game 7.
  6. I find it strange being in a position to cheer for Boston, but that's what I'll be doing. They need to raise their game several notches today or they are going to be golfing. EDIT: They just showed a nice aerial shot from the north showing the skyline looking back at the lake in TO; looks like a gorgeous day up there. Lots of sun and no clouds. Prediction: Weather likely to have little impact on the game. LOL
  7. This team is in desperate need of a shake-up and Botterill knows that. He also knows he's gone after next season if this isn't fixed this off-season. Further, the actual pool of players this team has to use as valuable pieces in shake up moves is very limited. That is because of two factors. First, some of the good players aren't going anywhere, so they are not part of the pool. Second, the list of good players available to the pool and which are tradeable is very limited. So if you make a list of current Sabres who are 1) decent enough to bring a return of value to the team in a trade and 2) the sort that you'd be willing to trade in the first place, you see the list is extremely short. You will also see that Risto is at the top of said list. This is why I'll be quite surprised if he is not moved this off-season. No need to get bogged down in advanced stats (though he's terrible in that sense). His days in Buffalo are numbered.
  8. It's not that we gave up on him, per se. He was part of that big package that brought ROR to Buffalo, and had we kept ROR that deal would have ended up being just fine. Big Z has been a huge disappointment, Grigorenko is Grigorenko, but then we also gave a 2nd round pick to them too, though they traded that away and it became Jeremy Roy taken by SJ! Anyway, Compher was part of that deal and it should have worked out OK. ROR is by far the best name in the entire thing. But yes, when you give away prospects to get Player A, then trade away Player A for nothing, you end up where the Sabres are now...spinning your wheels after 8 years of "Rebuild."
  9. He is a competent singer but his schtick that he does every night is getting really old. I also personally can't stand the fake military PR campaign that is now associated with NHL hockey games, and Allen fits into that for me...though he's basically just trying to do his job.
  10. I have noticed this new, big guy singing in Boston. I immediately did some net research wondering where the hell Rene Rancout went. Turns out he retired at the end of last season. I didn't know that. Rene wasn't much of a singer, but the man was a legend and had great enthusiasm. He'll be missed!
  11. Chicago. Best uniforms in N. American sports.
  12. Paul Hamilton likes Sandelin, Keefe, and Taylor. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/good-former-nhl-coaches-just-arent-great-supply-right-now
  13. Unless the team is named the Buffalo Sabres. Then it becomes a decade long epic quest to try and make the playoffs. Yes. The O'Reilly trade is over and we lost it. And that's not going to change with the passage of time. That was such a bad decision that worked out so poorly it should--and perhaps ultimately will--result in Botterill losing his job.
  14. Rather ugly, too. The entire concept of "goal songs" is awful.
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