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  1. I like Ullmark, but I would like to see us improve our goaltending beyond his numbers with a real 1A goalie if we could. The tweet from Friedman makes it sound like the talks are stalling in some manner and that a deal may not get done. That could be good or bad, depending on what else Adams can get done this off-season.
  2. Useful comment there, chief. If you're going to say nothing, why bother typing? For PASabrefan and those suggesting Montour was actually a good hockey player.....
  3. Yep. Though they can be bundled with other currency to get things that do have worth. At least we have not retained any salary, at least according to Dreger. Can't believe we gave up a prospect and a first round draft pick for that guy! Thanks, Botterill.
  4. That's hilarious. If you think he's a "very good" player, you and I aren't going to see eye to eye on much, which actually explains a lot of your posts quite a bit. So it's a 3rd rounder coming back. Sounds about right. Odds are it amounts to nothing, though it can always be bundled with other currency for something more than the pick would fetch on its own in a draft. Adios, Montour!
  5. So Montour has a "Fresh Start!" and is "Super excited!" and ready to "finish off the year strong!" Yeah, F U buddy. ***** hockey player who will bounce around this league from team to team to team for a while, and retire as a multi-millionaire, despite not being worth a damned. There are hundreds of players just like him across the league. He's a case study of what is wrong with modern NHL economics/ labor practices.
  6. He has a perpetual scowl on his face, with lowered eyebrows, as though he is confused, angry, or both. Like he just heard someone say something he can't believe, and he's reacting to it. That's just his natural, default, look. LOL
  7. I could maybe see Miller moved as a depth D man on a team looking to make a deep playoff run. You can't pile up enough D-men heading into the playoffs, especially if you think your'e going to go deep.
  8. Yeah, I see that now. Well good. If he's tweeting it, it will happen. Now to find out the return. Still a happy day to see Montour off this team though.
  9. Wandering all over Twitter right now with the usual suspects, and Pagnotta is the only person reporting this that I can find. Doesn't mean it's not true, though.
  10. Dramatic, or just not to your liking? Those are 2 different things. Yesterday, Matt Larkin was on (Hockey News) with Bulldog for a 20 minute segment. He suggested the Sabres have a great shot to set the record next year when we don't make the playoffs again...and that it might easily be 2-3 more years before we *do* make the playoffs. He's basing this on the entire state of the organization at this time. He then worked that into a discussion about who might want to jump off the sinking ship because of this, including Eichel, and so on. If Eichel goes at any point in
  11. Because it's how it works. I have a new fear that he is going to go right at the deadline, we are going to retain like 50% salary, and we are only going to get a 2nd or *even* a third for him, plus maybe an additional something of little value. I really thought he would be gone a long time by now! Surprised they have held him out of the lineup like this, to be honest. Last night during the Caps game, Criag Laughlin was quite vocal in his criticism of the Sabres for doing that. He said you have to play the player for the fans watching the game, basically, even with some sma
  12. I think anyone on this team who thinks he has a shot at "moving on" would be looking to do so. I suppose the exception would be guys who are happy with their level of income, and are not really competitors at heart. Not everyone in the league wants to charge through a brick wall to hoist the Cup, that is for sure.
  13. I'm *still* not on the Mittelstadt bandwagon, but he wins me over a little bit more every game now. His goal was wicked! Goalie never moved. Seriously fast/skilled set of hands there. Much better than anything we saw from Hall this year, whose hands have looked like stone on many occasions. With better goaltending maybe we could have even won. Watched the Caps broadcast and Craig Laughlin went out of his way to emphasize how much better the team looked relative to earlier in the year.
  14. That's 2 of us. I do know what BMX is. Used to have a killer Mongoose bike when I was a kid.
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