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  1. The "I'll drill another well" era is straight up over. The current administration is as concerned about money as ANY past Sabres administration. Don't believe me? Just watch what they do in the upcoming months. Don't listen to them, watch what they do.
  2. Yeah, I passed that age about 25 years ago, once I became older than your average pro athlete! LOL. I don't "look up to" anyone in pro sports.
  3. The Reinhart situation is only one of many hugely important events coming up in short order for our new GM. Will be interesting to see what he does.
  4. Where are you in WNY? I would just wander around your area and find an empty parking lot or something like that and go for it. You don't really need that much space if you are going to skate around with a stick and puck and goof around.
  5. Or hold a draft lottery that has no winner, necessitating draft lottery round 2 further down the road. I've heard the whole thing was sort of a PR tire fire, but then again, the lottery usually is. Watching the NHL try to make itself relevant is never a good thing. I wish they would revisit their "limited interest, small regional sport" status and embrace it.
  6. Oh Jesus. You. For others here, this guy lives 24/7 in the "Sabres/hockey" thread over at Two Bills Drive. I think he's a member of the Sabres PR Department b/c all he ever offers is insane, off-the-wall, wrong takes about Sabres and hockey, all dipped in large amounts of ridiculous positivity sauce. Either that, or he's the biggest sucker Sabres fan you've ever known. Let's all hope he goes back over to TBD and stays there.
  7. I just saw this thread titled and thought: "Oh my God. That's right! The draft lottery was last Friday night." LOL. I've been enjoying the vacation from sports this year. 8th huh? Well that was predictable I guess.
  8. I just read the thread over at TBD discussing how Kim Pegula was wearing a headset for the last Bills game of the season last year. Won't be long before she is talking into that thing. She already has a reputation as being feared around the Sabres offices. Her meddling knows no bounds!
  9. It'd be great if someone who has access to TBN could post relevant details. I found something elsewhere suggesting this was a furlough and Hamilton commented that this is "where we are at this point in time with the business." I'm wondering if he'll be back when hockey is.
  10. Are there any details on this? I find that really interesting. Hamilton has been covering the Sabres and with WGR-550 for a very long time. There's more to this story.
  11. Yes, that's true. It was the same with the Bills and the playoff drought. Unbelievable odds of actually doing something like. When there is this much failure for this long through many regime changes, there is only one place to look: ownership. This is why I suggest it's not going to get better any time soon. Pegula is definitely meddling with day-to-day affairs. He's gone so far as to override his own GM's protests and ordered player moves with long terms opposed by management. Leino and Ehrhoff are 2 examples of that.
  12. I agree. Not yet. This is going to be a problem in another year or 2, unless Eichel proves to be almost unbelievably loyal and is willing to sacrifice his career for it.
  13. The point about the team being locked into WNY is often brought up by Pegula apologists. I don't think it's a valid point. I refuse to be held hostage by that type of thinking. If economics and market forces are such that it is virtually impossible for the team to remain in a tiny market like Buffalo, let it go. Making an infinite amount of concessions simply in the name of the team staying put is not justified IMO. If the Pegulas are going to destroy the franchise to the level they have, please sell it. If that somehow means the team ends up somewhere else, such is life. We'll all find a way to survive, I assure you.
  14. This made me laugh out loud. They are not fine, have never been fine, and are not going to be fine. That's just you talking as a fan, wishing for the best. This comment reminded of a guy over at another Sabres forum. This was when Ron Rolston was the coach of this team and he was taking a ton of (justified) criticism from most of the users over there. Someone who was always blindly optimistic to the point of coming across like a plant from the Sabres PR department said something just like your comment. I.E., it takes time, Rolston has made progress, he will make more. He's going to work out just fine. What made it worse was the snark with which the guy made the post and he was openly scoffing at other posters who suggested Rolston was in completely over his head and needed to be terminated immediately. There's always that guy with the "Calm down everyone, I know what's best, this is all going to work out just fine. You just need to be more patient" approach. It's very easy to say something like that. Doesn't make it accurate though. New Scotland, I'm not suggesting your post is snarky in any way or that you are like this guy I'm mentioning. Just the comment reminded of that situation. Sometimes in life it is a case of the coach being in way over his head, he does need to get fired, and it's not going to get better until that happens. With the passage of time, I think we can all agree Rolston was a colossal mistake and it was not a matter of time before it all got sorted. It was such a mistake, it cost Darcy Regier his job, after so many years of dodging the bullet. The very foundation that this organization is based on right now is unsound. They are exclusively trying to save money, and the Pegulas are shrinking into a tight circle of their own trusted corporate lackeys. Further, Kim Pegula has a great deal of authority and she hasn't a clue as to what she is doing. I don't see anything positive stemming from this, unless it happens by dumb luck--which is possible. It's not likely though, that's the problem. It's hard enough to win in pro sports when everything is firing on all cylinders.
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