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  1. The easiest way to improve this team, this year, was to improve the goaltending, and Hutton is an AHLer...yet they stick with both. Shows you where the organization is in their thinking. Eichel took the night off. Nice!
  2. The total lack of effort or commitment in this game is alarming.
  3. It's been past time for several years now, as much as I hate to say it. But if Dunleavy is going to be the new guy full time, RJ might as well keep going at it!
  4. Hate the blue color of the uniforms. Cheesy color combo all the way around. The photo of Risto looked like the devil. Great look!
  5. Not if you have an Apple. I don't know why anyone wouldn't, unless you can't afford one.
  6. He is outspoken and says somewhat controversial things routinely. That's why he kept his job so long. Lots of folks like him, lots of folks like to hate him. Good for ratings. I agree he is an idiot and brought nothing to the telecasts, but I don't really watch that talking head stuff anyway in any sport. It's all a waste of time and designed purely as an opportunity to extend the game and sell more ads. I'm just glad Doc Emrick is gone! Hated that guy for many years back to when he was Devils' play by play guy. My fear is he will be replaced with Kenny Albert, who I also
  7. Gonna be a brutal season playing this batch of teams over and over. And no Toronto games, which is one of the few highlights of the season for the last decade or so. I always enjoy the TO games in Buffalo in particular. At least the season is short!
  8. I just finished reading the NHL/NHLPA agreement that came out last night. Am I the only one that finds this shake-up refreshing? They are fixing a lot of perennial problems with the league, like how it is way too long at 82 games, starts too early, ends too late, and so on. 56 games? January start time? All-Canadian Division? Sabres playing in an Adams/Patrick sort of hybrid? Why not?! It's not like the regular season means squat in a more normal season anyway. I like the traveling 6 man backup squad thing, too. Makes sense. Let's give it a month and see how it p
  9. Fighting is almost dead in this league. Regular season games aren't played with the level of tenacity or sheer hatred that they used to feature routinely, even in the early 2000s. The new code is I don't bother you, you don't bother me, together we have safe, prosperous, long careers. The playoffs are still, thankfully, something different.
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