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  1. It's going to take time. Look at what Jack is doing this year in his fifth year. He's a totally different player to anything we have seen before, and way more consistent. I think I always said year 4 for Dahlin but it might be 5 or 6 or 7 before he is really in stride and dominating NHL hockey games. The good news he can probably get there and once he does he will stay in that role for a long time, unless he gets some weird injury. It's not like physicality and rough stuff is a part of his game. He can play 20 years in this league.
  2. I watched the entire game on their feed and had a similar reaction. Did they not also have some sort of country music star on there as well? It's getting to the point where I enjoy listening to the away feed much more than the Buffalo one. It usually provides some interesting commentary on the Sabres you wouldn't get otherwise, and let's you know what's going on around the league with the opposition. I actually really like doing it that way, but KLG doing a live wine commercial during a real game as though it was a pre-season scrimmage was too much.
  3. Billy Sheehan's bass playing is worth more discussion than this sadly composed hockey team, so here's one of my favorite videos for your enjoyment.
  4. The glacial pace of the Sabres organization has me wishing for a little bit more jerk in the old knee around here. Botterill's continued indecision or inability to effect change is costing us entire seasons.
  5. If 3 MLB teams are doing this, they probably all are, or were. Just a question of who did it best, who got caught, who didn't, etc. For some reason, fans of all sports assume their favorite team competes in some sort of honorable, fair way. In reality, I am pretty sure all of these organizations, in all sports, are looking to get every edge they can get, legally, illegally, or otherwise.
  6. I thought the same thing. Some college experiences take place at giant universities with tens of thousands of students and classrooms that seat 250 people. I was fortunate (as it turns out) to go to a small liberal arts school that never had more than about 18 or 20 people in a classroom, all my teachers had personal relationships with me and knew me by my first name, and in fact we had a policy that said if you miss more than 3 classes in a semester, you automatically fail. Difficult to be a faceless number lost in the size of the school in that type of atmosphere.
  7. I have run into this type of thing several times myself. I think non-Americans assume all Americans voted for Trump and they tend to come at the conversation from that perspective. It's the price we all pay, as a society, for the colossal mistake his presidency unfortunately is. End of political commentary! On a positive note, at least you are/were in Glasgow, which is a great town and you get to enjoy those lovely Scottish accents all around you! I can listen to that stuff all day long.
  8. Here's a good photo of Hutton, Eichel, and Frolik. I think this proves convincingly that Folik is, in fact, invisible. 😂
  9. No thread here regarding Botterill's visit with Schopp and Bulldog yesterday? He clearly indicated he is looking to make trades NOW and not waiting for the deadline. Sounds like he has trouble getting it done. Could be on his end or the other end. Remember back when Darcy would be criticized for sitting on his hands and doing nothing? Brian Burke then mentioned publicly that you couldn't negotiate or make trades with Darcy because he overvalued his players. Wonder what's going on with Botterill exactly.
  10. He's a nothing anyway, shoulder surgery or not.
  11. Oh God. The thread title says "sign him or trade him" but what about Option 3: sit around and do nothing? That's Botterill's favorite strategy. I can't imagine Botterill engineering a significant trade with Reinhart at the center of things, even though that is what we should be doing with him. I'm already expecting him to be here long term as a big part of our continued problems.
  12. The problem with Reinhart is that he is incapable of driving his own line and just doesn't do enough to warrant the big $ he is going to get with the next K. That (as it turns out) throws the entire lineup off kilter...as he should be the 2C we desperately need. If he was there, lots of other pieces that don't fit suddenly do, and it would allow Skinner (when healthy, obviously) to play with Jack, where he naturally belongs IMO.
  13. This is kind of a fun statistic. Since January 1, 2019, up to and including the Vancouver game, the Sabres are 4th worst in the league. 73 points. 31-45-11 in that time period. Keep Dahlin and Jack and move the rest please. Oh, and fire Botterill before we start doing the moves.
  14. Dahlin has gone into a dark place and I don't like the look of it. He needs more confidence. Watch how little he attacks the net with the puck. He was doing much more of that his first couple months in the league.
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