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  1. The loss was on a bunch of things, but I agree Allen was atrocious and the offense generally not showing up is a much bigger concern than the defense. The D has been more or less crap all season; no surprises there. What changed the last 2 weeks is Allen and the offense going from great to terrible. If that doesn't get sorted (I'm not sure it can be) we won't do anything this year.
  2. Praise Jesus! Best news I've read in a while. Now we have to pray NBC doesn't screw up his replacement, which they probably will.
  3. What Krueger says to the media is one thing, and what he actually believes is another. But, if he thinks our goaltending is good enough or not in need of improvement, he needs to be fired.
  4. Are folks talking about the goaltending on this team? Hutton needs to be gone and Ullmark needs to be the backup, with a starter brought in much better than either of them. Without that, the needle isn't going to move a lot on this team next year.
  5. I agree in that the stuff that went out vs. what's coming in is shades of gray level of improvement. I bet we improve as a team but not sure we are going to see a meaningful influx in scoring.
  6. I didn't know anyone was selling "Bills Mafia" stuff. Well that's interesting. I doubt either has the sophistication to bring an opposition proceeding against the Bills, but who knows. They might.
  7. I love the various screams in the background, as if the viewer is witnessing the demise of the Hindenburg. 😂
  8. Anyone who thinks they have superior rights can bring an inter partes proceeding against the Bills before the TTAB at the USPTO; I doubt anyone is out there though. This is just for use in connection with clothing, by the way. (Both applications that is; neither has been examined as of yet so they are just in limbo). I did a very quick search and didn't find any potentially blocking marks. There is another Bills Mafia mark out there but for use in connection with an online message board about Buffalo, NY topics.
  9. I have always liked Zemgus from Day 1, and his supporters will suggest the team's problems don't include his consistent, hard, play. But there is also an argument to be made about shaking things up b/c all Zemgus has ever known is losing in a loser culture surrounded by other losers. He's not going to be a difference maker one way or the other so it doesn't really matter, but as you point out, keeping the same roster together and expecting different results is an exercise in madness....or perhaps one in cost containment.
  10. Looks like we'll have to stop referring to Eichel as "Jack." It's going to get confusing!
  11. I think we are a long way off, but not as measured in raw time. I think more in terms of pieces. We need a lot more than what we have now, or what is on the farm coming up. A good GM can accelerate the time needed to get those pieces, however. If only we had one!
  12. Neither. Don't expect much from either of them.
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