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  1. Perfect pass on Sam's goal. If it wasn't perfect, it probably wouldn't have been a goal. Olie is going to be a difference maker/solid contributor this season.
  2. Another great shot from Olie. He's going to get a bunch of goals this season. Now if we could do something about that ridiculous "goal song."
  3. Yep! George Babcock taking one off the noggin and bleeding was one of the highlights of the period.
  4. Unfortunately, the existence of the streak from last year informs how we view this start to the season. Not sure when it will cease to be "too good to be true". After 11 games? Thanksgiving? Christmas? One thing is for sure: our PP will not stay this white hot forever, and when that goes down, our winning % should drop a bit too. Still enjoying it though. For the most part, effort has been very good and constant with only a few break downs. If Ralph can keep that going, we should keep things interesting.
  5. Sabres outlast the Devils in the wee hours in longest game in franchise history (1994) 1-0
  6. Did anyone else catch RJ calling Reinhart "Sheppard" as in another #23 Ray Sheppard? LOL
  7. Did RJ just call Max "Tie Domi" ??? Maybe I heard that wrong.
  8. He negated his own goal with that defensive performance. He was beyond clueless in that situation.
  9. I have a feeling Olie is going to get a LOT of goals this year.
  10. Never a good PP when the scoring chances come from the team on the kill.
  11. I am curious to see if they can maintain the same consistent level of play as well. The encouraging part is that the way they are playing seems repeatable. The winning hasn't been the result of unusual circumstances or low odds events. They are getting scoring chances like crazy and playing good puck moving defense as a whole. Just keep going as before and the goals should come.
  12. 2 very convincing efforts so far. How long can it last? I love the way we are playing right now.
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