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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the policy is attached in some way to the contract, so when a team acquires the contract they also acquire the insurance. Like the insurance isn't on the player; it's on the contract itself.
  2. That was a mutually beneficial move though: Dallas needed to clear cap and Buffalo needed to get to the floor.
  3. When they signed Boosh any hope of PK evaporated.
  4. In short, acquiring Tkachuk would re-Eichelize the roster/cap.
  5. Fixed it but now I hate the lines. TBH I don't think KA has much interest in Tkachuck. He won't want to give up what it will take to bring him in.
  6. Oopsie. I was just figuring Mittsy would go back in the trade and didn't do the lines right. I know he's a winger.
  7. I'm not serious (yet) but if you settle on a date and I can, maybe I'll make the trip. @Spoonman- you interested in a Sabrespace meetup in Buffalo this season?
  8. Given the latest rumors, Matt Tkachuk, TNT, Olofsson Skinner, Cozens, Tuch Peterka, Asplund, Quinn Hinny, Girgs, Okie
  9. Great song. Epic song. The best song. Here you go, cued up to 3:00 (I recommend a full listen though):
  10. My wife had a decent day. The pain from her knee was getting really bad but today it seemed to be much less than what she's been dealing with. I hope it's the start of a trend. (If not I may have to buy more leather belts for her to bite on.)
  11. That he will act like a person? (What are you even implying?)
  12. Olofsson. Stays healthy all year, scores 60 goals.
  13. Really I can see Girgensons being the odd man out. I love the guy but I think the kids will eclipse him.
  14. Well Vinnie Hinostroza won't be here forever, so.... ...and Quinn is Skinner, Jr.?
  15. You don't need a scanner anymore. Just take a pic with your phone.
  16. Comrie is filling the role Kevyn had Ullmark penciled in for. He's 4 years older than UPL, one year younger than Ullmark. This is what Kevyn wanted all along: A young, emerging goalie that can play a majority of games. I think the plan is to rotate goalies as the prospects develop and ride the hot hand from year to year. If Comrie gets hot and UPL or Portillo or Levi is NHL ready, he can choose to pay Comrie as the long term guy and move one of the other goalies, or trade Comrie and ride the next one in line. Either way I think Kevyn's long term plan is to have enough goalie assets to have confidence that one will be peaking at any given point in time and "extra" goalies that are good but can't overtake the best goalie in the system can be moved for assets (just as FLA moved Levi for Reino, but possibly after he has a better look at the goalies before deciding which one to move). The deep prospect pool in general is probably being built and developed with that in mind: Get the best players for your team (skim the cream off the top), know they're not all going to fit and move the leftovers for assets to plug holes. This is what Murray should have been doing once he had Eichel instead of trying to accelerate the build by acquiring good, but low character, players.
  17. Also.... I think we've seen Skinner pull that crap too to draw a penalty.
  18. Just watched the zoom call. When he talks about his role and the style of game he plays, I think
  19. Just listened to the Comrie Zoom call. He's a nerd He's thrilled to be in the situation he's coming into the Sabres org He's very earnest He seems just eccentric enough to be a good goalie
  20. All those opinions (including mine) don't really mean squat. What matters is what happens in October and beyond.
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