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  1. If I was GM for a day I would make every player reverse their numbers. So Cozens would become 42, Skinner 35, Tage 27, etc. For players with repeated numbers or single digit numbers I would make the digits in their numbers 11 minus (the current number). Fight me.
  2. I'm over on Mastodon. Really not much in the way of "official" accounts there. Threads was promising because it was supposed to be on the Fediverse which is basically the Mastodon open source backbone.
  3. Do you suppose they think the same of you?
  4. It'd be funny if the Sabres were the contender who bought him back at the deadline.
  5. "OMG remember when Uncle Mike got heatstroke at our wedding LOL!" "Who could forget! 😄 "
  6. Ah, just north of DFW Airport. I'm about 35 miles SW of the airport. Summer weddings suck even in normal heat. But we're well beyond normal heat. I think they're saying this is currently the 3rd hottest? summer on record (as measured by 100 degree days, and we're still adding to that).
  7. All he did is refuse to adapt to changes in public expectations. He was part if the media. The media didn’t force him out. The public that consumes the media forced him out. If there wasn’t public backlash, the company that employed him wouldn’t have cared. He was an entertainer who was no longer entertaining because the public changed and he didn’t. Every business knows you have to change or die. It is as simple as that. Ron Maclean wasn’t the reason he was let go. The “liberal media” wasn’t the reason he was let go. He was a dinosaur who’s act was no longer entertaining. In fact, it had become offensive as he doubled down on it. The "he" Wookie is talking about is Maclean; Weave, you're talking about Cherry (I believe). My response to Wookie is that yes, Maclean bowed down because (as Weave said) he read the room and did what was required to rehab his rep. Cherry couldn't back down.
  8. I've been to a few of those. Yuck. What city are you going to?
  9. He's what we hoped and dreamed Marcus Foligno would be for us. Another good comp.
  10. World's only spotless giraffe born at Tennessee zoo, public asked to help name her
  11. They way I saw it when RJ called a goal, it was like throwing confetti and Lorentz's analysis was like sweeping up the confetti afterwards.
  12. Getting rid of Boosh and actually getting something back was in the best interests of the franchise. He had to thin the herd and statistically Boosh wasn't the 7th best Dman on the team. If he was clearly better than the other pine riders you'd have point but he had his warts too.
  13. Yeah, not argument. He was in the mental conversation in my head, but I decided I preferred Gowdy's raspier voice to Enberg's polish. It really is a personal preference.
  14. With the passing of RJ and the wide acclaim on the forum that he was the GOAT of hockey play-by-play, I started thinking: Who are the best announcers for each sport? This is a bit tricky because some announcers covered multiple sports. But if I had to pick one from each of the major four sports, I think I would go with: Hockey: RJ of course. Basketball: Marv Albert. I'm not much of a basketball fan but it seems like his voice is associated with some of the greatest plays. Football: Curt Gowdy. The voice of the old AFL. Baseball: Vin Scully. In my opinion he had no peer. The best of the best. Who's on your Play-by-Play Mount Rushmore?
  15. RJ was the GOAT but Jim Lorentz was his perfect complement. They were a great team.
  16. The most important ability is availability. Dude just isn't available enough. Incorrect. Joki ranks above Boosh (and should).
  17. But they have to have the roster down to 23 before Game One.
  18. Yeah. Boosh doesn't want to be off the ice. He'll get more ice time in the Big A.
  19. I'll miss him. He did a great Matthew McConaughey impersonation.
  20. Yeah but they then went to the Portland Pirates. They still had an AHL affiliate.
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