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  1. Ex-Sabre Robert Hagg signed by Detroit to replace ex-Sabre Mark Pysyk who just had Achilles tendon surgery, out 4-6 months. The Detroit Sabres 😛
  2. If I had to guess he's got one team offering him beaucoup bux and trying to use that offer to get big bucks from his preferred team. That or he's asking for more term than anyone wants to pay. I'm also guessing it's his agent pushing it more than him.
  3. True, which is probably why it failed spectacularly when Murray did it.
  4. I actually expect they'll let him play out the string and either trade him at the deadline or just not sign him next year.
  5. I'm mildly interested in that the Arlington, TX, team is playing in the old Texas Rangers stadium that's across the street from the new Texas Rangers stadium and also across the street from the Dallas Cowboys stadium, which is about a half hour drive from where I live. It will be interesting to see how they reconfigure it for football.
  6. When the XFL relaunches next year, the head coach of the Seattle franchise will be former Bills linebacker Jim Haslett.
  7. Nobody knows how to work twitter properly.
  8. Is the help they're looking for left handed, by chance? Their forward group is more hard-nosed, but their D is weaker. Are they actually any better as a team?
  9. Why? 1. It busts on TO. 2. The Laffs have had a much longer drought of getting to the second round than the Sabres have. I beg to differ. To many they are still a laughing stock of futility.
  10. Business decision. He's at best a tweener anyway.
  11. SABRESbunny retweeted a post from Norm that she came across. No idea who Norm roots for.
  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one confused by all those names!
  13. If Comrie puts those numbers up the Sabres are in the playoffs. I like this one. So unrealistic. But bold, baby.
  14. It's all a gamble. The team management has to look at the benefits and risks for each player, and trade those against those of all the other players. If you guess right, more or less, you're in good shape. If you don't the team can crash and burn.
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