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  1. Basically until the very end, we rag-dolled a team with 10 more points than we had going in.
  2. During the Lion King: Me, my wife, my son, daughter-in-law and her friend
  3. Just finished watching the game. I just couldn't help but notice Krebs all game long. He was pumped, made a lot of good plays, skated like a maniac and instigated physical play. None of that shows up on the score sheet but yikes, he's become a very good player.
  4. He would qualify for one year and then take it from there, I think. I've heard speculation that for longer term security, Meier may go for a lower cap hit.
  5. I will miss this one. My son and d-i-l got us tix to Lion King tonight so I will go and enjoy that and wonder how the Sabres are doing.
  6. I've seen no indication of contract envy, or oven the hint of it, from Tage. At the time he signed he was thrilled by the Sabres' faith in him. Now that he's exceeding his contract I think he's still grateful for the investment the team made in him.
  7. Right, but how does that reflect on Mitts? To me it's a case of use him where you can. He's not what we wanted him to be but, like Jost, he can fill a role the Sabres need. Mitts is a board digger, a decent passer, and given the right opportunity will put a few in the net. He is fast enough but also brings a bit of a physical edge. In the end he may be a fourth liner and that's okay, as long as he's not breaking the bank.
  8. You know, he used to be all Mohawks and pirouettes as he tried to dance through defenses. He's a much more straightforward skater now. It suits him. He still occasionally dances around a crowd but it's not as common as it used to be. I guess he finally started listening to Krueger ๐Ÿ˜‰ If he does, good on 'im. It's good to have players that get under the other team's skin and gets them off their game. Skinner does that. Dahlin does it in a more physical manner. Maybe JJ just as a potty mouth, eh?
  9. No but the Sabres team of January will not be the same team in April. The younger guys have been developing all along and will continue to develop. Donny will continue to tailor his system to the talent at hand. There could even be a trade deadline surprise... the Sabres do, after all, have a lot of cap space. Because someone was tying up the opponent's stick then reaching down and pushing the puck.
  10. One thing that happens fairly routinely now is that the Sabres will control the puck in the offensive zone continuously long enough that they will do a line change while they're still controlling the puck. So it's not just continuity within a unit but a hand-off from one unit to another. If done right it wears out the defense and can lead to a good scoring chance. Other teams used to do that to us all the time but we rarely did it to other teams before Granato.
  11. Note that it doesn't say anything bout whether the hand is on the stick or not. Page 98 at https://cms.nhl.bamgrid.com/images/assets/binary/335473802/binary-file/file.pdf
  12. I think moving the puck through contact with a glove is just plain not allowed. It's different than, say, hitting a player in the hand before going into the net or hitting a glove on the stick when making a pass.
  13. I was looking at the depth chart and defense is really a "cupboard is bare" situation. If we don't sign Johnson we really don't have any prospects that are anywhere near NHL ready (even Johnson needs some seasoning). But thinking of Savoie, Kullich, ร–stlund, Rousek, Bloom, Nadeau, etc., there is literally no one like that who plays defense in the system.
  14. It's very loud. When they play their goal song by Pantera (BOOM BOOM "DALLAS!" BOOM "STARS!" BOOM BOOM "DALLAS!" BOOM "STARS!" BOOM BOOM "DALLAS!" BOOM "STARS!" followed by heavy metal jamming) is enough to rattle your teeth. But even pre-game, intermission and commercial breaks have a lot of booming bass. When the Sabres were losing it was barely worth it. On the funny side, they do a thing where they video people in the crowd eating, then they play them backwards on the jumbotron so it looks like you're spitting out a hamburger and putting it back together kind of thing. Anyway, they did that with one of the Sabres fans and his wife in our section (the row in front of me) and we had some fun with that. She was totally embarrassed. ๐Ÿ˜„ I think he's always on the verge of going full snark and that's what's rolling around in his head when he's talking and has to filter it as he speaks to throttle it back to stuff that's fit for broadcast.
  15. Watching the Power goal song video, you can see how much has changed even from the start of this season. Jost for Sheahan/Bjork/Vinnie, Clague for Fitz, UPL playing well after Comrie went down, etc.
  16. Muel had been in a bit of funk the last three or four games. Hopefully he's pulling out of it. I suspect he's got some nagging injury that's not enough to keep him out but enough to hamper his play a bit. The all star break should be good for him if that's the case. I think he already does. Physical anyway, but not necessarily nasty. But when he's physical, resistance is futile.
  17. Krebs was down on hands and knees and nudged the puck with the hand on his stick. That was the violation; you're not allowed to play the puck with your hand on a faceoff. He did it, sure, but he was only down on his hands and knees because he'd been cross checked.
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