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  1. Maybe I'm one of the jerks. 😇 Actually the reason is that I've lived more than 1000 miles from Buffalo for most of my adult life. I have reconnected with people from my class on FB. It's funny the people I hang with now are decidedly not the same ones I did in high school. I might get around to it some time, but maybe the 50th is the one to go for.... We'll be retired by then.
  2. My 40th was two years ago. I haven't been to a reunion yet.
  3. Maybe it is enough. Wait and see.
  4. But no top team has signed him to a long term deal. Maybe there's not one coming.
  5. Responsible riders are the majority. It's just that the dooshbags stand out.
  6. I would have liked to see Kevyn sign Klingberg for what the Ducks did but we don't know if KA tried to sign him or if he was interested in playing in Buffalo.
  7. But not this year. The Ducks signed him for one season.
  8. I tripped across a piece that says the Sabres tried to trade up to 8 to get Marco Kasper. I assume it would have been 9 + a sweetener for 8. Yzerman didn't bite. The article cites Kasper's dad as a source. https://detroitsportsnation.com/red-wings-gm-steve-yzerman-reportedly-turned-down-nhl-draft-trade-offer/wgbrady/nhl/detroit-red-wings-news/07/29/2022/285412/
  9. You forgot to mention the option of having your buddy and former teammate who's now a member of the media make up some BS competitive offer to light a fire under your trade partner.
  10. It kind of *does* make you feel better about how Kevyn handled the Eichel trade though, innit? There is nothing clear about the spelling of that name.
  11. But what if they're not signed and CGY is in a playoff spot? I've seen that reported, but never as a direct quote. It was always an "insider take" when I saw it.
  12. Responding to @GASabresIUFAN's post. (see the post above the one you quoted)
  13. Doesn't deserve its own thread so I'll stash it here.
  14. Apparently that was more rumor than fact
  15. Didn't Huberdeau already say he wasn't going to sign with Calgary when his deal is up?
  16. That's the weird thing though... if my theory is true, he reached the top with no small amount of conniving. But now that he's there he seems to be using a solid approach to build them and seems to be leader that is curing much of the organization's recent ills.... and he's well liked.
  17. I see it differently. KA worked several positions within the club, getting to know the ownership's traits, advantages and flaws and actively sought out the GM-ship. He positioned himself as a valued advisor and tipped JBot over the edge and got his foot in the door. He told the Pegulas his plan; they were impressed but not yet impressed to go with it. They were still invested in Eichel and Krueger and the direction they were taking the team. With the big losing streak he finally convinced the Pegulas to can Krueger and try it his way. I've kind of fan-fictioned that into a yarn that Kevyn staged a coup but I haven't entirely convinced myself that this wasn't the case.
  18. It would have been a great article had it been written a year ago. A lot has changed.
  19. So after getting her knee replaced last month, my wife had it "manipulated" today. She's been rehabbing to get range of motion but it wasn't going very quickly and she wants to be able to get around in the classroom when school starts (she's a teacher). So she went to the hospital today and they put her under sedation and moved her knee back and forth several times. That was it. She came out of the sedation and she's up to almost normal range of motion. Medicine is crazy *****.
  20. My point is that I, as a young adult, went a whole school year "unsupervised" and somehow I managed to avoid gang-raping an unconscious woman. My point is that I don't see the lack of supervision as the cause of the incident. No. The rite of passage is being unsupervised, tying on a few, bonding with the other players on the team. I suspect that the coaches didn't know it went that far. See my reply to @Taro T. That's not what I meant by rite of passage.
  21. They probably partied just as hard when they went through it and saw no harm in it, maybe even viewed it as a rite of passage.
  22. You're talking about my, and lots of other people's, freshman year of college.
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