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  1. 5-1 Sabres: Thompson: 3 goals by the ten minute mark of the first, Krebs adds another before the period is out. Cozens gets one at the start of the third and the UPL shutout bid is spoiled by a Power own goal that gets credited to Sam Reinhart.
  2. You're extrapolating quite a bit there. At this point you're not debating this with me, you're debating this with a straw man of your own making.
  3. No. If they pull upsets for the rest of the season, get to the playoffs and win a series.... then Donny can stay.
  4. There was a tweet yesterday that showed a clip of Skinner jawing at a ref. From that 2 second clip, a podcaster (former ref Tim Peel) and Roenick went into how Skinner is always complaining and the league, including his teammates hate, him, with Peel proclaiming at the end "He was an @hole." I replied that that's what I want players on other teams to say about players on my team, and in Skinner's case he's at his best when he's agitating. When people talk about Skinner's value, they talk about how he's a one-way player, he's a goal scorer, he's got unique skating skills, but one thing people forget is he's one of those players that can really get under the skin of the other team and that definitely helps the Sabres in intangible ways (and tangible ways like drawing penalties). The player that strikes me the same way is Zach Benson. He still takes too many penalties himself, but you see opponents try to put him in his place and he bounces right back up and doesn't back down. It's that same Skinnerish attitude.
  5. Again, my calling it getting his bell rung doesn't have anything to do with a player's access to the proper care. I think @thewookie1 covered it pretty well.
  6. But no one is talking about doing this for a full season. I think everyone here sees that this is only possible if, say, the do a 10 game streak (or 9-1 or similar), follow it up with maybe stretch with a couple of losses, then go on another run. It's unlikely; we all know that, but to a large extent their fate is in their own hands. From the Sabres standpoint, what does this mean? UPL remains the hottest goalie in the league One or two of the sleeping giants in the forward ranks needs to wake up and start scoring. We've had the scoring in the past, most of the players are the same. They need to live up to expecations With the increase in scoring, they need to continue to support defense and keep goals against down They need to win by multiple goals because hanging on by the skin of their teeth late in the game is not sustainable They need to keep games close if they're losing so they can grab as many loser points as possible Unlikely but possible. And really, Bullet 2 (and related Bullet 4) are the items that aren't happening right now.
  7. That's all well and good for the players themselves, but whether they get proper treatment or try to power through a concussion has ZERO to do with what I call the concussion a message forum. Your objection to the term is what I was calling a personal problem.
  8. So now getting your bell rung is politically incorrect? Give me a break.
  9. I think the differences between the way we view him is smaller than our descriptions of our views; I don't think we're that far apart.
  10. Sure, we'll pass Tampa. But what about Wash, NJ, NYI, Pitt? We don't have games in hand on any of them, and in fact the Pens are two points ahead of us and have three games in hand.
  11. While I agree with all of that, I think he's also one of the country club guys that is content with not making the playoffs. That's a two sided coin though: He also doesn't agitate (aka ROR losing his love of the game) when the team doesn't make the playoffs. Again.
  12. Given that the Sabres were third in scoring last season, I thought it was reasonable to assume that they'd be in at least the top ten in goals this season. I don't know what to believe anymore.
  13. So you're saying you don't like when people use "bell rung" to mean "hit in the head"? Sounds like a personal problem.
  14. They subbed in Olofsson on the top line for the rest of practice, but I expect Benson will bump up to the first line, and Jost will skate with Krebs and JJP tomorrow night. Benson - Tage - Tuch Greenway - Mitts - Cozens Jost - Krebs - JJP Robinson - Girgs - Okie ...but perhaps not, if Donny thinks the Benson - Krebs - Peterka line is gelling.
  15. Not sure what that's supposed to mean.
  16. He got his bell rung yesterday for sure.
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