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  1. The C really doesn't drive winning or losing. Personally I wouldn't mind Okposo "presenting" the C to another player at the end of training camp. I think he'd still be a leader on the team whether he has an A or a C or no letter at all. But once the season starts, barring a season-ending injury, he should keep the C.
  2. Rousek on the other hand....
  3. He didn't say that. He said you have trouble composing a post and I don't see the lie. But then again this is a message forum, not the New York Times.
  4. I can't wait to see Mitts in the playoffs. I think he will thrive in those conditions.
  5. He would, but he has hands of stone. He misses 100% of shots he doesn't get on net. 😛
  6. This sentence has never been applicable to Kevyn Adams.
  7. That's an odd take, especially regarding the Eastern Conference. How could you say that the Panthers sweep of the Canes, a team that finished 21 ahead of Florida, is due to seeding?
  8. https://www.diebytheblade.com/kyle-okposo-explains-injury-says-thank-you-in-letter-to-fans/ In fact, it is likely that his leadership style was formed and influenced in the aftermath of his concussion. That's the point about "veteran leadership"... It's not just about how well you play hockey. It's about the experience a veteran player has- all the situations he's been in, all the things he's seen, and how that shapes his approach to the game and to the locker room. Dahlin, Tuch, Cozens, are all leaders in their own way, but they don't have the level of experience that Okposo has. I think it's fair to say that this season will be as much about him shaping Dahlin, Tuch, Cozens and whoever else as it will be about leading the team.
  9. And I think the cancer description is off; it's more that the locker room was fractured into several different factions and all players weren't pulling in the same direction. The players brought in to provide veteran leadership (Gionta, Gorges, etc.) were ignored by the tank fruit in lieu of the bad influences (Kane, Bogo).
  10. He was trying to recover from concussions as the post-concussion meds that almost killed him.
  11. Social media following is a crap metric.
  12. ...and a team Tkachuk is very familiar with.
  13. I think your conclusion is based on a false dichotomy.
  14. Total brain fart. Dahell, man; people expect better out of the captain. Can.... Yes @Thorny, I am. That's how Ignore works 😉
  15. You need to do better in terms of finding a better catch phrase. Come on, the new season will be here before you know it. (As for the rest of your post... I'm not sure how you connected the dots to get your conclusion.)
  16. I trust him, period. No one bats 1.000.
  17. Different issue. Is he perfect? No. Is the team moving in the right direction? Yes.
  18. Let's see how it plays out. It was Kevyn who transformed the team by moving RistoReinoEichel. The returns weren't necessarily better players but it made the team better. Kevyn has his pulse on the team and the players. I don't like it either but I tend to trust Kevyn's judgment here.
  19. He'll keep the C.
  20. 1,000 games/600 points He'll be LTIR'd once he hits those and "has a boo boo"
  21. The Sabres hierarchy when Jack was here:
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