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  1. Don't forget about Matteo Constantini. Also, regarding the prospects that attended camp... Mike Harrington seems to think the pool is pretty deep.
  2. Samson was Sundance to Eich's Butch Cassidy.
  3. I just made a comment about where that might have come from
  4. If you select a passage in a comment, a little box pops up that says "Quote selection" and that's the only part that gets quoted if you click that. See?
  5. Oh that part I believe. I thought you were talking about the whole comment. (The bold didn't make it above the cut line.) I don't know why people quote a whole comment when they are responding to just a single line. Because the forum SW cuts off long comments when they're quoted, if you bold something that bolded part may be hidden.
  6. Go ahead and think that. Let's see what happens when they play the games.
  7. It strikes me that he has a good, tip-able shot. A lot of primary assists on shots from the point. If he gets up to the Sabres he may be 3rd pairing, 2nd PP.
  8. Well, maybe not "right" in terms of all the details but perhaps the general gist of it.
  9. I can afford a lot of things but I don't have them because 1) I can't afford ALL the things, and 2) even though I can afford it, the cost of acquisition greatly exceeds the need of the item. I think to Davies the printer falls under 2 and he might not feel it's worth it to buy one so he says he can't afford it. Another thought is perhaps most of his money earned so far has gone into investment and that he lives on a fairly modest "allowance" out of his earnings, so for the money they have in their living expenses account, they don't have an extra $100 this week. According to Puckepedia, he's earned $3,350,000 in his career. Maybe he's living on a $100k annual allowance and has nearly $3 million invested by a financial advisor. I believe the tweet was made by his girlfriend.
  10. In general this is true. But it's also true that "losing teams" have a lot of turnover. As @GASabresIUFAN points out, there is not much turnover on the Sabres other than at goalie, the position they most needed help at. Much of the change the Sabres went through happened during the season last year and they've already integrated the new players into the system and the end of last season is a pretty good gauge of what to expect this season. Ottawa and Detroit still have to figure out how to deploy the new assets, who plays well with whom and all that. Granato has that sorted out for the most part; he just has to tinker around a bit with his D pairings a bit. Also, Detroit will be playing under a new coach and a whole new system. They may end up being hot trash for the first 15-20 games depending how LaLonde's system meshes with Blashill's.
  11. Yep. I was going to say that but I was too lazy 😄
  12. I think it was a case of they hadn't fully deconstructed the mid-70s core and were trying to bandaid that to success? That team seems more like the 2015 Sabres than the 2022 edition.
  13. That's the way coups work. They will control the team until they themselves are toppled. As long as it's a benevolent dictatorship there is little chance that they will be overthrown.
  14. My biggest beef with the SS gif collection is the lack of Johnny Dangerously gifs.
  15. Everyone jumped on the Eich bandwagon but me.
  16. Reino was my favorite Sabre of the Eichel era. I have his jersey. I never want to see him in a Sabres jersey again.
  17. If you notice he has an extensive jersey collection (and also a lot of graphics he uses on the whiteboards). I'm sure those are all business expenses.... which is why he wears the jerseys in his videos. And yeah, you see his cats and rabbits in the videos from time to time. I kind of ignore them since I've been watching his videos for a while. To be honest I'm disappointed that he stated some basic information but didn't really draw any conclusion.
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