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  1. You put up options so I selected one of them. I really have no expectations for him though, other than he will be there when called upon.
  2. It just makes want to see the Sabres beat TO in a playoff series. Actually everything TO does makes me want the Sabres to beat them in a playoff series.
  3. I was just about to comment about how the thread title is a pretty good double entendre.
  4. No, two hours arguing about what Sheahan knew. BIG difference. 😉
  5. I think there will be at least 4, perhaps 5, 30-goal scorers on the team this year. Everyone is worried about goaltending, but the goalies won't have to shoulder the burden of getting the team to the playoffs. It will be a complete team effort. Better goaltending, stronger defense, more scoring.
  6. My great-great uncle is buried in St. Catherines. /nonsequiter
  7. This is an old tweet but what the heck.
  8. I think you're right, except that as @Brawndo suggests, they simply told Sheahan that they would get to him and when Larsson signed in Europe Sheahan figured it out (wasn't explicitly told). He's been around the league for a while, he understands how it works. He wasn't their first choice but in the end he was their choice so it's all good. Sheahan was hired to fill the hole left by Ruotsalainen, but not until the Sabres were sure he was the best player available for the slot. Maybe but.... why do you think that?
  9. You think he'll be that cheap? This.
  10. Confucius know nothing about sports.
  11. It's not where ya been, it's where ya going. Vegas might as well be singing:
  12. Bless you for keeping the tradition alive.
  13. Sounds like he convinced a production company that Bills Mafia will support anything Buffalo. We'll see if he's right.
  14. Is Okie on a downward trend? 2020-21: 35 GP, 2G, 11A, 13P, .37 PPG 2021-22: 74 GP, 21G, 24A, 45P, .61 PPG We'll see what happens this year. If his production goes down, It's likely due to less PP time which means that a youngster is tearing it up on the PP.
  15. Before opening the thread, my thought was almost exactly choice #3.
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