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  1. I don't know. The NHL never fails to confuse. The only place I could see the game is on NHL Network on Spectrum.
  2. NHLN giving props to Sabres goalie situation. 🤪
  3. Tuch. First 3: 0.32 ppg, last 3: 0.80 ppg I bring this up because I was thinking of the impact injuries have had on Eichel's game. Tuch has a significant injury history too and it hasn't kept him from developing and improving.
  4. Then he should report to Rochester, yeah?
  5. If they were, @carpandean would simply extend his axis. As it is he sized the chart to capture the outliers. ...like that.
  6. There will be no trade. Only termination. Think about it: What's in it for the Sabres? They get to retain half his salary? Is a team going to offer them anything when they can just wait for contract to cancel and get him for league minimum? There's no reason for another team to offer anything up for him when they can get him for free. They will terminate his contract and let him be a free agent which will give him an opportunity to sign for lesser money with an NHL team that suffers an injury to a bottom 6 player and doesn't want to promote a rookie from the A as an injury replacement. I don't think that's much of an opportunity. I wonder if a team has already agreed to sign him as a free agent if he were available and the termination is just a step along the way. Otherwise it makes no sense for Vinnie not to report to Rochester.
  7. Yes, the way he swatted that puck out of mid air to settle it down AND quickly get the shot off was nothing short of amazing.
  8. I just noticed... we got a Ryan Miller WTF Wave out of Sorokin at the end. 😄
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