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  1. I like to think he's using his analytics department to pick the right ones though. Is there a fancystat that presages boom? So far the kids look good. Remember when our big reach was Nylander and how he turned out? He had the right pedigree but he just didn't have "it" and I like to think Adams and his staff are better at finding "it" than past regimes as well as other current GMs.
  2. When I click on the link it takes me to a post from 2021 so I'm not sure what it is you're sharing.
  3. You have ESPN+. You get all kinds of stuff with ESPN+, but one thing you don't get is basic cable ESPN (and I think ESPN2). You have to log on with a service provider that has ESPN as part of their package. It's bizarre. (So when I watch ESPN+ on Roku, I have two different sign-ons: My ESPN+ sign-on and my Spectrum sign-on.
  4. Honestly I think he just wanted a time out and challenged for the helluvit.
  5. Yeah. Do ya really wanna be Toronto? (My wish is that the Sabres win a Cup before the Leafs win a playoff series 😛 )
  6. ....knowing who to keep and who to get rid of from the previous regimes.
  7. Sorry if I puked on the thread. It just seemed to be a discussion that recurs with some regularity but it's also an unanswerable question because no one really knows what was discussed behind closed doors.
  8. Well this game is competitive, huh....? Perhaps, but that ship has sailed. When RJ was sick and they thought he wouldn't return, they went out and did a search and DD was the anointed result.
  9. He did say the Sabres reached out to him immediately after the draft. He'd be a nice depth piece for goal. And you never know when a goalie will blossom. Watching on the sly while I work from home 😄
  10. Is it audio-only today? Twitter feed: FB feed: https://www.facebook.com/BuffaloSabres/videos/763553451390873/
  11. The link from Sabres.com that I posted above is working (with my VPN here in Texas). So far just a graphic but you can hear the stadium sound/music.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/live-buf-vs-njd/t-277437090/c-40474303
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