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  1. I'm watching this right now, about 3/4 through it. It's reminiscent of Stranger Things but definitely different. I would also recommend Dark. It's worth it to Google things as you go along because there's a lot going on, a lot of familial relationships to track. If you go to the Dark Wikipedia entry you will see a few spoilers but knowing some of the facts (who's who and who's related to whom) doesn't detract from the story. I've watched some of this but I find it easy to put down after a few episodes and pick up again weeks later.
  2. I've been binging Dark on Netflix but I'm about 3/4 through it and it's only Tuesday.
  3. Could be seat position (up-down, fwd-back, tilt)
  4. But go back to when they got together, then it's creepy again.
  5. In order of likelihood (really, it's three pairs- Larsson only slightly more likely than Girgs, Vesey Sheary are toss-ups, Frolik Wilson are doubtful at this point, in my opinion): Larsson Girgs Vesey Sheary Frolik Wilson
  6. And it's not like he's some old veteran. Only 5 months older than Olofsson. Could be a mainstay on the 3rd line.
  7. So in the NHL Mitts was a boy among men. Is he a man among boys in the A?
  8. I rewatched the game this morning but had to watch the Dallas feed since I'm in that market. In their postgame they said that for much of the play they Eichel line was invisible (the Vesey goal notwithstanding) and the Mojo/Sheary/Frolik line was the Sabres best line all night.
  9. Dougie Hamilton broke his fibula last night
  10. Reminds me of an NHL team that I'm quite find of.
  11. Maybe had something to do with seeing the game in person, but this was the first time Frolik was not invisible to me.
  12. I think board work is probably one of the hardest things to be consistently good at. You know you're going to take a pounding, that any lingering injury is going to hurt. Then when you're already sore, you need to dish it out to the opponent. I think dealing with that is a skill, if you will, that some guys naturally have and some can't muster on a consistent basis (and other guys, not at all). What makes the LOG line so good is that each of those guys (and Lazar when he skates with them) are pretty good at taking that beating and giving it right back. Reino is by no means the best on the team at that, but he's head and shoulders above where he was earlier in his career. Yeah, it's part of training camp (or maybe prospects camp, I forget).
  13. I think we're finding out how hard culture change is. The way you word this though makes you realize that this is something that is being fostered and encouraged, even if it is tough to keep up at first. The fact that they are getting back to it shows that Krueger is a superior coach to Housley (who once he lost the magic had no way to rekindle it).
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