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  1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat Anything other than the Sabres losing by than 3 or more goals would come as a pleasant surprise. Happier times:
  2. They flew under my radar for years, but I recently discovered Lake Street Dive. Anyone else like them? By the way, you could spend an evening (and I have) listening to Lake Street Dive covering other band's songs. They've done dozens, maybe hundreds, of covers and they're all excellent.
  3. Staal and Hall. *swings and misses twice*
  4. A local chain of three shops sold out to Trek recently, as the owner has health issues and wanted to cash out. They had trouble getting bicycles prior to that, but as soon as the Trek name was over the door they received over 200 bicycles.
  5. Oh, if he had the interim tag, they offered to remove it and he stepped away? Yeah... not a good look. Fine, then give him a contract for this year and another one or two.
  6. I wonder if Boudreau would take an interim position for the rest of the year on a "prove it" contract? If he does well, he stays. If not, he got some decent work for a few months. Would you consider Matt Ellis to be part of "Krueger's staff"? I think putting KA behind the bench would be a terrible mistake; he's got plenty on his plate already. I think Ellis would be a good soldier and coach them on a caretaker basis for the rest of the year and if he does a good enough job, could be considered for the permanent position (considered, not automatically get it).
  7. I see it differently. They haven't managed to sell 10% of their capacity.
  8. I'd like to buy a gowel please, Pat. Sorry, there are no gowels for the Sabres on the board.
  9. I feel a shortie coming on. Of course at my age that might not mean what it used to.
  10. When we're in our zone it feels like the Pens know where the Sabres passes will go before the Sabres do.
  11. I'm the worst person to ask for a recommendation. The bike I rode yesterday I literally pulled out of a dumpster, then heavily modified it with parts from a swap meet. However, an entry level hybrid, fixed fork, is probably a good place to start. Make sure you get a size appropriate to your height.
  12. aka, Lindy Ruff, Jr..... at least I wouldn't be surprised if they had similar styles.
  13. This whole situation seems unpossible. And yet here we are.
  14. I rode 25+ miles today. That was pretty awesome, as I have not ridden much this year.
  15. No, sorry, I was thinking of someone else. RFK doesn't even know how to dickwave properly.
  16. I have no idea what any of this means.
  17. NHL.tv is a helluva lot cheaper than that.... two months of Fubo gets you the whole year of NHL.tv.
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