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  1. My cousin did that years ago. In a cast for months.
  2. I rewatched the video... it was essentially a "rolling stop" at a Stop sign. Never quite came to stop but came very close. I think Anderson told the ref what he thought of it as he skated off. Not what I saw. If this were a playoff game, that would have been the equivalent of the Music City Miracle "lateral." Simply too close to take it away.
  3. GIve him a handful of games this season then let him see what he needs to work on in the A. If he signs.
  4. I replayed it.... He didn't quite. He almost did but the puck was always moved forward even if it was just a tiny bit.
  5. I really think they need to add a Dman to the shootout: Once the shooter touches the puck, a Dman can chase starting from the blue line. That would get rid of all that slow down to a crawl stuff.
  6. My guess is he didn't realize how little time was left on the clock.
  7. That's about as balanced an attack as we've seen in a long time.
  8. Sometimes. Sometimes it's unlistenable. It depends on the topic and the guest.
  9. Interesting. Do you go to HF forums? Looks like an attachment from there.
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