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  1. Next season we'll have one very good line, one slightly more experienced kid line, another kid line that's very green, and a line like the JOG line (maybe the same exact line).
  2. Adams says things. Sometimes they're true. Sometimes they're PR.
  3. I think if the Sabres had a clearly cable 3C, Casey might already be our 4C and the Sabres wouldn't have picked up Jost. On a personal level that would be awkward though, with Casey being the designated the 1C prior to his injury in Game 1 last year. I see flashes of the Casey we hoped for, but there are also holes in his game as we all know. That's why I suggested he might be able to jump to another team with a different system, and in learning that system somehow work through his weak spots.
  4. Eh, maybe he doesn't. I was just listing 1st round picks that did better with a new team. He wasn't doing *poorly* at VGK; it was more he wasn't getting a chance to play regularly. The other two pretty much failed to live up to expectations. I guess putting him on that list, in my mind, was being charitable to Mitts, allowing for the possibility that with a change of scenery and the right opportunity he could blossom into a player worthy of the high status pick.
  5. I'd be okay with letting him be another team's Alex Tuch/Curtis Lazar/Tyson Jost. In fact it may take moving him to another team and seeing a different system to flip his switch.
  6. You beat me to this. I was looking at this last night but it was in relation to something else I was posting and I though I need to make mention of this, but you got it. Interestingly Tuch and Skinner both have 10G - 12A - 22P. The side benefit of Dahlin's success is it allows Power to learn his game without feeling he has to be the tog dawg; Dahlin going through that kind of pressure nearly ruined him.
  7. I think about March Madness and how lower seeds sometimes advance, and a No. 8 seed has actually won the tournament, Villanova in 1985. As a No. 8 seed, that means that 28 teams were ahead of them (seeds 1-7 in each of the 4 regions). It's rare but it can happen. A #3 or worse wins the NCAA Basketball tourny over 20% of the time. A #3 seed is an overall ranking of somewhere between 9 and 12. The point is, if you bring more teams into the CFB playoffs, there will be more upsets. It happens in basketball, it can happen in football.
  8. So after a few games of Tyson Jost, my impression is that he plays faster than his hands can keep up with but doesn't back off the throttle. He just doubles down when he inevitably fumbles the puck, and goes and gets it back or at least disrupts the other team as much as he can. He displayed good hands with his goal last night, so given time and space he apparently knows what to do. He seems well suited to playing with Okie and Gus. He's probably the highest skill guy that still has sandpaper to center that line since maybe Larsson or maybe Lazar. High motor, rugged, but enough skill to cash in when the opportunity presents... at least that's my impression so far.
  9. The thing that makes me feel good about the Sabres' prospects going forward is that Dahlin is getting that way; hopefully Power will pick it up. Tage is learning how to lay the body on opponents to grab the puck. The whole Cozens line seems to understand they have to do that, but still learning NHL level physicality. But I'd like to see it out of more of the roster. Skinner tends to aggravate other players, get them off their game and goad them into penalties. Tuch is big but doesn't use it enough (imo). I think one of the things I like about Jost is that he seems to like mixing it up.
  10. I wonder what she's gonna think about moving to Switzerland? "They don't even speak English here!"
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of, considering the Sabres' record, they're not exactly upper crust. That's what I mean: If we have all these top players, how come we suck? Must be the rest of the team.
  12. What does that say about the rest of the team then? 😛
  13. Wow, crazy. I came in here to post "BRING BACK MICHAEL HOUSER!"
  14. Except when really close to own goalie.
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