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  1. Heh. I finally poked my head into this thread to see how the Sabres will make the playoffs moving forward. And the conversation is being dominated by Jack Eichel.
  2. The Challenger loss put a serious dent in the industry.
  3. Wow, that was pretty close to where I worked (Hughes Aircraft back then, the building at 909 S Sepulveda... which looks like it has several tenants now). In the 1980s Everything from El Segundo to Redondo Beach was aerospace firms.... Hughes, TRW, Raytheon, etc. People used to jump back and forth between companies to get raises.
  4. When I lived in L.A. in the 1980s, we only had one car so I would often take my bike to work just south of LAX. We lived a little north of LAX. It was longer to ride, but I would often ride out to the strand on the beach than take the shorter "overland" route up on the bluff. Since those innocent days I've heard the Ballona Creek bicycle path got kind of dangerous, with people getting mugged/bikes stolen.
  5. He won't replace Mittelstadt's playmaking I would think but maybe Lindy's system won't require that out of 3C. I think we've been accustomed to two scoring lines, a 4th shutdown line, and a Island of Misfit Parts line. Let's see how the lines roll out in training camp (and I gotta believe Lindy won't be "giving prospects a chance to make the team" looks this year).
  6. We had our biggest group for our Saturday morning breakfast ride since the pandemic this morning... 14 riders. That's my ugly mug in the foreground. This was my first 30 mile ride on the new bike.
  7. Interesting data. Not sure how he ranked them though; I think he somehow combined the two numbers to get a composite score but didn't define his methodology. And it's easier for me to digest it as a table: In order of Max Speed: In order of number of 20+ Bursts: Looks like Beck should be Number 2. But the point is pretty clear: The four speedy forwards they acquired are the fastest on the team. If Lindy taps into this speed it could be an interesting season, and better hockey to watch.
  8. I'm 6'-2" That's a 58. Maybe I could ride a 60, but this bike feels great.
  9. Wow, that's some awesome scenery. I still feel like I'm getting used to this bike, but it's been great. I think I am going to opt for a Brooks saddle like on all my other bikes. Got out for 24 miles this morning.
  10. Another day, another ride. Swung by the bike shop and they helped me adjust the seat height. Now the bike feels even better.
  11. Well, I'm sure Dan wasn't performing the experiments. I don't always like his calls but I follow him on Twitter and he does seem to be one of the nicer guys around. Devoted to his wife through her battle with cancer, animal lover, music lover, etc. I think he's a great guy.
  12. A team can get up to 55 names engraved on the Cup, might as well use them. https://records.nhl.com/awards/stanley-cup/did-you-know
  13. Not making any point predictions, but I think in general he will be one of the offensive highlights of the coming season, becoming one of the Sabres' offensive stalwarts while playing a sound two-way game.
  14. From the Sabres or from the Devils? I was a huge Lindy fan when he coached the Sabres but with the crap rosters he had to work with during the tank and going into the aftermath, I think it was time he moved on. From the Devils, I think he was a bit of a scapegoat; NJ had some key injuries and Lindy couldn't squeeze enough out of what remained. But he'd given them a good team the previous season.
  15. Everyone has Krebs as 13F. And that might be so. I think it comes from the impression that players that have been brought will be playing most nights. But maybe one or more of the acquisitions have been brought in will serve in more of a depth or rotational role. I think most people see Krebs as our 13th best forward, but until we see how the team lines up under Ruff, we don't really know.
  16. I think we're all assuming that the top 6 remains similar to past seasons. But we really haven't see a "Rufferized" lineup yet. I think Ruff will try to maximize existing chemistry but may create some unexpected lines that don't show in a basic depth chart approach to line building. If the top line isn't physical enough I could see Lindy moving a so-called 4th liner up to give the line some backbone. Lindy was always good at finding chemistry in the lines in his previous tenure.
  17. Is *what* a Golf R? The white car? That's my Fiat 500.
  18. Oh, so you mean Rasmus Ristolainen. We had one, decided he sucked and got some ol' Hagg for him.
  19. I have a new way to break a sweat. My primary road bike has been a 1983 Raleigh Super Course. Today I picked up a brand new Trek Checkpoint SL 5. It's a gravel bike. I was looking at a Trek Domane, which is basically a road bike with slightly wider tires. The Checkpoint is more of a pure gravel bike. I think really what I need is a road bike, but I took the Domane out and I though it felt good, then I took the Checkpoint and it felt right. Like it was built for me. This bike is my first carbon fiber bike bike with brifters bike with disc brakes bike with tubeless tires bike with clipless pedals I will have to do a few short checkout rides to get used to the clipless pedals.
  20. The Hockey Guy: "We've been waiting for Buffalo to get better since this channel started. Maybe it's my fault."
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