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  1. He is vertically challenged but he is getting thicker. He has a 40” waist now, how big will he be in a few years?
  2. Yeah, it’s not like you’re drafting Lindros regardless of him reporting.
  3. Krebs and Jost are auditioning for the 3C role now. Krebs has more development ahead and I think he nabs that role. I like Jost, he has a spot in the bottom six for awhile. He hoped for more due to his draft status but I think he is now embracing a lesser role in the NHL. He could be the Sabres 4C for a few years if Savoie and Kulich move to wing. Their present skill sets are top 9 so it will be interesting if they get there.
  4. I’m not a physicist but I would imagine he could hit that number skating into the puck. He hits 100 mph on a one timer.
  5. -36 here last night, -14C now. There were still embers in the wood stove this morning to get it going again. There is no heat like it. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Their recent drafting has been good, I agree on Leinonen. I think they wanted a top goalie and somehow thought he was going to go elsewhere. Goalies develop differently so this will be a long term project. I’ll be encouraged if he ends up Finland’s WJ tam next year. 3 second round picks, there’s usually decent talent available that they can take their time with. They may also get decent picks if they become “kingmakers”, taking on cap casualties and/or retaining $ for UFA deals like Kane and Toews
  7. He stopped 45 of 49 shots, from the glass half full approach.
  8. Josh Bloom scored 1 on the PP in a loss for North Bay. He was -3 for the game.
  9. Nice goal. It was the OT winner. He is having a really good season.
  10. Canes are a good team that is going for it. Adding some veteran pieces to fill gaps. Weaponizing cap space. They added Pacioretty from Vegas for nothing, just took the cap hit ($7M). Vegas even threw in Dman Coghlan. His $7M is now in LTIR so they will probably add a big piece at the deadline.
  11. His numbers have improved over last year. He has 35 points in 30 games in the USHL. His elite prospects page says he is committed to U Conn. next year. He barely made the NHL draft, being a mid August birthday.
  12. He was getting some attention to his lower back on the bench, shortly before he left.
  13. Texas is getting hit with freezing temperatures and an ice storm. https://poweroutage.us/
  14. I’ve only watched 2 Hawks games but he hasn’t looked good. I wonder if he was motivated to play and on a contender if he would improve. Let’s facilitate a trade to someone else and get an asset. He could be a Sabre for an hour.
  15. Savoie gets a pair of assists and is named second star in Winnipeg’s win last night. Bloom and Nadeau are held pointless in their games
  16. Welcome. I think they look like diapers. Blue pants would be way better.
  17. TSN is showing a WHL game tonight. Regina vs Calgary at the Saddledome. Connor Bedard hype train has sold 20,000 tickets.
  18. Right. It was one PP last game. I know there was a lot of space for Dahlin but he kept passing to the side. They’ve had some practice time with this configuration, should have some options.
  19. 3rd round RHD Ty Nelson is having a great season in the OHL. Not a big guy (thicker than Bryson) but he skates well, has a good shot and QBs the PP. 56 points in 46 games.
  20. The last time they used this setup teams were shadowing VO and TNT. This opens up space for Dahlin to move in to the slot and shoot or fake a shot and dish off.
  21. Great record but 6 of the 7 were at home. The unfriendly confines of KBC and the young legs of the Sabres will put a dent in that record.
  22. Not trying to convince you to come off of your hill but Orr was the McDavid of his era with the way he could skate and handle the puck at top speed. He was way more skilled than the rest of the league, never mind other Dmen. Lidstrom’s game was way more subtle, but he controlled the flow in both directions. I’ll go with Orr because he could have won 5 more Norris trophies with some good health.
  23. Yeah, I listened to this when it came out. I’m an overweight 58 year old and my waist size is 36”. He is thick.
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