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  1. I value the C prospects more because they could move to wing and even go back to C at some point. I like Savoie, Kulich and Östlund in that order. Levi stays because he has much potential and there is no one else because of Portillo’s status and Leinonen’s age. All the wingers are fair game. Rosen is the highest draft status one I am not attached to. I like Bloom and Nadeau but they need a lot of time and they would have to alter their styles to be 4th liners. Neuchev is intriguing and I would keep him because he may have a high ceiling. Rousek has a chance to become an NHLer. The Sabres D prospects are few so I wouldn’t move any. Johnson may not sign but at least they would get a 2nd rounder if that happens. Komarov was second star with 1G 1A for Quebec this weekend. He is having a good year. Novikov is interesting, he made the KHL as a 19 year old .
  2. If it comes down to those games it will be exciting. It will be playoff type hockey and the Sabres will need to be healthy. DG’s rest vs practice strategy may benefit them at this point. If they still have 3 goalies, that could help with workload. This young team is gaining experience on the fly and winning helps their confidence. I think age, amount of career games played and the grind will bump the Caps and Pens out of the playoffs.
  3. Yeah, I think it was a smart move by DG to sit them. They probably wanted to play. Good news that they are at practice, that tells me they are OK and could play vs Carolina.
  4. Olivier Nadeau has been on fire in the Q. He has 18 points in 13 games since coming back from shoulder surgery. He and Bloom will be interesting to watch in Rochester next year.
  5. Mats Lindgren got the only goal for Red Deer vs Winnipeg. His numbers have really dropped this year, different team but 14 points in 41 games is a big drop off. Maybe he’s focused on his defensive end a lot more. Ryan Johnson got 1A +3 in a win vs Michigan St.
  6. I like the way they tried to win that game all the way to the end. They were gassed but pushed through it at the end of the third and in OT. UPL was upset letting in 3 shootouts but one was lucky. Quinn was a good choice, he should have deked, he has wicked moves.
  7. Bloom with a goal and 3 assists in the OHL last night. Savoie 1G 1A in the WHL.
  8. I don’t get paying big money for a seat and sitting in the bar watching the game on TV. Why not just go to a sports bar? Maybe I’m old fashioned but I want to be as close to the action as possible when I’ve shelled out money for a seat.
  9. Maybe Krebs is ready to reunite the kid line from Rochester. They probably get the least amount of minutes but a new look could spark Quinn and JJP.
  10. I won’t be getting home until 10:00 PM so I will catch 2 periods. The kid line needs to regain their form, Quinn has been close lately, but can’t bury one. Mitts shines in this one after a dose of Mom’s cooking. 5-3 for the good guys. Let’s go Buffalo!
  11. Their media just throws raw meat to the masses. They have 0 cap space yet every year they are “in” on the biggest UFAs and all of the biggest trade targets.
  12. Question for Western New Yorkers. Where are the boundaries where you would expect a majority of hockey fans to follow the Sabres? I just got back from Massachusetts and I travelled through Watertown to Syracuse and then east on I90 to Massachusetts. I wondered if Syracuse was the cut off or would it be Utica, Albany? I know once I entered Mass. it felt like Bruins country. Albany is probably a majority of Rangers fans. I would just like to know how big of a footprint the Sabres have in the State and bordering States too.
  13. The Norris trophy will have worn a path to Buffalo in the next 15 years if that is the case.
  14. For sure that did not help his development. He doesn’t drive play though, he is a complimentary player who can do a lot of things well. His game makes me think of Jost. He’ll be given lots of time to develop. Like I said in a previous post, he could be a solid bottom six player, like a Dan Paille. Savoie’s ceiling is Brayden Point. Is his floor Kyle Wellwood?
  15. Everyone wearing that sweater is an All-Star, until the playoffs start.
  16. The Workhorse from Whitehorse leading the dark horse team in the playoff race.
  17. The Sabres made Oettinger look average. Hellebuyck looked average on a couple of the goals too. That’s a good sign.
  18. Savoie was a first rounder for a reason. He has great offensive talent and can take over a game. He also plays centre, a premium position. He may become a winger at the next level but starting out as a potential C is a good thing. I don’t see a lot him except for highlights but his game is exciting and ramping up from the start of the season. He may have had a slower start due to the shoulder issue that kept him out until fall. I see Bloom quite a bit and like his game. In Saginaw he was one of their best forwards and had to play at a high level for them to win. In North Bay he doesn’t need to drive his line, just be a solid top 6 winger, for the team to succeed. Bloom is not a prospect with the same expectations as Savoie, mainly due to draft status and offensive numbers. They may end up as linemates down the road because of the talent and depth in Buffalo. Bloom would have to work on his game to become an effective bottom six winger, like a Dan Paille. Savoie may have top six talent but have to be the driver of a bottom 6 line. Development is not linear so it’s tough to predict for these young guys. At least Bloom can be in Rochester next year.
  19. I’ve been gone for a few days so I’m just catching up with topics now. I think he is done after this year but, if he wants to stick around, KA may find a way. Instead of “sending” the kids to Rochester and playing that game, he “sends” Anderson down after his weekly game. Anderson comes out and tells other teams that if they pick him up on waivers he will retire, kind of like what Spezza did with the Leafs in his last season. Maybe he does report to Rochester but only to mentor Levi and get a bit of practice in.
  20. And he hasn’t received a penny of that new deal yet. I hate UFAs getting huge deals after a career season. They usually tail off and are worth a fraction of their contract within 3-4 years. Good for them to get paid but it sucks for the team and the fanbase that expects 7 years of star performance. I suspect Horvat will never approach his 22/23 numbers again.
  21. He could be 6 or 7 D next year but I suspect time in Rochester would be good for him.
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