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  1. I thought Krebs made a cross checking motion at the puck while laying on his stomach. The puck hit his glove, but he had his stick in both hands. This is not the intent of the rule, Krebs didn’t flick the puck with his hand. He was right to chirp the refs.
  2. Another benefit of the Sabres improved play is that this thread is 14 pages while the 2023 Draft thread is half of that. I love the draft but there is plenty of time in June for that.
  3. Tyson Jost draft profile. Some leadership qualities in him too, he was captain of his BCHL team and of Team Canada’s U18 team https://thehockeywriters.com/tyson-jost-the-next-ones-2016-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/
  4. He was tried a bit on wing and he looked out of sorts. Maybe his time with KO and Girgs will show him how to play wing as a bottom six player. If he wants to crack the middle six it may have to be at wing.
  5. The only guy who may not fit at wing is Krebs.
  6. It is a small sample size but I am all for re-signing him. He is a versatile player that can move up and down the bottom six. He hustles his butt off and plays on the right side of the puck defensively. As a former first rounder, he has some skill, while being the conscience on that line. His personality seems like a good fit after watching his interview. He’s been cast aside by two organizations now, he’s realizing that the expectations of him as a 2C may have been high, but there is role to be carved out for him on the right team. Jost, Krebs, Asplund, Savoie, Kulich, Östlund. The battle for 3-4C will be interesting.
  7. Bonus is having VGK’s second round pick.
  8. Elite company for Jared McCann, glad the Leafs kept Kerfoot over him.
  9. Joker has been much better and is meshing with Power. They are playing well together the last few games. If this continues there is less pressure to find a 4D. Power will only improve and Joker may become a great fit. I too would like an upgrade to Bryson and wouldn’t be upset if he is moved while Clague remains as 7D. Someone who is a solid 5D that can fill in at 4 would be ideal. LD or RD, doesn’t matter to me now that Dahlin is owning RD. Someone like that could get loose at the deadline for the Sabres taking on salary, instead of picks/prospects. I know picks/prospects are usually the currency but teams may be desperate to add a high priced piece like Karlsson, Kane, Toews or O’Reilly.
  10. My flag is the Buffaslug, I’ll have to upgrade.
  11. I love the way they are winning on the road. If they can make KBC a tough place for others to come in it helps their chances. Meaningful games here we come.
  12. Cozens was smart to chip that puck out first and race to it. Weak play by Kyrou to not desperately defend. Huge win. Too bad the Pens won. UPL finds a way. 2 for 2 on this trip, keep it up.
  13. I think he just gets spot duty unless the other 2 falter or get hurt. He needs to be a good teammate, be ready to take the net if he gets the chance. They are winning so DG won’t upset the apple cart. Being a goalie is tough enough mentally, being #3 is even more of a challenge. He is signed for next year, so it may take that long to see what he’s really got. I still think he can be serviceable. I hope UPL keeps getting better and that Levi challenges him in a couple of years.
  14. Sportsnet article on Dahlin overcoming the pressure of a #1 overall pick. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/breakout-in-buffalo-how-one-simple-change-let-sabres-rasmus-dahlin-unlock-his-potential/
  15. Sabres have 2 second rounders I believe.
  16. I suspect they travelled last night and some guys may have had a celebratory beer on the plane. They know the stakes and need as much rest as possible on a B2B. Overall, I don’t think this generation looks to get plastered as much as I used to, whenever I had free time. Elite athletes probably drink even less than the average person.
  17. As much as I don’t like the smug Panthers, I want them to beat the Pens. The Sabres have games in hand on the Panthers but not the Pens.
  18. Forgot to mention this last night. I thought Joker played well. He led some rushes, had a couple of zone entries and moved the puck around with Power.
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