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  1. Since we have a hit thread about complaints, I thought maybe we could have a thread for Fridays where we reflect on good things, positive moments, rave about a restaurant, new additions to your family, etc. I guess my initial rave would be: Fridays, for many of us, are the end of the work week - which is great! For others, Friday is also payday!
  2. I'll admit to despising the Call of Duty series now, but back in middle school and high school I spent hundreds of hours playing them. My rankings for the games I've played a lot: 1) Modern Warfare 2) Modern Warfare 2 3) Black Ops 4) WaW MW was a perfectly balanced masterpiece. It's up there with Counter Strike, the fps of my childhood and TF2, the fps of my manhood.
  3. I've been non stop watching the show over and over and listening to the insider podcasts or a month now. Finally:
  4. SDS

    Soccer team names

    Quick question here. My daughter is now a part of her club's premier pool of players that form the top 2 teams. Traditionally called Premier Blue and Premier White. A girl asked what our team name was and we were kicking around having an unofficial name for each squad. I proposed Diablo Azul and Diablo Blanco. However, I understand the latter has political implications if you translate it back to english. Would this be concerning for anyone? We mainly have caucasians with several Indian players (3 on that team). Real Madrid is called The Whites and you'll see lots of fans call them the White Devils, especially Ronaldo. Thoughts?
  5. Alexander Hill, the prime suspect in a quadruple killing, bizarrely gave a TV interview to Buffalo news station WGRZ-TV while he was on the lam. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/man-lam-killing-people-tv-interview-article-1.2201543
  6. NLRB rules that, in revenue sports, athletes are employees. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10677763/northwestern-wildcats-football-players-win-bid-unionize If colleges start paying athletes, It could be a huge incentive to bring top Juniors Players to the NCAA.
  7. Mr Ghost. I am very late to the game again this year, but will be watching and putting a few scheckles on the Wood and SA Derby today. Any body you like in these races? I always enjoy your analysis, anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated..
  8. Has anyone purchased wings online before (I'm thinking La Nova) and had them shipped to another city? I'm thinking of doing it for the game but I'm wondering how they turn out on the other end. Other recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. So over the last few months I have seen some fun or interesting tweets from former, future and current NHL players. Not sure if there will be enough for this thread to survive but lets give it a shot... Zemgus Girgensons ‏@zemgus94 This weather is making me wear winter jacket some swim trunks and timberlands plus umbrella #confused #rocweather #whattoexpect ... so glad he is a Sabres cuz this is great!
  10. To all the SS members and their families, have a safe and happy thanksgiving!!!
  11. I don't think I can go wrong with Samsonite, but looking for advice on luggage with "spinner" wheels versus traditional two wheels. The way luggage gets bounced around at the airport and on a plane, the "spinner" wheels seem like a target to get broken easily. So which type should I choose?
  12. Went out last year, staying at home, well not MY home but someone's home for a house party. They've got a basement like Roy's so we're good to DRINK!!!
  13. Smoking hot body but those gaps in her teeth are driving me crazy! :D
  14. Before yesterday, I hadn't taken a ride through the area in a few weeks. Things are moving fast... 1 - Exterior walls going up on Donovan building. 2 - Casino steel is going up. 3 - New park space on outer harbor land(north of where Shooters used to be) is already cleared. For those who didn't know, this is where they stored the ice boom for many years. The ice boom is now stored on a site along the Buffalo River a little bit in from the Ohio St. Bridge. 4 - Canal work on Aud site is still full steam ahead. Not sure what the timeline was on this, but I don't see it being done, and ready for any winter activities(ice skating) this year. 5 - Alumni plaza next to the FNC is coming along. It looks like French Connection statues are in place, but covered up. 6 - Webster block fenced off, and no cars were parked there. Not sure if this is temporary, or they are ready to put a shovel in the ground. 7 - Of course you can't have all this construction going on without a picket line in place, so a group of 50-100 picketers were at the entrance to the Donovan construction site. Not sure what it was all about.
  15. RIP Mr. Man on the Moon http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/25/us-usa-neilarmstrong-idUSBRE87O0B020120825
  16. I am picking up a foreign exchange student in a couple of weeks at the Elmira-Corning airport. Going to be a dinner time arrival. I'm looking for a place for dinner in the area (or somewhere headed West from Corning/Elmira) that has good food and a diverse enough menu that a picky eater may find something they like. Our student is coming from China and I have been unable to find out what sorts of foods he likes and what he doesn't like, so I am dealing with a dinner for a teenager with unknown food tastes. I'm not looking for a Chinese restaurant as I don't know that our American version will be palatable to him. Well, maybe I should be looking for a good Chinese restaurant? Even "Americanized" it'll be closer to familiar than anything else. How about other Asian restaurants in the Corning/Elmira area? Needs to be easy to get to from the airport, or at least I-86/17.
  17. i think a new thread makes sense. perhaps the first-ish post could have a link to this thread.
  18. It's going to be a long 6 weeks until training camp. So... Let's hear about your best, worst and overrated WNY restaurants. Anything from fine dining to fast food... Best... Chris' Sandwich Shop on Delaware near Tupper(full service, only open for lunch) - Terrific sandwiches! Kentucky Greg's BBQ Russell's The Silo - Just a great setting on the Lower Niagara for a sandwich on a summer night. Danny's on Genessee Chipotle(gotta go with the bowl). Worst... Zebb's on Southwestern - Have tried 3 times in the last few years and each time the food and/or service was worse than the previous visit. I always get fooled by the number of cars in the lot. Anchor Bar - Horrible tourist trap. Swannie House - Gave it one try last year before a hockey game. Asked for extra crispy wings, received extra rubbery wings, and the service sucked. Never again. Overrated... French Pub - Always packed, never get it. It is okay, just not what I expect from a place that is packed 7 days a week.
  19. Sabres have made their proposal for the so called 'Webster Block', AKA the parking lot in front of the FN Center. http://www.buffalone... proposal (pdf) They're up against Carl Paladino, who also made a bid on the project. Here's his design.
  20. Since a number of soccer teams are qualifying already, and the opening ceremony is Friday, I figured it was time to start an Olympics thread. US women's soccer beat France today 4-2 after being down 2-0 early. What are you all looking forward to?
  21. I'm sure this thread will have it's detractors but I want a place to talk without too much subterfuge and this place always seems to have just the right amount of input. Soooo...I'm in a league that is implementing keepers One per team from last year. The round you drafted him in, is the round pick you forfeit this year. So my conundrum is Julius Thomas vs Emanuel Sanders. I drafted Thomas in the 12th round and Sanders in the 11th so I think the compensation is negligible but I'm concerned Sanders might have a huge year in Denver and may actually take away catches from Thomas. Thoughts..
  22. Well, GMTM got in on the challenge: http://youtu.be/VzuQlIvIWgo What are your thoughts on this trend? Have you done it? What's your favorite video so far?
  23. I'm no American Picker, but something caught my eye at the local Goodwill, so I grabbed it. I really have no idea if it's worth anything (well, I bought it, so it's worth something). It's 26 inches wide, 39 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep. It has old hardware on the back and no manufacturer information. There's sort of a corrugated cardboard backing on the back of the mirror, so of course the first thing I did was pull it back gently to see if there was an original copy of the Constitution or a Bobby Jones autographed scorecard or something tucked in there. No such luck. Some of the items in the frame are intriguing. The doo-daddy with the golf ball handle that looks like a paddle might be a scoop they used a long time ago to mound up sand to tee your ball on (pre- golf tee). The balls at the bottom look very old. They're not dimpled like modern balls. One of the iron heads has curved grooves, another a textured pattern. There's a box with tees that says Bobby Tees. The medallion says Nice Country Club. The plaque (or little book) says Royal and Ancient Game of Golf. Some of the items look like they're lacquered (?). It doesn't look like anything that would have been mass produced. Any idea what I have here? I don't want to get 100 bucks for it on eBay and then find out it's a priceless treasure from St. Andrews worth millions!
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