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100 Real Life Things that could be Matt Ellis

X. Benedict

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31. The Bridal Veil Falls, the Matt Ellis of Niagara's Falls

Neo ... The Matt Ellis of SabreSpace members.

(I dig the whimsy, X).

No way. You have style, class. You're a power play specialist and fine skater. Our Matt Ellis is the unheralded, rock solid \GoBillsinDallas/. For those who don't know, he (she?) compiles all the news links for The Sabres Report.

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85. McDonald's 1$ menu, the Matt Ellis of fast food


84. Durex Condoms, the Matt Ellis of safe sex


83. RC Cola, the Matt Ellis of soda/pop



73.  The black jelly bean. The Matt Ellis of jelly beans.


72.  RC Cola.  The Matt Ellis of soft drinks.


EDIT:  Someone already got that one.



30 - RC, The Matt Ellis of Cola.



29. RC Cola jokes are the Matt Ellis of posts in this thread. 

all the lol's

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61. Windows Phone, the Matt Ellis of smartphones.



Figured that'd be appreciated 'round these parts.



28. Windows Phones - The Matt Ellis of smart phones.

27.Mini-Van - The Matt Ellis of car styles.

26. Checkers - The Matt Ellis of board games.


I beat you too that one.

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