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  1. Who cares what the reason is? This organization from top to bottom does not deserve to have any rabid fans at this point. Not only do they suck on the ice, they suck even worse off of it. I boycotted the Bills for several years until they showed me they deserved my eyeballs. I'm at the same point with the Sabres. I'm not watching them until they're playing meaningful games in April. They're just not worth it and there's so many more entertaining things to spend my time doing.
  2. And you've proven mine! Seriously how many more ***** seasons with the bonus utter incompetency would it take to outweigh your Terry is God schtick?
  3. I love Torts. He's having a great time coaching this young, ragtag, no-name Columbus team to the playoffs. 17-2-5 since December 9th.
  4. Terry walks on water in your world. Here's to another decade of fabulous results!
  5. Oh, they have a long break? Guess I'll continue to pay minimal attention to this embarrassing franchise. Happy 50th, Sabres! 💩
  6. That was the Yankees stuff posted by the same source, FYI.
  7. Oops didn't mean to start WW III. Baseball is already starting the moving on phase of this. Saying no evidence of wearing of electronic devices found, even though there's video. And sorry wildcard, I gotta agree somewhat with ink, there's no way MLB is going after the Yankees.
  8. No respect for Altuve or any other known player cheater. If the buzzing device is real, and there's photo/video evidence on Altuve, ban him and the rest for life.
  9. No problem. Maybe wish the Mets would have cheated given the success of the implicated teams.
  10. The Mets weren't cheating like the Astros and Red Sox. They just hired a manager (Beltran) who was cheating while he was a player with the Astros. There's some noise in there about your Yankees.
  11. As fun as this team, and frankly this franchise is.
  12. Yes and the Sabres are the Cleveland of the NHL.
  13. Yawn. No one even wants to comment on these lines anymore. Too painful.
  14. Although I agree with @PASabreFan on some of his evidence against Terry, I think he's making it way more difficult than it needs to be. Bottom line: The Sabres have sucked the entire time Terry has owned them. Certainly historical levels of sucking for this franchise and the even the entire league. There's seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. For this reason alone, Terry is a bad owner. The one thing very bad owners have in common: lots and lots of losing, usually at historically bad levels. The fans can't even be proud of this franchise anymore. This once proud franchise is an embarrassment in multiple ways and the laughingstock of the league. Terry owns that, or he should anyway.
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