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  1. I don't think this team is capable of that.
  2. That guy summarized the Sabres team perfectly. We're a joke and everyone knows it all across the league and certainly our division.
  3. He'll get paid nice coin. And no one will ever remember his year with the Sabres.
  4. This Buchnevich guy is gonna have 4 goals and 7 points at this rate.
  5. Still speculation. If anything, Tortorella is getting sick of his situation in Columbus. He's been there 6 years. That's about his time limit to flame out anyway.
  6. Something is rotten in the organization as a whole.
  7. Torts is not going anywhere. I've seen or heard no speculation of it. He's the best coach they've ever had. Any (mediocre) heights they've achieved were all under Torts. They just traded their top center when he didn't fit with the culture/system in place.
  8. This Ottawa Calgary game is enjoyable.
  9. Your theory took a bit of a hit with the 716 news today. Maybe they'll sell the Sabres and become the royalty of Orchard Park instead?
  10. I know it's his job, but Jeremy's rant was excellent.
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