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  1. Sounds like a place to make a visit sometime. The list is endless at this point! Obviously need more happy hour events. It's the only solution.
  2. Been awhile on this one. Had a great happy hour with a couple of great work friends on Friday at the Walrus in Columbus. Tried to mix it up a bit, I like variety. Started out with a good scotch. Forget what it was, I'm not a scotch drinker, but it was good. May have been Macallan 12? Then switched to the excellent craft beer selection. 50% off during happy hour. Hell yes! Started with the SweetWater 420 Strain G13 IPA. Pint smelled just like a bag of weed. Smelled great and tasted better! Then went with a Truth IPA from Rhineghist. Delicious and from just down I71 (Cincinnati) from Cbus. Next was the Elvis Juice from Brewdog. Awesome! U.S. headquarters in Canal Winchester, about 15 minutes from my house. Then as the night cap(s), 2 Golden Monkeys from Victory Brewing (MattPie approved?). Excellent! Overall a great night, and was happy to try some new to me stuff. Was very comfortable upon leaving. 😄 Went out and picked up some Hop Stoopid for tonight, and really enjoying that too. Beer on, dudes!
  3. MLB – Babe Ruth NFL – Jerry Rice NBA – LeBron James NHL – Wayne Gretzky Soccer – Who cares? Golf – Tiger Tennis – Nadal Boxing – Mohammad Ali. NASCAR – Richard Petty. Horses - Secretariat
  4. Awesome! Beyond description. Thanks Woody!
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27356491/sources-ab-says-no-football-old-helmet
  6. Wow! 20 part thread. Dude is high maintenance to say the least. Looks like the Bills got really lucky they didn't end up with AB.
  7. Thanks, this made me laugh. Good way to reference that hat. I was searching for words myself.
  8. Wow. Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs dead at age 27. No information on cause of death. They were in Texas for a game against the Rangers, which has been understandably postponed.
  9. Rutherford confirms (in a roundabout way) that Kessel vetoed a trade to Minnesota. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26994129/pens-gm-kessel-vetoed-trade-not-shopping-him Deal was rumored to be Kessel and Johnson for Zucker and Rask. Also sounds like Pittsburgh is looking to make some more moves.
  10. After some research, they use that same blue button for several shades of blue for many different teams. As a glimmer of hope, they do have a darker blue button they use for Columbus' jersey. The same light blue button is very prevalent though, and covers many blues from Tampa Bay to Vancouver, the Rangers, Toronto, etc.
  11. I've noticed that this is not uncommon with products on websites, such as with sneakers. The color choices often do not match the product very well. I think it's because they use generic choices for color selection with one overarching color for blue, red, green, etc. I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but the picture is always more correct, rather than the generic color button. They're still gonna be navy, is my bet.
  12. I approve! Should be a huge improvement. Now on to getting rid of "Homer" Murphy....
  13. Go Dallas, Columbus, and Colorado for draft positioning. Also, Columbus, because ***** Boston!
  14. And either one of them plays the Islanders anyway. Columbus is going crazy for the Jackets. New territory for them. It would be great if they can demolish the Bruins similarly to how they handled Tampa.
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