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  1. I get it. Unfortunately there's no patience from the fan base after a decade of embarrassment, and no one wants to work here or play here for the same reasons. All because this type of rebuild should have been done the first time and wasn't. No one wants to be 3,4,5 years out of the playoffs (at a minimum) again while rebuilding, but you're right we likely have no choice.
  2. Remember what team this is. We have neither of those. Far from it.
  3. I hate Tom Brady, but I love the fact that he's a huge dork and gives us gifts like that one.
  4. UB's football coach headed to Kansas. I'm sure he'll get paid well, but good luck with that job, https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31364799/kansas-expected-hire-buffalo-lance-leipold-football-coach-sources-say
  5. Congratulations Ryan on a very good career. (Hall of Fame or no?) Thanks for some awesome memories!
  6. Thwomp!


    16 year old son had his first shot today. Pfizer. Doing fine except a sore arm so far.
  7. ESPN+ is super cheap and already has a couple hockey games a night. I like their coverage and set up. The NHL might actually be innovating here for once. Easy to fit in under the big Disney umbrella.
  8. For anyone mentioning Halak, the last time we acquired him he refused to report and play for the Sabres. He dressed for one game and didn't play, and basically forced Murray to trade him to Washington for Neuvirth. I'm sure he's not coming here now either.
  9. Thwomp!


    Just had my 2nd Wednesday. No after effects at all. My arm wasn't even very sore. I know I'm lucky, several people have had a bad few days after their 2nd shot.
  10. He's not/wasn't very good when healthy either. Oh and then after all those years of paying him his overpriced salary for nothing, he quits on the Sabres instead of earning his way back into the lineup like he should have.
  11. Or any other rich guy who'd keep the team in Buffalo. Wouldn't be difficult to outdo Terry's decade of great success. We don't need to be scared of the boogeyman. That's a big part of why we're in this situation, letting Terry destroy our beloved franchise.
  12. Thwomp!


    Free shot glass with it 😄
  13. Thwomp!


    Krooked Tusker distillery and Keuka Brewing Company are excellent as well if you want a change from wine to liquor or beer for a day. And they're really close to each other. My mom lives near Hammondsport so I explore around that area a couple times a year.
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