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  1. Hell of a shot by Anthony Davis!
  2. Bacon and cheddar cheez its. That's all.
  3. That was great. The Nuggets crushed them. I love it when the underdog wins game 7.
  4. Dude. Tampa. Dallas. Your childhood is ruined already. Hi Islanders! 🥃
  5. I hate to say it but the Islanders are the least of the evils left.
  6. I agree. But..... The overrated Clippers bother me more! 🤣🤣 Jamal Murray is ridiculous
  7. Loving Nuggets - Clippers game 7. Nuggets surprising!
  8. I agree. Mika Noronen will always be my favorite too!
  9. That sucks. I happened to see he was close and only watched the 9th. Who wants to watch the Pirates - White Sox otherwise??? ?
  10. White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito just no-hit the Pirates.
  11. Bahamas, rum, lots of action, great plot, Game of Thrones level nudity, and pirates. It's a hidden gem ?
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