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  1. Here's the thing. No politics talk isn't a rule for the civility of the board, it's a rule to maintain the board as a safe space for racists and otherwise people. The "voice of reason" mod on this board is a sexist, racist POS who's said things like "Obama is president so obviously racism is over." And who can forget "accusations of sexual assault can ruin a man's career"? Y'all need to stop trying to dress it up like some sorta centrist thing. This board is a place where young people can learn that it's okay to be from greasy old guys. This board is a microcosm of the sexism of professional sports and sports fandom in general. Enjoy your club. I've always wanted to gloriously, dramatically leave a message board so I'll part with these wise words: Three Billboards is super racist. And it's reeeaally bad on top of that.
  2. Roman J Israel Esq. was not good. Blech I need to see Lady Bird and Wonderstruck.
  3. I'm trying to survive this shift so I can see the new Denzel flick.
  4. I like Civil War. I like all the Cap movies. I think the character arcs of iron man and cap are really strong. And the fight scenes are super well blocked. Infinity War being all serious and stuff does not get me excited after the amazing fun time of Ragnarok. And Thanos looks like a mix between Josh Brolin and a Greg Roman's fingers.
  5. Killing of a Sacred Deer. Yeesh. Awful. How do you up so hard when you have Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell on the roster? Edgelord nonsense.
  6. This is why it's worth it not to have Hank on ignore (even though it is very tempting). Dude is hilarious.
  7. Acting like 13 year old girls as an insult? That's a weird thing to say. In fact, I'm never not weirded out by the stilted tone of SDS posts.
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