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All About Natural Disasters

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17 minutes ago, Wyldnwoody44 said:

They have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years with social media, people come up with all kinds of stupid ways to have blue or pink explode and etc....

The Amazon and Pantanal are on fire and it's highly believed it's arson related to plant more sugar cane and coffee. Greed. 

Side note, I was in Sao Paolo today, it's devastating how it looks, the city center was just sprawled with tents and homeless people, Covid has really dessimated the place other than the elite, not from sickness but from the economic fallout.... Meanwhile there was a dumb @ss teenage girl doing glamour shots with a friend in the street for Instagram pics while in the background was pure devastation. I'm so glad I can't speak portuguese or it may have been bad.

I feel I may need to start doing some medical work in Brazil after some of this trip. 

Point us to your gofundme page when you do.

We had the Me Generation. This is the Look At Me Generation.

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15 minutes ago, SwampD said:

Point us to your gofundme page when you do.

We had the Me Generation. This is the Look At Me Generation.

Indeed, and thank you! I wish I could do more to change the world we live in, but that's just the nature of the human being sometimes. 

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I survived the Texas Freezocalypse.  Coming through the other side, I am unscathed.

But early in the week it wasn't so assured.

Sunday night and Monday morning, my outdoor faucets froze despite having weather covers on them. I thawed them out each time with a hairdryer. After that I just turned them on to a trickle and let them run.

We lost internet for a good chunk of Monday, got it back later that afternoon.

We worried Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, that our pipes would freeze or we would lose power or the pipes would burst or whatever. We were worried the water would be cut off or that it would be compromised and we would need to boil it. We let the faucets indoors trickle too. We ran our dishwasher and clothes washer at night hoping the lines wouldn't freeze. Luckily for us, none of that happened.

With continuous power we were okay. We had food and the water never stopped flowing.

My son and his wife weren't so lucky. They didn't have power for much of Monday through Thursday. It would come on for a while, then shut off again. Thursday, the water line for the ice maker in the fridge, which was run through their attic, burst. My son heard it and shut off the water immediately so there wasn't too much water damage. They were fortunate to get a plumber out Friday and didn't suffer any further leaks in the meantime. Still, they feel fortunate. Their house remained livable.

A friend of mine who lives about a mile away, lost power and it was off for about 4 days. He and his wife stayed in the house even though the temperature got down to almost freezing. They're big campers and had sleeping bags and clothing to keep them warm. They also have a bunch of cats so they didn't want to leave them alone. Their power eventually came on and they're okay too. I have a dozen or more other friends with similar stories.

My friend Joel Burns, yes that Joel Burns, suffered major damage to his meticulously restored, hundred year old house when the pipes over his kitchen broke. Unfortunately, this repeated hundreds and thousands of times in the region.

If you have a few extra bucks these days, kick them in to one of the many relief funds for the state. Many people are going to need a lot of help to put their lives back together. For a few days there, Texas was a third world country.

Today has been beautiful. It got up to nearly 60 degrees and the snow is mostly melted. I survived and for that I am grateful.

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I think the most important thing is to not freak out.  Just stay put, don't get out on the roads as long as you've got adequate food/shelter.  Obviously for people who are having problems they need to do what they need to get help.  But if all the yahoos just stay put that helps a lot.

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