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  1. I missed the goal because the Hulu app wasn’t working and I had to open ESPN. I demand compensation from Disney.
  2. This is an interesting question because superficially you'd assume the answer is VO, but Asplund is a role player that doesn't currently have any obvious pipeline replacement for his spot. Don't know.
  3. I suspect the answer to this question is directly related to how the salary cup jump affects contract AAV and term this off-season. VO is going to be 29 at the start of his next contract and that was the absolute prime age for an overpay contract via excessive term in the pre-flat cap era. I'm pretty sure Buffalo is aware of that as is, unfortunately, VO's agent. As of today, for core pieces, we'll need to sign Cozens after this season (preferably before the end of it, frankly) as well as Asplund. And Michael Houser, of course. After 2023-2024, we will need to re-sign the core pieces of Dahlin (RIP Cap) and Owen Power (I'm assuming he'll be a core piece) as well as potential core pieces of Mitts, Krebs, Joki, Bryson, Lybushkin, Comrie, and UPL. We'll have to do that with enough room left for JJ and Quinn the following year. It's also not counting cap space for any of the five signed 1st or 2nd round draft picks who could potentially be breaking the roster the season VO's contract is up which means future contracts for them will need to be considered. If Buffalo can re-sign VO without tying the Sabres down to term, I think Buffalo keeps him. If it's apparent that free agent contracts return to the previous norm of overpaying 28/29 year-old players for 7 years because the salary cap is treated like the stock market and can only go up, I really hope Buffalo trades VO instead of letting him walk or signing him to a long-term deal that hurts the team later. I also don't blame VO if he makes it apparent he wants to chase the free agency payday. Although, honestly, now that I think about it, of all the players we could punished for signing long-term contracts at age 29 to, it's hard to see VO's being one that regresses terribly by year 7. Lets be real, his money isn't in his skating or aggressiveness--it's his shot and his pass. Those two skills generally don't age as poorly as skating and physicality (that latter just ages into perennial LTIR). Huh. I wrote all that and now I'm just wondering how to find advanced stats for one-dimensional players and how they regress with age.
  4. I'm saying it's OK to be optimistic for once instead of just continuing the decade of being miserable. There's plenty of valid criticisms of the team, but everything is always presented as "the sky is falling!" because everyone is so used to disappointment. The team is not going to win a Stanley Cup this season and, if odds were even, I would not be comfortable making a bet on whether this team will make the playoffs or not. Which itself is an improvement over recent memory. Point is, they're not a great team, but they're good and they're improving for the first time in a long time. It's something celebrate. The idea the sky is always falling doesn't sit with me.
  5. It's pretty crazy that Thompson winning the Conn Smythe once only makes this trade even.
  6. And MoneyPuck has them at 23rd. In fact, I think of all the analytics based rankings, the highest I've seen Buffalo is 19th. Meanwhile, the Hockey Guy last had them at 9th last week. Regardless... This team could be sitting at 109 points on April 13th and the pundits will still be asking if this team is real and someone on this board will be complaining about our goaltending or defensive depth not being enough to compete and KA should have traded away every Amerk for some aging star with a garbage contract. This team could be playing in game 4 of the Stanley Cup with a 3-0 series lead and someone on this board will post in the GDT how the wheels are falling off and the team is being exposed because last game the Sabres gave up an ugly goal in their 8 to 1 victory. In the thread about the cup parade in downtown Buffalo, someone is going to ask "Yeah, sure, they won the cup but it's like a 100 game sample size. How will we know this team is really legit?" By the way, if you think the above is a joke and not completely plausible, I've got news for you: you're that guy (or girl). The team is good and they have the potential to be great (emphasis on potential). They're going to be streaky because age and inexperience. That's to be expected. On the whole, however, the team is good. Are they going to make the playoffs? Who knows? Injuries could stall the season and there will be streaks where the team doesn't play well. Other teams are going to start gelling (Toronto or Tampa, for example) and Buffalo will need to find another gear. But, again, the team on the whole is good compared to years past. This is supported by the eye test and analytics. This isn't a team winning ten games in a row with 6 of those being OT/shootout wins. You will be alright. Everything is alright. It wasn't your fault. Krueger, Housley, Blysma, Nolan, Rolston, Botterill and Murray are gone. They can't hurt you anymore. It is okay to come into the light. It is okay to feel the warmth of the sun again. It is okay to be happy.
  7. Last game I broke with my own habit of not making predictions. This is how I did: So this game I am going with the following five predictions: - All three rookies get a point. - Asplund gets a goal. - One of Pilut/Clague scores or gets a primary assist off a shot deflection - Buffalo gives up too many two-on-ones early in the game and struggles against Carolina in transition and on the breakout, but adjusts by the third period and has Carolina reeling. - There's a fight
  8. We can talk about it. I think TT is a legitimate and capable 1C at this point. If we're going with the ESPN mantra of "EvErY TEaM NeeDS aN ELiTe 1C to WiN THe cUP" then no. He is not one, but you also don't need one to win a cup. There's realistically like 5 of those in the entire league and two of them are on the Cup-less Oilers and one is in a Cup-less Toronto.
  9. Had our first vet appointment today. He is at 14.2 pounds and the vet did note he is slightly underweight for his frame. He was 11.6lbs on Saturday when I weighed him. Per the vet, he will likely come in around 80-85lbs fully grown based on his current weight and age, but she said we won't really have a good estimate (because he's a mix and will have a less predictable growth pattern than a purebred plus he appears to be slightly underweight) until he's 4-6 months old. She won't be surprised if he ends up breaking 100lbs or, conversely, slides in closer to 70. So it's a pretty big range, but he will be a big boy either way. On the subject of brains, he learned the clicker means a treat in fewer clicks than it took my Belgian Malinois which shocked me and he's learned to sit already--just working on repetitions with him on that for now. So that part of the Border Collie is coming through. Trying to teach him "come" has been fun though as he has learned the command, but you can only get maybe 4 or 5 repetitions in before he's decided he doesn't really feel like walking anymore and the stick/toy/rock/bare concrete at his feet looks interesting. Then he plops down and ignores the clicker. So that bit is certainly the Pyr coming through.
  10. I was thinking the same, but I was going to guess TT for high sticking Alex DeBrincat by holding his stick at waist height.
  11. Unfortunately for my standing on this board, my dad stopped going to Bills games when beer hit $1 which was sometime in the early 80s (I guess? it was before I was born is all I know). For the record, to this day he is adamant that beer should not cost more than $1. I kind of appreciate his stubbornness. He's an Amerks season ticket holder and he won't buy beer at Amerks games either because it's more than $1. Says a lot. Anyway, my maternal grandmother and her sister held Steelers season tickets since the 1970s. She ended up transferring them to my uncle and his wife around the time I was in middle school(ish?). His wife refused to go to any game that was "too cold" so I grew up going to Steelers games and became a Steelers fan--much to my father's chagrin. I'm also a Pirates fan because my grandparents would take me to Pirates games in the summer. On the flip side, I never went to a Penguins game, but I went to plenty of Sabres and Amerks games. Hence how I'm a Sabres fan. I just became a fan of whatever team I would see play in person. I've got a soft spot for the Bills, but I'm not a Bills fan. Granted, I've watched so little football in recent years I can't call myself a Steelers fan anymore either. There's also more to my criticisms of football than simply the excessive number of breaks and stoppages. There's the related note of games taking too long. When I was a young 20-something bachelor, I had no problem sitting on my couch for four hours on a Sunday to watch a football game. Now that I've got a family, it's easier to justify watching a hockey game on a week day after dinner than it is to justify taking up my Sunday afternoon to watch a football game. There are just other things I'd rather be doing at this point in my life. There were other things from the last decade that built up over time too and I'm sure if I sat here longer I'd think of a bunch. I was a big Penn State fan, but Sandusky happened and I virtually stopped watching college football as a result. I got less invested in football in general after that just as a side effect. My point is it's a lot of things that played into to it, but it was one minor thing that just turned the switch off in my brain because I felt the games themselves just weren't that interesting anymore. I don't think the quality of the on-field product is there. Hell, I watched two football games last season. I watched the Buffalo vs KC divisional playoff game and the Super Bowl. I only watched the Super Bowl because I was on a cruise ship and they had it projected on the pool deck under the stars--so that was a cool experience. But the divisional game? Man, that just reminded me not to watch the NFL. That was a great game that was ruined by garbage OT rules that had been garbage for a long time. Yes, I realize those rules have since changed, but it took ruining a QB duel of the ages for the NFL to do something. It's silly. My only contribution to the Buffalo Bills 2022-2023 thread was after the Titans game which I tuned in for about half of and my entire comment was: "I'll be honest, I don't really follow the Bills, but I did tune into this game and... holy hell." I'm glad the Bills are fun to watch and I'd love for Buffalo to win a Super Bowl, but I'm just over football. I'll stick to hockey, baseball when I'm working in the garage and half paying attention, and IndyCar when I've got nothing else. I don't mean this on a macro level of the season as momentum-needed-to-score, but on a shift-by-shift basis during the game, momentum certainly matters. Anyone who has played sports competitively knows the feeling where you feel you can suddenly just takeover a game because the adrenaline rush of something happening. You can pretty quickly lose that if the other team answers. My perspective on the excessive breaks in professional sports is simply that we take that away from the athletes and, if I played in those circumstances, it would drive me nuts. I think it diminishes how exciting the games could be as a result. Again, just a personal viewpoint.
  12. I like this stat because it feeds my personal bias about "momentum" being the key factor in individual games. Which also feeds my biggest complaint with football and why I went from religiously following football to watching maybe half a dozen games in the last 4 years. I got fed up with football after watching a meaningless game on a Sunday between two teams I cared so little about that I only remember one of the teams was the Oakland Raiders. Anyway, the game was tied in the late 3rd or early 4th quarter. Raiders' QB throws an interception. They showed the sidelines and the team that intercepted it was hyped. Players jumping up and down. QB grabbing his helmet from the bench to get out there... Then the play was reviewed which took 5 minutes only to say "yeah he caught the interception." After the review, they cut to a 2 minute commercial break. By the time the offense took the field it was nearly 10 minutes from the interception. All the momentum was gone and I turned the game off and just stopped watching games after that. I realize it's kind of weird, but I hate to see game changing moments like that squandered. I hate the NHL offsides review after every goal. Hell, even PBR (Professional Bull Riders) now has challenges and reviews on whether you can stay on the bull for 8 seconds and make a clean ride or not. You get one challenge per team per match with zero penalty for a bad challenge. For those of you not following PBR, team matches are 5 riders vs 5 riders with the team with the highest aggregate rider score winning. Considering teams average like 1.2 or 1.5 successful rides per match, literally every successful ride is challenged because the odds are good the team won't have a second successful ride. It's stupid. It's bull riding. It's already subjectively scored like figure skating. Move on. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
  13. My guesses: Owen Power woke up and chose violence today. I'm saying 1G, 1A for him and at least one highlight reel moment. He realizes he's an NHL player and belongs here. Krebs will get his first of the season as well since he apparently realized last game that it's OK to shoot the puck on occasion. Mitts hits the net instead of the post this game. He gets a goal. Probably a slick one too. TT rides his high from last game and sets up Owen Power's goal, then adds one of his own. [Cozens - Peterka - Tuch] will be the eye-test best line, but "only" get one goal because of terrible puck luck. The goal will be one of the three just willing the puck into the net too. Nothing fancy.
  14. And we’ve started to see this transition. We’ve gone from last season’s pretty blanket “it’s okay to make mistakes” to addressing on-ice performances with changing ice time, limited press box time and continuously shifting lines. That’s not to say DG doesn’t expect mistakes or that he’s punishing players, but there’s an added layer of performance expectations this season mixed with experimentation. It’s the logical next step. I don’t know if DG can win a cup (no one does), but I trust him at this point to get the most out of young players and inspire them to play aggressively. I’m not sold it’s enough to win a cup, but I don’t see anyone else I’d rather have in Buffalo leading the locker room at the point in time either.
  15. Are people really upset by him already? He makes mistakes, sure, but he's also a rookie playing an insane number of minutes every night with a revolving cast of linemates. Treating them equal in measure to the mistakes Risto was making 6 years into the league at 25 years old is pretty silly to me.
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