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GDT - Sabres @ Blues - January 24, 2023 - 8:00 PM (EST) - MSG and WGR

Sabres Fan in NS

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8 hours ago, Pimlach said:

Yes, I was joking about old hockey (and sports) folklore, which came about for a reason.  

I think it varies from player to player. 

This is were good team leaders come in, and that is not always the guys wearing a letter.  

I read a book about Babe Ruth and that dude was completely out of control on the road. It was just one long party of drinking all night and *****. He would show up at the games after be out all night and sleep for awhile after. 

3 minutes ago, Spoonman said:

Good evening Children of the  ⚔️

WGR has a round table on Boys in Blue 7p ET, iffin’ your available.

Go Sabres!

Kick St. Louis in the Blue notes! 🎵🎵


Oh, they have discovered the Sabres again on that station? 🤣

Gee, what changed? 


I've always said the Sabres will win the cup before Bills win a super bowl 

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1 hour ago, Stads said:

I am sad to say I have had a relapse of my hockey addiction. It has been almost a day since I last used. I have strong urges to use again tonight.

Let go. Let God…God is a Sabres fan… who wears the Black Goat Head jersey!

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