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  1. Re: goaltending, this quote from Ralph was news to me. “At the moment” doing some heavy lifting, a little like saying “I’d like to introduce you to my current wife”
  2. Still from the last minute of the Embedded video. Some of it is too blurred for me to make out, so here’s my Mad Libs version: “A Buffalo Sabre is an athlete that is (something) on and off the ice, driven to grow and (something) in whatever challenges and adversity are presented. Through grit and mental toughness, a Buffalo Sabre will be unselfish, resilient and (something), with the goal of winning a Stanley Cup Championship.”
  3. There's a lot of talk about emulating the Bills' model with Adams and Krueger, but the Bills model is more than just Beane and McDermott. After Beane was hired, they brought in a slew of player personnel staff and assistant GM types -- Brian Gaine, Joe Schoen, Lake Dawson, Malik Boyd, etc., all of whom were highly thought of around the league. I remember marveling at what an improvement it seemed to be from the days where they had Tom Modrak, John Guy, and seemingly nobody else. Ever since they invested in beefing up the front office staff, they draft as well as anyone in the league. I don't t
  4. Terry's praise of him as "loyal" was telling
  5. Nice of Krueger to wish Botterill well...was conspicuously absent from Terry and Kim's statement at the top of the press conference, unless I missed something
  6. Terry "doesn't believe in" a President of Hockey Ops, wants a flat organization "where we can all communicate...without any walls and barriers between us"
  7. In his opening statement, Kevyn says he wants to learn from Ralph and his staff. What a leader!!
  8. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/02-14-sabres-vice-president-of-business-administration-kevyn-adams Adams on WGR back in February. Not exactly any clues in there about how he’d run a team — but, frankly, as someone who thought Botterill came across as an idiot in every interview he ever did, I can already tell I’ll find Adams refreshing
  9. Well, wouldn’t have been my move. Must be a primary consideration for Terry and Kim to fix their reputation in the league for being too quick to fire people. And Botts seems to be respected by people around the league, for whatever reason. If I squint I guess I can live with it as a long-term strategy play. And I guess I’ll have to live with it because, hell, what choice do I have? I couldn’t quit these jerks no matter how hard I tried
  10. "Kim Pegula has taken on the role of president for all five of PSE’s teams and with an inner circle that has gotten smaller and less experienced over the past two years." I find this chilling. No person could be president of five large entities and serve any of them well.
  11. Public opinion of them is gonna matter a lot when they come looking for taxpayer money for a new Bills stadium in a few years. Why they would incur this totally self-inflicted wound over pocket change (for them) is beyond me. There is simply mounting evidence these people are morons.
  12. Hey, at least that guy in the other thread who thought fans should be ejected for booing must be happy!
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