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  1. What does it all mean? I don't know if I'm ready to fully open up my heart to this team. The pain of last year still lingers. They wouldn't do it again, right?
  2. 10 would be interesting. With what I envision the three of them would be eating, I might pass out from the methane cloud that encircles the table.
  3. Can we start some Eklund-style rumors? This is getting really boring.
  4. John Ogrondick (402 Career goals) versus Patrick Roy. It was nice knowing you all. P.S. I could also choose Dave Snuggerud
  5. They gave Meier an assist so I guess they determined he did make contact
  6. Maybe they should just fight each other. It would make it more interesting. Housley would spin it as "they showed heart" or something.
  7. I thought Dahlin started the breakout to Rodrigues on Pommers goal. No assist given.
  8. I totally agree they are not on Hall’s level from last year. The voting was based solely on this year only. Hall and Barkov have similar stats but on teams below .500 at this point.
  9. 18 different players got at least one vote including Taylor Hall, Seth Jones, and Barkov. Skinner and Eichel are at least on their level.
  10. Nhl.com staff voted on leaders for the various awards at the quarter pole. Barry Trotz is leading the Jack Adams and there is not even a Sabre receiving a vote for the Hart. I get it, homerism and such, but that seems a bit wonky.
  11. Eklund says the Leafs wil trade Nylander here for Skinner plus prospects. It has been Skinner's dream to play in Toronto and would take less to sign there. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Leafs-Could-End-Up-w-Prospects--Skinner-for-Nylander-Faulk-and-NYI-e3/1/96139
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