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  1. I don't see color. Everyone is equal in my book
  2. From his Wiki page: Kevyn William Adams (born October 8, 1974) is the current yes man of the Pegulas Raise your hand if you're responsible
  3. Slipknob Gimp Bizkit (the name was ruined to start) Depeche Mole The Doobie Brothels
  4. Rob just said, "This is a good road game for both teams."
  5. The Zamboni drivers I'm watching right now are more exciting than this nonsense
  6. I brought my kids to their first game tonight. At least they got a free foam stick ?
  7. What does it all mean? I don't know if I'm ready to fully open up my heart to this team. The pain of last year still lingers. They wouldn't do it again, right?
  8. 10 would be interesting. With what I envision the three of them would be eating, I might pass out from the methane cloud that encircles the table.
  9. Can we start some Eklund-style rumors? This is getting really boring.
  10. John Ogrondick (402 Career goals) versus Patrick Roy. It was nice knowing you all. P.S. I could also choose Dave Snuggerud
  11. They gave Meier an assist so I guess they determined he did make contact
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