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  1. Big announcement: we've traded all of our $750,000 signings for one player costing $800,000
  2. A $750,000 defenseman? Well that's new!
  3. That sounds lovely. The hospital may frown upon a nurse day drinking, but I think I'll take my chances
  4. I got a funny feeling this morning that we're going to.... Sign some more dregs of the league at $750,000 a pop and do nothing with Eichel, thus accelerating my descent into madness
  5. Yeah baby! Welcome to Fun Town!
  6. Any goalie that can finish above .500 on that mess of a team last year deserves an overpayment, especially considering we have so much money to spend to get to the floor. If the Bruins offered him ridiculous money, maybe I can understand
  7. Ray Ferraro on TSN on Dadonov: “This does set up in Vegas for Jack Eichel, for something big.” 🤔
  8. Doesn't matter what we get for Eichel now
  9. Did it ring any bells once you looked it up?
  10. Random expansion trivia: Who did the Sharks take from the Sabres in their expansion draft? If anyone knows this without looking it up, I'm worried about you.
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