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  1. Looks like they only have S-XL. Stinks. There are a lot of us old overweight former athletes out here that need 2XL's !!! ☺️ span widget
  2. I'm fine with that. Macy's is overpriced shiny stuff made in Chinese sweatshops. 😉 Long term could prove wise. Wait and be patient to see the entire picture. Don't gasp at every little brush stroke.
  3. I realize it's a bit of apples vs oranges, but I can't help but compare this high vitriolic reaction to our pick as to a certain 1st rd pick at #7 by the Bills just 3 short years ago. (See Josh Allen) Just a reminder that we wont really know how this pick stacks up for a while. Give it time folks. This is not the Sabres' Apocalypse. 😉
  4. So @LGR4GM, who do you like/hope for our next pic round?
  5. No one can argue that we need more depth scoring. I am hopeful this will be a fruitful pick to that end. #focusingonthepositive
  6. Listening to the press interview with him now. Sounds solid, impressed with his maturity. Spent past 6 months in gym to get even bigger/stronger so he can still make plays/score while big NHL-ers are trying to knock him off the puck. While like many here, I wanted his linemate, Rossi, I am more comfortable with this pick. A solid piece to the TEAM puzzle. Time will tell.
  7. Hey Weave, I'm at Chautauqua right now! My family has a cottage on the lake just outside Chautauqua Institution. Where are your fave fishing spots here? Would be fun to connect over a cast and a Labatt Blue!
  8. If that actually happened, It would most likely be the most memorable Stanley Cup in NHL history because of the once in a lifetime global circumstances. A silver lining way to view it rather than a tainted asterisk.
  9. Bottom line... We win 5 on 5. Colorado won 5 on 4. That was the difference in this well-fought well-played game by our beloved Sabres.
  10. This! Hold your heads high Swordsmen & fans. Tonight's game was well fought. Keep fighting the good fight and playing this way and the future is ours to make happen. Not expecting playoffs this year, but games like this establish us as a force to recon with and next year with some summer trades and promoted depth.... I like the track we are on.
  11. Been fantastic hockey. Win or lose, proud of our boys vs a great team.
  12. On the positive side, Colorado has only been able to score with a man advantage. We still are playing well.
  13. Let's keep this energy and tenacity all 60 min boys! This is an effort that wins games against good teams.
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