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  1. It will be a tough uphill battle with the way the rest of the teams ahead of us are playing (Philly, Leafs, Canes, Lightning), but still lots of time for anything to happen. If we can play like we did tonight on a consistent basis, we will get hot and streak some wins together, while some of the other teams get key injuries and have a losing streak. If we are ramping up with consistency in play at just the right time, that with the eventual return of Skinner and Goaloffson, and 8th or even higher is possible. My bet is Wild Card is our best hope. But as an eternal Sabres optimist, my hope tank is still full and am routing for a solid playoff positioning. Let's GO Buff-a-lo!!!
  2. Buffalove all the way around. Aud Club is such a great community! Grateful for all of you, and special props to Oliver_Cromwell for his initiative in transparency and contrition. All is well. Go Sabres! Go Bills!
  3. Encouraging to hear.... Hating us means they think we are good!
  4. Love idea of planting Risto in front of goalie on PP. I've been calling for us to acquire a Dave Andrechuck type who is big and can live on the goalie doorstep and not get pushed aside. Need that on more than PP though. Risto's comment during intermission interview, (in classic Ivan Drago monotone voice) "I love playing in front of the net. I can create chaos, hit people, and make the goalie angry." Great to see, now lets see more of that!
  5. Agree PA. Living in the Metro DC area I see how a major sports franchise (Redskins) has finally completely lost its always loyal fan base. I thought I would never see it, but born & bred multi-generational Skins fans have turned hostile and now completely apathetic. My fear is that is what could happen in Buffalo soon if something doesn't change soon. I don't think we can wait until the trade deadline either. #DoSomethingNowJason
  6. Watching tonight's game and it occurred to me... I really miss Dave Andrechuck. Huge and always planted in front of the net on the goalie's doorstep. We sure could use him on this team that has a major void in that behavior and resulting goal scoring. #50thSeason #MissingGloryDays
  7. Not a turn on Jack, just disappointed. Not like him. But then again, trying to hard and making a bad decision...
  8. This 3rd Period will definitely show the spine of this year's team. Potential on Sobotka's 2P ending goal to have a locker room rally along with HCRK's positive wisdom and adjustments and a 3P played with passion and execution, taking ownership of this game playing "Sabres Hockey." Also possible we fold and say "It just wasn't our night" Looking forward to the final period. Time to refill my bourbon.
  9. Maybe I spoke too soon. How crazy would it be if Sobotka was the goal that was the hinge that turned the game in the waning seconds of the 2nd period?
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