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  1. Hey Weave, I'm at Chautauqua right now! My family has a cottage on the lake just outside Chautauqua Institution. Where are your fave fishing spots here? Would be fun to connect over a cast and a Labatt Blue!
  2. If that actually happened, It would most likely be the most memorable Stanley Cup in NHL history because of the once in a lifetime global circumstances. A silver lining way to view it rather than a tainted asterisk.
  3. Bottom line... We win 5 on 5. Colorado won 5 on 4. That was the difference in this well-fought well-played game by our beloved Sabres.
  4. This! Hold your heads high Swordsmen & fans. Tonight's game was well fought. Keep fighting the good fight and playing this way and the future is ours to make happen. Not expecting playoffs this year, but games like this establish us as a force to recon with and next year with some summer trades and promoted depth.... I like the track we are on.
  5. Been fantastic hockey. Win or lose, proud of our boys vs a great team.
  6. On the positive side, Colorado has only been able to score with a man advantage. We still are playing well.
  7. Let's keep this energy and tenacity all 60 min boys! This is an effort that wins games against good teams.
  8. Great to see some scrapping against the Pens. Why can't we see this team spirit, grit, and execution all season long?
  9. Double minor for such a ticky tacky penalty? Since it's Eichel, that means our entire team is in the box for 4 minutes!
  10. Excellent insight on NHL stick shortage because of Corona Virus. (shows how epicly poor the on ice action is to call actual play by play). The only thing that sucks worse than our team right now is NBC Sports.
  11. It will be a tough uphill battle with the way the rest of the teams ahead of us are playing (Philly, Leafs, Canes, Lightning), but still lots of time for anything to happen. If we can play like we did tonight on a consistent basis, we will get hot and streak some wins together, while some of the other teams get key injuries and have a losing streak. If we are ramping up with consistency in play at just the right time, that with the eventual return of Skinner and Goaloffson, and 8th or even higher is possible. My bet is Wild Card is our best hope. But as an eternal Sabres optimist, my hope tank is still full and am routing for a solid playoff positioning. Let's GO Buff-a-lo!!!
  12. Buffalove all the way around. Aud Club is such a great community! Grateful for all of you, and special props to Oliver_Cromwell for his initiative in transparency and contrition. All is well. Go Sabres! Go Bills!
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