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  1. Last Game of the Year Cheers! Praying this is not RJ's last. Eternally hopeful for next season. Love to all of you fellow forever fan kin here at SabreSpace Aud Club Go Sabres!
  2. OK, I have to share some DJ-Keith 80's inspiration. (Yes, I was a radio & club DJ back in the glory days) This song goes out to the current Buffalo Sabres roster as you take on the Bruins tonight! I'm so excited to see Will Borgen back in action alongside Bryson, Samuelsson, Dahlin, Joker D-Corps. Our future Captain, Dylan Cozens. The emergence of the Middlestadt, Tage "Giraffe" Thompson, Rasmus line. Maybe even the long awaited debut of UPL in net! Go get 'em kids!!!!! Perhaps this song should be considered for our new Goal Song to replace that wretched one we have now and rem
  3. I'm with you brother curmudgeon! Leadership has been wanting - actually vapid on our beloved team. I believe that is the problem with Jack as our Captain. He has shown zero leadership skill sets. Elite hockey skill sets, but that does not a leader make. My biggest desire for the offseason is for management to bring in a proven LEADER of a team who can wear the C for a year or two and mentor those precious skill sets in our next Captain (Probably Cozens). That is why I could live with an Eichel trade (assuming a solid return on asset). If he stays on the team, but gets his C ta
  4. I was impressed with his size & strength for being so young. A solid dude who will clear anyone who tries to get in front of the net. Yes, I was also impressed with his calm/not panicked play. Looked mature beyond his babyness. Excited to see his future unfold. He and Borgen will be solid "stay at home" yet excellent puck-moving defensemen (especially that first pass out of the zone). Bright days ahead.
  5. Congrats to Tokarski's 1st win. What an enjoyable game against a top NHL team. Keep it up kids!
  6. Agree on Exposing Olofsson over Borgen. Specifically because of the Identity GMKA keeps talking about wanting Sabres to possess. Olofsson is a one-trick pony with his elite shot, but spends ALL of his time skating around the perimeter. Does he even know how to hit? How to out-compete the guy across from him? He is useless in 5 on 5 because of this. And is why all of his goals come on the power play (which are also trending down as most teams have figured him out). Borgen on the other hand is a solid reliable D-man with some jam & is a real compliment to be lined up with the more off
  7. Nope, just generally agree/align with your takes on our Swordsmen. But since you brought it up, can I get your autograph! 🤩
  8. I was listening too and actually yelled out loud for them to stop! Mike Schopp is OBSESSED with Fantasy sports. With Bulldog out, Sneaky Joe is another bigtime Fantasy guy. Not a hate on them thing, just factual description. All the NFL draft talk was primarily in regards to impact on Fantasy & Betting on the Draft. Agree totally that this was excruciatingly painful to sit through as I tuned in specifically at 3pm (after Tasker/Brown Bills Show) to hear discussion of such a major & long-term impactful SABRES news day. Unless you are a Fantasy geek, Schopp has becom
  9. Samson played a very passive game tonight. Instead of driving to net when he had chance he made drop pass. 1 Shot on net in 3rd P (not counting the other with goalie pulled) is beyond unacceptable. HCDG better rip these guys a new one. It's a tall order to expect a win against the Caps tomorrow night, but I want to see our boys come out of the gate blazing with some piss & vinegar in their game.
  10. Whoever wins tonight, I have really enjoyed watching this game. Good, enjoyable hockey... I almost forgot my love.
  11. Woman's Tee: "My Ideal Weight is Matt Ellis on top of me" -Serious Puck Bunny
  12. Part of me wants to see Kevin Adams step in for a game as HC while the official interim coach (or perhaps perm coach) is put in place. Kevin could get some front line time both hearing any catharsis from players, but even more importantly, he could instill the fear of God in them as to their lack of passion & compete. Make it the most miserable practice they have ever had to endure.
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