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  1. Thanks for posting this! Can’t wait to watch! RJ looks like a kid! Looks a bit like Captain Kangaroo!!!
  2. I’ve kind of forgotten how much I liked Afinogenov back then.
  3. Campbell’s famous destruction of Umberger!!!
  4. 11/5/05? Sabres didn’t play Washington on that date. I’m confused.
  5. Brandon Montour is 16 days old today! Hope he grows up to play for the Sabres!
  6. Long marathon sex sessions are ALWAYS a good substitute for Sabre’s hockey!!!
  7. Thanks for all the discussion. To me, the need for a better backup goalie is the most easily addressed. The tough one is our lack of a real solid 2c. That move, or lack thereof, will decide JBot’s future - if he even HAS a future...
  8. I’m a new guy around here, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. How realistic is it to think we can get a better backup goalie, a good 2c, and maybe a physical defensive defenseman this offseason? Salary cap considerations included.
  9. The masochist in me tells me to watch this game tonight. The sadist part hopes that all of you folks watch, too!
  10. I don’t mean to derail the thread, but what does everyone here think of the WGR guys? I personally can’t listen to them for more than a few minutes, speaking of the morning show and especially Schopp. Schopp has this smug attitude and presents himself as some genius who’s bored with sports and just says things to stir people up.
  11. Thanks everyone! Wednesday’s Colorado game will tell us a lot about whether or not we are idiots for being buyers today, though we didn’t give up much to “buy”.
  12. Hi everyone, just joined the site after lurking this year. I’ve been a fan for many years and figured I should occasionally throw in my two cents. Followed the deadline deals and have to say I like both trades. Pittsburgh must think Sheary can revert to his old form from Penguin days, otherwise can’t understand why they’d make this trade today.
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