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Seattle Expansion - Early Sabres List

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4 hours ago, triumph_communes said:

We have this last season of cap hell left before the light comes.  There is no cap banking going on with the LTIR and we will not be able to acquire a high cap rental at the deadline this year.  Please, set your expectations lower now.  A pick for a rental winger isn't possible.  If the trade is not cap neutral, it won't happen.


You can simply argue that Botterill saw the analytics behind the last two seasons and knew there was no reason to make a move that didn't heavily favor long-term implications.  And I would've agreed with that.  No one winger was salvaging last season.  Montour, which he did acquire, barely made a dent.


Five straight years of 2nd rounders for useless rentals, and misses on 1st rounders, is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Let's not hastily run back there.

Nobody (especially me) is saying to go out and mortgage the future for a playoff run today.  (Hopefully the response to GA further clarifies where I was headed in the post you replied to.)

But, if the price to get these guys most likely get into the playoffs this year rather than next is a player at a position there is abundance (and abundance in the pipeline) and a 2nd rounder, considering how much quality youth is in the system, I'm fine with that. 

And as long as Bogosian is still out, this season's cap is only negligibly factoring into any realistic moves as there will almost definitely be somebody else that ends up out for 10+ games before this season is out.  So Bogosian could roll onto LTIR if needed and then the next guy in the infirmary would be able to supplant him should he be ready to go at some point this season.

It's probably all moot any way as another D injury could keep Botterill from going that way even if he is inclined.  (Which I'm not convinced he is.  Again, my concern is that this is viewed by upper management as a throwaway year by his time line and if the team out performs, great; and if it doesn't, it wasn't expected to anyhow.)

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