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1 hour ago, GoPre said:

Here's the first trailer for Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker


It looks awesome!  Of course.... Episode 8 had a great trailer, and that turned out to be a huge disappointment.  

The title is an instant attention grabber.  The Rise of Skywalker?  What does the title really mean?  A number of ideas are already being debated.  

Simply cannot wait for Episode 9 to be released in December.  


Let me add - I don’t think the title is making reference to Rey as a Skywalker.  I’m leaning towards the idea of younger generations viewing Skywalker as a legend.   Hence - Tbe rise of Skywalker.  

And then there’s the laugh at the end of the trailer right before the title reveal. That one is a much more stunning moment for me than the title. 

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45 minutes ago, Hoss said:

Episode 8 was the best Star Wars movie ever made

Well.... second best. But agree about it being great

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That new show Warrior looks interesting. Commercials say it based on the writings of Bruce Lee. I’ll look into it and get back.

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