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  1. I would love to take your comment at face value and simply say what does any of that have to do with my saying I don't think he colludes with Russia. But your snark and condescension is littered thru out so I think I will simply say may gnats eat at your genitals for 40 days and ignore you
  2. But trump is racist and unhinged. I would say he colludes with Russia, but no intelligent person would ever collude with him on something illegal because he will throw you under the bus instantly. However you can say he begged Russians for help
  3. Considering he has been able to twist sexual assault, not fighting in Vietnam, and multiple bankruptcies into getting elected. I feel confident that he can twist his incompetence with covid-19 into a positive for re-election
  4. What is political about a third world dictator that an elected official of a first world nation has repeatedly praised for the dictator like policies they have
  5. I have just started looking at the raycons. did you get the e25 or e55? One of the things holding me back from getting them was the reviews saying the bass overpowered everything else.
  6. Yep. Just gonna finish one more quest and stop lol
  7. He is an unintentional liar? It is not easy to recognize one's own bias
  8. As if warning points matter in the apocalypse
  9. Scifi channel miniseries (back when that was they did). if I recall right it had the highest (double previous record)viewership the channel ever had until the BSG miniseries showed up. It also had a follow up miniseries children of dune. I think the first one is great. It allowed them to go deeper into the story compared to the movie. The second miniseries was simply ok.
  10. It is such a good game. I bought a ps4 because of that game
  11. The early history of christianity forming into a religion and political power is fascinating.
  12. I was catholic because of my mother. But by the time I got into my teens I turned away from religion in general. Now I consider myself an agnostic. I have a fascination with all religions. Mostly in the stories and the evolution of the faiths.
  13. Ff7 remake, check Irish old fashioned, check Shelter in home orders, sure
  14. So you are playing nickelback on repeat?! I'll show myself out...
  15. Ya but, on an anonymous test 76% of Republicans approved of a positive result
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