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  1. I seem to be an outlier. I first started watching the WWF on what I recall as a Saturday afternoon show that came on after the morning cartoons. It was peak Hulk Hogan era so late 80s early 90s. But I stopped watching until college and the attitude era and that is by far my favorite it had such a great cast of characters to love and hate. It probably helped that we all piled into dorm rooms and got drunk and stoned before watching.
  2. if he manages to bring the presidency back to any semblance of pre-trumpf normalcy I will consider it a win. But i doubt the Republican Party and in particular the trumpf base will allow anything to return to normal
  3. I mean....what sort of maniac likes shots?
  4. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries
  5. The hypocrisy going on is massive. I recall a fair amount of people telling/gloating after 2016 and telling people to move on cause he won. I believe the margin of EC is ending up the same but flipped and the popular vote broke near the same as last time. Yet over 50% of Republicans say the election was stolen. I saw someone talk about the SC shutting down faithless electors. I could be wrong but doesn't that ruling only apply to states that have laws saying the electors have to vote with the popular vote? If so it will only apply to a handful of states
  6. It is amazing how so many conversations end up with you in some fashion calling people "snowflakes". I have recently been watching twitch streams of people playing Among Us and they have a term that reminds me of how you "play" in conversations, it is called third imposter
  7. and 2nd place you shall stay for I am the champion
  8. irish whisky is good for all occasions! just like the irish...
  9. first day of early voting in new york and the location in Kenmore had a line wrapped around the building to start the day and 3/4th of the way around by 4:30pm
  10. did he also say no one has done more for "the blacks" compared to him? Or that his favorite book is the bible and when asked for his favorite passage did he say he had to many to say one? wait... did he ever tell some people that when you are a star you can do anything and just grab em by the ***** cause they let you? I think we may be talking about the same guy.
  11. IMO mitch thinks the party has a better chance with voters on the stimulus package and it is easier to turn blame on the Democrats
  12. not getting it passed before the election hurts republicans beyond just the presidental election. Personally I think he wants to direct the media away from the SCOTUS vote and towards the stimulus package fight
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