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  1. Honestly, I would be surprised if he isn't already having the DOJ investigating thous that challenge him
  2. It is apart of Republican political doctrine to support party leaders without question in public. It is why they control the message so well. The voting public is no check on trump delusionalism due to the first two parts. I think we have a fair chance to get into a scary situation with the coming election. Fresh off being impeached and not removed, the orange man gets re-elected and the House and Senate both become slight Democrat majorities. With a normal president it might be 4 years of do nothing politics. But with our super smart stable genius in charge I will be scared to see what happens.
  3. Trump supporters and Republicans that tolerate him remind me of someone in a abusive relationship. We all see the abuse and we see the scummy stuff the abuser does. But I'll be damned if we can get them to acknowledge the facts
  4. Having played the games and read the books, I loved it. For someone watching it without having read/played the other media I am not sure how well it will translate
  5. Commander in orange, he didn't sacrifice and seperate himself from all that money he makes from his businesses to just be called the orange man!
  6. I really enjoyed the refs calling out the timekeepers for running the clock on a stoppage. I assume the home team provides the teamkeepers?
  7. For me, it was not a bad movie. But it was also not a great movie. They clearly did not plan the trilogy out, so much of the movie should have been setup better in the previous 2 movies. Even thou the movie felt like a lot of fan service I liked most of it. Also adam driver was the best he has been in the 3 movies. So you can properly rate the above opinions, I think TLJ is the best Disney star wars media and either the 3rd or 4th best star wars movie
  8. I am glad we found something we agree on about trump defenders
  9. The Republican politicians are cowards. They know he should not have been put in office. As pointed out many even said so originally. But I suppose it should not be a surprise none of them agree with the impeachment, hard to support convicting someone of something you yourself are doing.
  10. To be fair the commander in orange has not made it difficult to get evidence of his crimes. He has just obstructed the first hand accounts of his direct involvement
  11. I have never been a fan of Junior. He made or had decisions made that went against American ideals. Obama also made decisions that I did not agree with. Even so, I do not doubt that they both came into public service wanting to do good and representing others. Trumpfh has always and will always care only about serving himself and his self-interest.
  12. That is a Republican specialty. Taking a simple narrow answer for a complicated issue and jamming it down everyone's throat. It is why they win so many elections. They are the masters of the soundbyte answer
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