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  1. Sounds like trump is starting his own hitler youths program.
  2. I read somewhere that a fair number of Republicans that say they aren't voting for him end up voting for him in the privacy of the voting booth
  3. not a vet but i bet i know the answer. the breaking point is right down the party line
  4. If the candidate lies about everything, why would anyone connected to the campaign be any different?
  5. So you are arguing that the Republicans are in fear of or pro Muslim? Because it was the Republicans that pushed to open everything to quickly
  6. Much like the sports v politics, that will be difficult because he is literally using the powers of his office to help him in the election. The lines are so blurred they barely exist in current america
  7. here's hoping the world pulls a Han Solo and ignores the odds
  8. I understand that by the strict definition it is fearmongering. But that term has a negative connotation that I associate with using an outrageous claim to stoke the fear. It is one thing to tell people to fear a shark attack if you are in the ocean next to a whale carcass and a very different thing to do in Colorado. The behavior of the orange-man has made us redefine what is outrageous. Remember when you didn't fear a secret police rounding up protesters? Or when you didn't hear the leader of the USA say journalist should be shot as traitors?
  9. Sorry but I don't see "fight to preserve our democracy" as fearmongering. We have a president that constantly praises dictators and says and does things a dictator does. People need to get more outraged at the actions of the orange man
  10. What if tiffany is the real mastermind behind everything and the commander in orange is just the puppet!
  11. somehow i think the good ole boys club of being an ex-president will keep him out of jail... even thou he absolutely should be made an example of for future presidents. i give it 50-50 odds that once he is out of office and the evidence starts to mount that whomever is the current president will throw out the I will pardon him no matter what line.
  12. In a good world the trump name and association would make one a pariah. But we don't live in a good world. However, I don't think you will see one of his kids run until he has lost influence and/or the right to hold office
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