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  1. Because in a dictatorship no one can have oversight on the dictator
  2. Good ole party before country politics shall win out the day.
  3. Government, travesty of a government, because you know the Senate will fail to remove.
  4. You probaly also hate puppies and boobies
  5. I would like to comment. The man treats the office like he is the head of the mafia, so it is unsurprising that he would attack a former soldier if said soldier would dare to question him
  6. The behavior of Republicans can be understood if you view them as cult members following a cult leader
  7. Coming from EU content super leia wasn't all that super. Cheesy sure, but not out of left field either
  8. Yes yes and the holocaust wasn't just the systematic slaughter of the jews. It was a calculated outburst to focus the news cycle talk about it instead of previous scandals. It is the SOP of his psychosis
  9. To be fair they have never had a clue of what to do with captain phasma. It is almost like the entire concept of the character was cool looking badass armor. Wait, it kinda was.
  10. I am one of the few star wars fans that I know that read/played most of the old EU stuff and loved TLJ. I still think most of the hate for the movie surrounds Luke's character. I honestly don't understand it either. In the EU Luke had many moments of failure. If you look at just the movies he absolutely should be a mess once he processes everything that happened in the original trilogy. He was manipulated from birth to be a weapon to kill the emperor and his father and let's not forget falling in love with his secret sister.
  11. I think the player has to agree to it.
  12. And still Republicans will not turn. Kinda seems like being a Republican politician is like being a cult member
  13. Seems like par for the course with the commander in orange regime
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