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  1. Since 2007, 55.1 percent of teams starting out 2-0 finished playoff qualifiers. Let’s go Buffalo.
  2. I understand the “going conservative” route, but give me a break.
  3. Last 4 drives have been terrible
  4. It’d be awesome if Bills tried to go deep on the first play of the half.
  5. 0 pass yards for Manning so far.... wow
  6. Lol Yeah... Yeah... I stand corrected. Holy smokes what a quarter to watch!!!! Let’s go Buffalo!!!
  7. Typical Buffalo sports!!!! Come on Bills!!! Defense!!!
  8. Who was he throwing to?!?! Terrible miscommunication!
  9. I know it’s bad to say, but if the Jets collect even a field goal on this drive, it’s a loss for Buffalo.
  10. Both teams suck - Is this really an NFL game?
  11. Almost a half played. 0 offensive points for both teams. Ouch.
  12. 3 turnovers for Allen... *INT wasn’t completely on him... But yeah - New roster.... same results
  13. Yep! I also think it’s a definite Return of the Jedi. Last movie for the Skywalkers. Abrams is playing it safe to ensure it ends on a high note. One most fans will be content with. And I’ll be one of the fans that sees it 3 times.... 😡😂
  14. I liked the new trailer. People seemed to like the force awakens much more than the last Jedi. I know I did. Force Awakens still felt like a Star Wars movie. The Last Jedi did not. So I’d be fine w/ Abrams using the same strategy w/ the rise of Skywalker. Episode 9 is bringing the Skywalker story to an end. Stay w/ what has worked.
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