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  1. Daniel Jones tripped over his own feet w/ the entire defense behind him. Pretty funny to watch. Bills ever win a game w/out scoring a touchdown? 🤬 Looked it up. They beat Miami in 2012 w/out a touchdown.
  2. Daniel Jones tripped over his own feet w/ the entire defense behind him. Pretty funny to watch.
  3. It’s a Buffalo thing. Sabres won 9 of their first 12 last season. They were terrible after that. Bills start 4-0.... now they suck.
  4. This team has gone from one extreme to the other. Teams played in the last 3 weeks have put this offense into check. Allen seems to be back to overthinking and trying to force big plays to happen. Tre’Davious White has fallen off the map. Tied for first last year in interceptions w/ 6. This year he has 0. In fact, the entire secondary has 0. Holy smokes this team sucks. 3 games in a row of being flat out controlled. This team will not make the playoffs.
  5. I agree. Different projected drafts have 4 defensive ends going in the first round. The Bills were missing 4 starters tonight. 2 of them being key defensive players. They’ll be at least a wild card team going 10-6. That record last year was as high as pick number 22, so the Bills would likely have more than 1 first round defensive end to consider should they have that pick.
  6. If there’s a quality free agent sure. They need help on the defense immediately. It’s terrible.
  7. Well.... Bills can pick up Le’veon Bell.
  8. And if a another team has an outbreak due to not following the rules or guidelines, the NFL cannot punish them. Let one team slide you gotta let all of them.
  9. Bills give up another 3rd down this game is over.
  10. I would’ve kicked the extra point. Bills would be down 11. Wouldn’t need two TD scoring drives. Only go for two when you truly have to....
  11. Bills have played w/ no heart tonight. Seems like they don’t even want to be there.
  12. Wow.... just wow And now another drive saying penalty for the Titans. You’ve got to be kidding.
  13. Bills are looking like the team that had no practice time this week. Their defense is terrible. Both Milano and White are out.
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