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  1. KC wont be able stop the San Fran run
  2. Umm..... at least for me it’s time to turn the game off. San Fran won’t blow this game.
  3. Packers next drive pretty much determines if this will be a game worth watching.
  4. Same here. Incredible game. A must play.
  5. LSU had greatest season ever? Mike Greenberg of ESPN shared the information. 15-0 record 726 points scored - single season record (ap poll era) Awards won by players/coaches Heisman, Maxwell, Walter Camp, Davey O'Brien, Biletnikoff, Thorpe, Broyles along w/ multiple Coach of the Years honors for Orgeron Never trailed in 4th quarter Only time trailed by double-digits was against Clemson (17-7), before outscoring Clemson 35-8 Defeated a record 7 AP top-10 teams, including going 4-0 against top-5 teams Only team ever to beat entire AP preseason top 4 Defeated Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and Georgia by avg 19.6 points Those 5 teams posted a combined 60-4 record against non-LSU opponents Greatest.Season.Ever . *Not an LSU fan
  6. Anyone watch 1917 yet? Might check it out this weekend.
  7. I second the Botterill firing.
  8. Wow This is so Buffalo. Doesn’t make sense to not go for a 4th and 1 deep in KC’s territory, and then attempt a fake punt in their own end. That all comes down to the head coach. Terrible decision making. And many thought blowing a 16 point was bad.
  9. Texans already up 14-0. 5 min into the game. Wow. Too bad the Bills blew it.... And now it’s 21-0! Still 1st quarter.
  10. Buffalo.... land of the the “bottom sixers”....
  11. How often has a GM been given more than 3 years to put together a playoff caliber team? That seriously does not seem the norm. No matter the circumstances or problems the previous GM left behind. If there is a former GM on the market w/ credible experience, hire the guy. If not, does it really matter? Franchise hasn’t had any type of success since 2011.
  12. Tua declared for the 2020 draft. Even though there is uncertainty w/ his injury, he's projected to be a top 10 pick. Latest mock draft has Tua going to Miami as the 5th overall pick.
  13. Already can’t wait for Friday.
  14. Unless there’s something I’m missing, what’s with the talk on Cam Newton? He has a year left on his contract. The Colts would have to give something up to make him their quarterback. Why do that?
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