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  1. This. May actually take a change in ownership for this franchise to regain the respect or appreciation it once had.
  2. Krueger is 34-37. How is that insane? Just because games are close does not mean a coach is performing well enough to not be canned. A change is needed.
  3. Not speaking for anyone else, but I could not pull for the Sabres if they left Buffalo. Would never do it.
  4. Yes - And enjoying it more every single episode. I’ll admit after the first I had little hope for it, but as the story continued to build w/ each episode I came to love it. Something to look forward to once a week.
  5. I didn’t see the first two goals scored, but the 3rd was soft. Shouldn’t have been off the post. Stood tall in the shootout though. He’s a quality tender.
  6. Just now had a chance to turn on the game. Only 9 shots going into the 3rd?!
  7. I’ve been having the same problem w/ a roku. When it happens I log out and then log back in. Has worked every time. Really starting to annoy me though....
  8. Exactly - Everyone is different. Different sport, but Brett Favre gave one of the best performances of his career one day after his dad died in 2003. Threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns on Monday Night Football.
  9. Ouch - That was a clear helmet to helmet. NFL blew that call. Possibly a 10 point swing.
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