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  1. And to think St. Louis started out w/ only 7 wins in the first 20 games.
  2. This is more of a vent. This has been said numerous times. The Sabres haven’t made the playoffs since 2011. They’ve been at the bottom league. Do they really have to worry about overspending for a proven elite player? The Sabres can’t get any worse. Sign Skinner. Have a player at the elite level for roughly 5 of the next 8 years. Does the overpay really matter for the latter part of his contract? Something is better than nothing. If the Sabres don’t re-sign Skinner, they will have nothing. It’s getting difficult to watch a team always prepping for the future.
  3. 9 is too much... hoping it’s no higher than 8.5 million. I’d be cool with that.
  4. Infinity War was made so well it made it as a sure in Endgame would be a disappointment. At least in my opinion it was.
  5. Never clapped or jumped w/ excitement when there was a big goal or save when watching at home?
  6. Avengers Endgame baby! It all goes down tonight. Can't wait!!
  7. Have only seen this period.... It has been all Carolina
  8. Dallas spanking Nashville only 10 min in the first.... up 3-0
  9. Here's the first trailer for Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker It looks awesome! Of course.... Episode 8 had a great trailer, and that turned out to be a huge disappointment. The title is an instant attention grabber. The Rise of Skywalker? What does the title really mean? A number of ideas are already being debated. Simply cannot wait for Episode 9 to be released in December. Let me add - I don’t think the title is making reference to Rey as a Skywalker. I’m leaning towards the idea of younger generations viewing Skywalker as a legend. Hence - Tbe rise of Skywalker.
  10. Skip to 2:13. That's what I'll remember most. RJ probably wishing he didn't say it....
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/TomBrady/status/1112751341259182080 Don't like Tom Brady.... but this was funny Patriots fans flipped out
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