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  1. What a blowout?! And Bass has to get it together.
  2. And the week after that Buff and Tenn
  3. Alright - make up for the blocked extra point with a 3 and out.
  4. Minus the first Cheats game the Bills pass defense is 172. Only 5 teams went north of 200 against Buffalo. It takes an elite defense to hold the NFL to 172 pass yards per game. Especially with the NFL being such a pass happy game today. But I know it all doesn’t matter. The only stat that counts is the win/loss. So let’s go Buffalo! Right here! Right now!!
  5. You sir are certainly a devoted fan. Very cool. Sabres will always be my favorite team in all sports, but the Bills are a very close second and will have my complete attention tonight.
  6. According to Bills by the numbers, the Bills pass defense only gave up 163 yards passing per game, and opposing teams passer ratings against the Bills was a scary low 65.3. This is by the numbers one of the top pass defenses in NFL history. Since 2005, only 12 teams have finished top 5 scoring and top 5 points allowed. Of those 12, 6 made it to the conference championship game. 4 made it to the super bowl. The Bills avg scoring margin in 2020 was +6.8. This year it is +11.4. Over the last 3 weeks the Bills have had the 3rd best running offense. Singletary has upped his game. He’s avg 4.12 yards per carry. All in all Buffalo is peaking at the right time. They’re healthy. Defense is scary good. The Bills offensive line is finally gelling. Let’s go Buffalo!!
  7. Alright Matt Ryan’s taunting became hilarious
  8. Game looked to be a blow out just a matter of minutes ago….
  9. I really don’t understand Daboll. Running Allen as if he was a running back? Using trickery w/ Diggs on Atlanta’s 14? Why? Score was 14-5. Seriously - Why? Daboll is a dumbass….
  10. And people felt Notre Dame belonged in the playoff?
  11. Up to the schools themselves to recruit and make their teams better. Can’t hold back a school because another cannot keep pace.
  12. And now 2 SEC teams in the title game.
  13. Thanks everyone for the info! I picked it up. Already enjoying it very much.
  14. Ok fellas - Thinking about drinking the cool aid (subscribing to ESPN+). Any of you use it regularly? Does it run well enough? Recommend it? I’m out of market, so I’ve used Center Ice in the past. Enjoyed it well enough.
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