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  1. I might buy it for the crest alone. Well done, Sabres.
  2. No. He's a very good player who would immediately upgrade our DE position, but he's not the game-changer Houston thought they were drafting. He also has a huge injury history. No clue what a deal for him would look like, but it's probably more than I'd be willing to commit.
  3. Yes! The NE style craze has gone too far. Everywhere I go it's all I find. I like the style, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want to be punched in the face by some bitter hops.
  4. Allow me to refer you to my "great players on bad teams don't get proper recognition" post in the top-10 thread. If Vegas keeps winning, I imagine Stone will be much higher on next year's list.
  5. Even if he was one of the 10 best players in the league (he's not), he'd be left off most lists as long as the team is bad. Players like McDavid who are so unquestionably amazing that they get included on these lists irrespective of team success are the exception.
  6. Other than Columbus, who? When you're a perennial bottom feeder, there are no games you're supposed to win. Okay, fine, we should beat Ottawa.
  7. I dunno, he's the same guy he was in Carolina. The only difference is he's scoring goals for us instead of against us. I'll continue to cheer every goal he scores, but I don't think he's a fundamentally different player. Well, I'd amend this slightly to say his contract is the going rate for what he gave us last season. It's an overpay if he reverts to his Carolina days and only delivers two 30-goal seasons.
  8. I'm in and I'm gonna...probably not win, but almost certainly finish higher than @WildCard
  9. Wedding planning is basically finished. Just need the invitations and we're done. And just in time, because if one more person who wasn't giving us a dime had offered their opinion I may be in jail for murder. Casually mentioned this in the Bills thread, but just ordered a new TV for sports season. When we relocated to Columbus we gained about 450 square feet, most of which was in the living room. Needless to say, the cheap 43" wasn't cutting it anymore. Got a killer deal on a 65" LG OLED from Dell and I'm super excited for it to arrive.
  10. He's a crazy person, but when I watch a highlight of Zay Jones dropping an easy pass, I still wish we'd have gotten him.
  11. Here's the thing: other teams also got better. Maybe we have 5-7 more wins in a vacuum, but that's far from a given. Did we get 5-7 wins better relative to the improvements other teams made? I'm highly skeptical. It's not impossible or anything, but with a gaping hole at center and huge questions in goal, I have a hard time being confident.
  12. Not an unfair rebuttal, but I think my point still holds up. Being in the NHL sooner but bad at it shouldn't be construed as a positive.
  13. I'm not watching tonight (because lol preseason football), but I did just order a new TV for the season.
  14. To be fair, I don't think Botterill making an (incorrect) judgment about Casey's NHL readiness is really a feather in his cap. There's no way to prove this, of course, but I'd bet more than 0 players for Mitts' draft class could have put up the turd of a season he did if their respective GMs had placed them in the NHL.
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