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  1. Holy crap. I mean, I know when it happened, but putting a number on it just makes it feel like eons ago. I wish I was older for it with clearer memories.
  2. Wait, so you're telling me that having a thug on the ice didn't protect someone via deterrence? Shocked, I say. Almost as if the entire notion of on-ice protection is a myth.
  3. I just want to take a moment to appreciate that we're even talking about this and it's not completely insane. Kinda sorta insane, but not completely.
  4. This comment could have been copied and pasted the last three seasons. We can't trade the Nylander pick. We can't trade the Mittelstadt pick. We can't trade the Cozens pick. None of those players helped in the near term. Sure we flipped Nylander, but that's...4 years after his draft year. Mittelstadt is in year 3 post-draft and stinks. Cozens might be an NHLer in year 2, but he might not be an impact player even if he's in the league for a few more seasons. Eichel, Reinhart, and Skinner are in their prime now. Dahlin will be. The time to win is now, not in 4 years. We should be done flushing away Eichel's prime years on maybes years away.
  5. More games like this and I'll start to believe in Josh Allen. He's been great.
  6. Why aren't they showing the Cowboys' box? I want to see Jerry's tears!
  7. Hot take incoming: I think Romo was better than Aikman.
  8. I'm not afraid. Cowboys are toast, and Garrett is getting fired tomorrow.
  9. He saw it and ruled it out. The ref trailing the play overruled and the crew went with it.
  10. Couldn't ask for a better Thanksgiving.
  11. McDermott failed to ice the kicker 😂🤣😂🤣 So bad. So so bad. Them missing the FG is poetic justice.
  12. I take it back. Cut him tomorrow.
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