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  1. Think you'd be happy about the rumors? Just wait until the inevitable "we don't need Brady, we have Allen" arguments.
  2. It would be a huge mistake unless he goes somewhere else that's really well-run (the Colts, for instance). I'm certainly not about to argue Brady is only great because of Belichick, but he definitely wouldn't have as many rings if he spent his career with even a merely good coach/GM.
  3. Brady and Belchick are 1a and 1b. Kraft is like...30. Anyway, there's no way he goes to another team. Retire, maybe. But he's not jumping ship.
  4. Sam Darnold tossing one of the worst QB performances I've ever seen at any level.
  5. Do you think that bookies don't use math when setting lines, including for season-long bets?
  6. You've done a complete 180 (or, well, I guess a 150 or so) because of 9 games? Irrational exuberance alert! This is the correct answer, minus the Marco gone at the deadline part. If we're in a playoff spot, or have a real shot at making it, I don't see the value in depleting defensive depth for a 4th round pick.
  7. Correct. But to answer what Derrico was actually asking, I'd say you should be more optimistic the team is good than at any point during the streak last year. But give it another 12 games before the numbers have predictive value.
  8. We were losing by 5 to start the 4th quarter. For an offense that couldn't do anything and a defense that was notably weaker than we're used to this season, we had a very real chance of losing. I think we're making the playoffs fairly comfortably, but we have to want more out of the QB than eking one out against one of the two worst teams in the league. Of course, you also think Trubisky is everything we want Allen to be, so I already know your bar for QB play is underground 😜🍻
  9. If Allen was fine, we need higher standards for QB play. Miami is one of the worst defenses in the league and they lost their best defensive player on the first drive. We were a heroic Tre White effort from losing.
  10. Andrew Luck retired just before the season...and the Colts are now in 1st in their division. I continue to have zero confidence in all things Bills offense, but the AFC is a dumpster fire, they're a playoff team, and they could fall backwards into a playoff win.
  11. Am ugly win is still a win. We're on to Philly!
  12. Maybe. Some of it was they appeared to be doing a lot of what NE did to cause Allen confusion. I just think the lack of talent finally gave way more than is figuring anything out.
  13. Tre White with a sanity-saving play.
  14. Anyone who isn't willing to give up a significant asset for a real WR is crazy. We're still dying for help at the position.
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