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  1. The system having the tools to fight a pandemic is worlds different than those tools being utilized by leadership. The index speaks to the former, not the latter. "The media" (see also: the president's own words) speak to the latter. It's not the media's fault it took the president a week to go from blabbering about the Defense Production Act to actually using it. It's not the media's fault that the president takes to Twitter to yell about GM using a plant it doesn't even own anymore. It's not the media's fault the president said "Completely contained. 15 cases soon down to zero" a month ago.
  2. Okay Don. You don't help the economy by opening up shop, you help the economy by effectively fighting the virus. These things are not independent of one another, and pretending there is some alternate universe in which things aren't shut down, the virus is running unchecked, and the economy is humming along as if everything is normal is a universe that doesn't exist.
  3. I'm on day 7 of working from home and I want to gouge my eyes out.
  4. Correct. Maybe there is something flawed in their hiring process and McBeane was just pure luck, but the evidence seems to suggest a good GM is a good GM regardless of what these owners do. Hard to argue.
  5. I don't expect my local bar is a couple years away from asking for hundreds of millions of public dollars for a stadium. It's not the same.
  6. So did Austin Ekeler, yet he managed to produce just fine.
  7. If we pay a bunch of money to a RB, I swear....
  8. I was with you last year at this time, but given how the season played out, I think McBeane gets another kick at the QB can if Allen doesn't take the next step unless the team completely implodes this season.
  9. The Falcons stink, and will probably continue to do so until there is a regime change. The Saints are very, very good.
  10. Tampa makes by far the most sense for Brady if he's looking to get paid and put up monster numbers. Doesn't hurt that there's only one other NFL team in the division.
  11. I'd have liked to keep the 4th, but whatever. The 5th and 6th didn't have a great chance to make this roster, and we weren't getting a better player in the 1st. Compared to the Hopkins deal, yes. But Bill O'Brien as a baseline probably isn't fair, and #1 WRs rarely get moved in their prime. Prices being equal I'd have preferred Hopkins, but I assume we didn't have a piece of Johnson's value (in O'Brien's eyes) to do it. Mostly I'm happy to see the team finally prioritize offense. And it also has the happy consequence of removing excuses for Allen.
  12. If Stefon Diggs played for the Panthers, we probably would have traded three 1sts for him by now.
  13. "You're in your poor situation only because of your choices" is the holy grail of gratuitous partisan potshots. You just don't perceive it that way because of your own leanings.
  14. "I don't agree with your life choices without knowing a single thing about your life, therefore you deserve to face financial hardship" is pretty inhumane. But you do you.
  15. I actually think such a decision would be worthy of scrutiny. Plenty of people are and are going to donate to those causes, including governmental resources. Nobody is going to do squat for arena workers other than those directly associated with the team.
  16. Botterill has had 3 seasons and 2 coaches and it's entirely possible he doesn't improve his team in the standings by a single point over what he inherited. Individual moves here or there that work out are irrelevant when the whole is, at best, not improved.
  17. If I never heard another player, coach, or GM speak publicly again in any forum, my enjoyment of sports might actually increase. All anyone ever does is spew cliches or straight-up lie.
  18. Nighhtengale either has no influence or provides poor guidance, but it's not a Botterill thing--the apparent lack of use of stats stretches across 3 GMs now.
  19. Oh, it's not a defense of Botterill. Just potentially more evidence that the team's data operation is...not up to par.
  20. It probably says more about Jason Nightengale than Jason Botterill. If we assume the Sabres have an internal xG model that differs from the public models, it probably says nicer things about current players than the public models. Given the team is mediocre (at best) with a laundry list of useless forward acquisitions, the internal model stinks.
  21. No, I don't think he's Housley-level bad. I just also don't think he's anything special that we should plan the organization around retaining.
  22. The message is irrelevant once the games start. Win games and nobody will care what their initial reaction to change was. Well, sure. But when I hear rebuild, I think trading current players for future players. That's the part that simply doesn't have to happen.
  23. So don't hire that guy. Hire the guy who has a radical idea to keep the good players and add more of them.
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