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I'm gonna dig the wolfman until the day I die ...

Live with Wolfman Jack ... this track actually ended up captured on the classic 'American Grafitti'.


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this track prooves that The Guess Who was still something after the creation of BTO ... and .. I'm an idiot ...
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Not a musical performance. However, I’ve heard it said that classical music has had a huge bearing on the metal scene. It’s very much evident whenever I listen to Cannibal Corpse. Listen to Šárka by Bedrich Smetana, and then the song “Ecstasy In Decay”. Also, I think the galloping bass line in “She Was Asking For It” may have been influenced in part by either Mozart, Haydn, or Beethoven.



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12 hours ago, SwampD said:

Sorry if me posting my own stuff is getting tired, but my buddy took our online show and lined the video up and added some graphics. Thought it was cool.


If I close my eyes I'd swear I was listening to King Crimson from about 1975.  Starless and Bible Black.

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The Chambers Brothers hit a grand slam with this one in 1967...

Time has come today
Young hearts can go their way
Can't put it off another day
I don't care what others say
They say we don't listen anyway
Time has come today
The rules have changed today (Hey)
I have no place to stay (Hey)
I'm thinking about the subway (Hey)
My love has flown away (Hey)
My tears have come and gone (Hey)
Oh my Lord, I have to roam (Hey)
I have no home (Hey)
I have no home (Hey)
Now the time has come (Time)
There's no place to run (Time)
I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
But I had my fun (Time)
I've been loved and put aside (Time)
I've been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time)
And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)
Now the time has come (Time)
There are things to realize (Time)
Time has come today (Time) 



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I am on a real Cat Stevens binge lately.

The words of a true believer.  Written long before he embrassed Islam.

I am very pleased that his journey in Islam has taken him to the point where he is playing his fantastic music again.  It is, indeed, a great journey.

Love you, Brother Yusuf.

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