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  1. Now that the Sabres season is officially over, I'm drinking a lot less. One benefit of a losing team.
  2. A fan since 1970. Day 1. Gil Perreault was my favorite player. He skated like no one before him. Effortless, his side-to-side agility was amazing. Electrifying. every time he had the puck. Most memorable moment is when Rene Robert scored against Bernie Parent in the fog game in 1975. The windows were open at my home and I could hear screams from the entire neighborhood. Most frustration was the staph infection game against the Hurricanes. How to fix the team: Pegulas, hire an experienced VP of Hockey Operations (Dudley, Lombardi, Burke, Holland, don't really care) and GTFO of the way.
  3. So we could have had GM Dudley and HC Ruff. Are we better off with GM Adams and HC Krueger?
  4. I agree Perreault. This is a no-brainer. They are clueless. Apparently Kim and Adams, with their combined 9 years of front office experience know more than Dudley with 40 frickin' years. Kim was 11 and Adams was 5 when Dudley was working in an NHL front office. WTF?
  5. Always liked Lindy. I'm glad he got another shot as HC.
  6. Great points as well. I may be guilty of exactly what you said, "That is a recipe for an office disaster because it is too tempting for the oldster to dominate the youngster and create an atmosphere of conflict and resentment." P.S. I'm glad I'm retired!!, and maybe I should be. 😉
  7. @JohnC. You work or worked in an executive position, right? It shows. When I was an executive, my tightrope was walking the fine line between consensus building and "doing it my way." My rationale was, "You hired me based on my past 25 years of successful management experience." I always listened and tried to build consensus, but when it came down to making the decision, it was my call. That's why you hired me. With Adams, he doesn't have 25 years of front office management experience to base his decisions on. Dudley has 40 years of front office, hockey operations experience. This is on-the-job training for Adams. So, Dudley is intense and wants to do it his way. FINE. That's who you hire if your ego is in check. Did Terry hire an intern to run his gas fracking business? I don't think so. But he does now to run his hockey team. Who would you hire to run your multi-million dollar hockey business? Dudley or Adams?
  8. This is the Things That are Awesome thread. If dogs could answer, they would all reply, "EVERYTHING".
  9. Wings (hot), Blue Cheese (cool) and a Labatt's Blue (cold). I could lather, rinse, repeat this every day.
  10. Me too. And also his Pop Shoppe commercials.
  11. I always thought is was a great hockey song (especially for aspiring NHL players playing in the AHL).
  12. Hey, it's Terry's team and he can do what he wants. But the fans were told money wouldn't be a problem. If hiring Dudley gets the Sabres into the playoffs, he will pay for his salary and much, much more. It's either a control problem, ego, or embarrassment that they weren't patient after letting JBOT go and taking the time to make a serious GM search that's holding them back from hiring a 40 year experienced hockey front office executive. The only other reason is incompetence. Dudley's not "a fit" argument doesn't work. How have the "fits" worked out over the last 9 years??
  13. Why bring in an experienced hockey front office professional with 40 years of experience when you can hire a cheaper GM with no front office experience? Pegulas, SMH. Ego, ego, ego. We need more of this:
  14. I guess that, I'll just drill another well" comment is haunting the Pegulas now.
  15. I'll always be optimistic about the Sabres (since their inception in 1970), but I can't disagree with anything you said. They can't even spell Robitaille correctly. Like I stated before, I can't wait till they honor the founder of the Sabres, Seymour Knocks.
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