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  1. Not sure why JBOT has a Jacques itch for Martin. Another retread. Tells me JBOT is running scared for his job and doesn't really know what to look for in a coach except experience. I'd rather have Taylor, Keefe, Groulx, etc. than another retread. I do think, however, a retread would be a valuable assistant.
  2. Tondas

    2019 NHL Draft

    Ben Bishop will need to be on his game for them to win. He has been so far. One can hope.
  3. Nope, the Bills are picking 9 regardless.
  4. If you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, that means you're qualified to be the next coach of the Buffalo Sabres.
  5. I can root for anyone once the boys are eliminated. But, I never, ever jump off the bandwagon.
  6. I feel the same way but that doesn't make me feel less dirty.
  7. LOL. Babcock: "Like I said last year after our first round exit, we'll learn from this and not let it happen again next year." OK Mike.
  8. I think the Sabres should change their name to the Buffalo Schadenfreude.
  9. The Bruins were a textbook case on how to protect a lead in the third period. Hopefully, we get there one day.
  10. Just like the lottery. You got to be in it to win it. Who knows?
  11. UB senior year as well!! Living in NT. Watched with a few friends. Almost threw the TV out the window.
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