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  1. Have been with GEICO for well over a decade. Being a former federal employee (GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company), I got a good discount that carried through into retirement. Haven't found anywhere cheaper but haven't really looked in years. You can save even more to bundle insurance. I have Auto, Renters, Homeowners, Jewelry rider, and Umbrella. One "claim" being a windshield chip repair. No hassle at all and at no cost. The app is good. My good friend is an insurance agent and I've told him no way I'm leaving GEICO.
  2. I meant this for the future, not this year. I should have specified.
  3. Guerin and JBOT Pittsburgh connection. Another JBOT trade partner or another crony friend who he won't offer sheet?
  4. Quadruplets? Forget Morse, I think Mrs. White will be wearing a no-contact jersey from now on.
  5. Good for me too. However, I think it's agent "leak" to pressure the Leaves.
  6. Lucky her name wasn't Veronica or the name of the team may have been "Vomits."
  7. Frankly, I'm tired about talking about Risto. If he's here opening day, great, he's an asset to the club. If he's not, great, we will bring an asset(s) in return. I'm just going to let JBOT do what he thinks is in the best interest of the club. To me. it's a win-win.
  8. Talent is important. Culture is important. It's not all one or the other, you need both. Some players bring more talent, some bring more "not going to lose" attitude. It's up to RFK to blend them all into a team. To be successful, the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. It takes both talent AND culture.
  9. Best pro coaches of all time: 1. MLB - Casey Stengel 2. NHL - Scotty Bowman 3. NFL - Bill Bellicheat 4. NBA - Red Auerbach
  10. Double Maker's Mark on the rocks watching late night TV.
  11. This board is great. Is there any skill set or experience that is not represented? Thanks, Ogre.
  12. Do OSHA regulations apply to the NHL? It seems that they should. It's all about workplace safely and keeping employees out of harms way. If a coal miner wanted to take the risk of working in an unsafe mine, would the employer let him? It's not always up to the employee i.e. Kyle.
  13. This hypothetical discussion began with a debate over health vs. freedom, not finances. Finances were a by product. Kyle wants to play. The Sabres are concerned about his health. Doctors from either side disagree with the risks. I would be more soured on the organization if they let a player play knowing the risks and didn't protect the player from himself. Again, this is similar to the LaFontaine case. Who was right and who was wrong? Each side believed in their principles.
  14. Great info Taro. I think the Sabres are more concerned with the cap hit since the insurance company is picking up the largest part of his salary. Their motivation may be to get Kyle to admit to LTIR (along with his doctors approval).
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