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  1. He sang from his heart. I love that. It comes through when you listen.
  2. I met Smokey at the Desert Inn Golf Course in Las Vegas (that's when it still existed). He was so gracious. He signed my scorecard. I didn't want to take up his time or fawn over him, but It was like he was opposing on me more than I was opposing on him.. First class all the way. And he had the "it" factor. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and I don't get that way for many people. He was one Just a great, great experience.
  3. RIP Bill Withers. Underappreciated talent.
  4. Like him or not, I hate to see someone layed off.
  5. Watching replays of women's college volleyball. For some reason, my right hand is extremely tired.
  6. Terry Kath. The insane part starts at 2:57. It's hard not to appreciate his talent. Notice his band mates. They look at him like the Sabres look at like Eichel. Do your thing Jack and we'll watch. And an under ratted vocalist.
  7. I've seen all 5 on my list live. You're right, Kath was mesmerizing. He never looked at his guitar. It was like he was born with it in his hand. Effortless, passionate, a true genius. Side note, I saw The Eagles live and at the end of the show, Joe Walsh threw a handful of picks into the crowd and I was lucky enough to catch one. Still have it and revere it with a big JW on it. Don't sleep on Kerry Livegren. It's like the music came from his heart, through his brain to his fingers. Seeing a couple of his solos live, my jaw dropped and I don't think I blinked during the entire solo. Just fantastic.
  8. Yep. Thought of him. Really tough to leave him out. Great non pick guitarist. Just like Lindsey Buckingham. I just didn't think he had the body of work of the others.
  9. The 5 most under appreciated guitarists in classic rock. 1. Terry Kath - Chicago. Jimi Hendrix said he was the best guitarist he ever heard. 2. Randy Bachman - The Guess Who 3. Kerry Livegren - Kansas 4. Tommy Shaw - Styx 5. Joe Walsh - The Eagles - Although he may not be under appreciated - Not sure.
  10. A couple things: 1. Rick Dudley was an animal!! Who else do you want in a bar fight? I still want him as GM. We need his jam. 2. I don't know if the Sabres won any of these games, but I didn't care. 3. Did you see how the players reacted to those fights. They were a team. They cared and played for each other. 4. The fans were into the game more than I have seen over the past decade. 5. I haven't seen team camaraderie like that in the last decade. 6. I miss this. I want this. THIS is being tough to play against. 7. And where do you find another Danny Gare who can kick your a$$ and score 50 goals. 8. Feel free to "OK Boomer" me.
  11. Watching Hogan's Heroes marathon on the Sundance channel.
  12. 19 Crimes Hard Chard. A chardonnay with 15% alcohol. Pretty good with a kick.
  13. Tondas


    Makes me think of this.
  14. This guy?? And what conference is State Farm in??
  15. As Bob Seger would say, lets "Turn the Page" on vets that are past their primes.
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