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  1. Dog Gonnit and "H.E. double hockey sticks"????
  2. JBOT in his best Eddie Haskell voice, "You're looking very nice tonight Mrs. Pegula."
  3. Does this team have a team psychiatrist, because they seriously need one.
  4. At this point Harrington may ask Bogo if the team is waffles, because they passed by toast a long time ago.
  5. My wife says I'm insane so I guess watching the Sabres do the same thing year after year and expecting different results in in my nature.
  6. We never get those kind of goals.
  7. Good bounce back period. It's so obvious that Sobotka either doesn't want to play hockey for a living or doesn't want to play for Buffalo.
  8. All of our Rasmii need to play mean.
  9. Looks like the Sabres might have "ingested" some of Miami's finest during the intermission.
  10. Does anyone know why they announce that there's 1 minute left in the period? Seems to have absolutely no value.