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  1. Sabres players need to realize when Dahlin want to go and get it to him much like the Bruins figured out to feed Orr.
  2. I thought the same thing. But if the pass to Jack got blocked, I wold have been pissed that Risto didn't shoot.
  3. Feel a little bad for Pilut. If it weren't for Dahlin, people would be marveling over him. I agree with others, it will be hard to send him down.
  4. The likelihood that he would ever play is remote even if he had to dress. To sit on the bench and open the door, I'm in good enough shape for that at 57. On second thought, I may pull a triceps muscle with the door.🙂
  5. I wonder why Marty Biron doesn't offer his services as emergency back-up goalie. He's at (or close by) to every home game and is already on the payroll. He's capable and it would make a great story he could share on the post game show.
  6. Only if his stick doesn't have a headache.
  7. Bills and Sabres are entertaining. Paging Rod Serling.