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  1. That was baby grit but they need to bring big boy grit for 60 minutes. Something to build off, hopefully.
  2. If our special teams were not inept, we'd be right in this one. Shame.
  3. The good thing about being 58 years old is that insurance actuarial tables say I'll only have to endure this pain for another 26 years. I feel sorry for you young guys.
  4. Cal-Garry Cal-Ross. This game is as sad as that movie. I liked Pacino though.
  5. Our PP reminds me of the Four Corners Stall in Basketball.
  6. I found this mildly arousing. Obviously, I don't get out much.
  7. Maybe have him only do the games RJ does?
  8. Blessing, Gurtler, Hannigan, Kilgore, Azar, Weber. The memories.
  9. With one linesman being out I think the less seniority ref should take over those duties. Not like he can't call penalties but shouldn't have to make one linesman cover both lines.
  10. We need to create a scale. It moved at 25 years old is a lot different than it moved at 55 years old.
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