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  1. Agreed. KA and Ralph have a plan. And the Pegs seem to be involved but not in the way. A goal upgrade and this team has improved considerably in the 5 months under the new way. I wasn’t a fan. But nothing to gripe about on paper.
  2. The big move will be firing the scouting staff, Bob, in a cost cutting move. They will be given the opportunity to rejoin the organization 3 weeks before the next draft. No travel reimbursement though.
  3. Laine and Ehlers? Not a chance.
  4. 3putt


    No hills in Kansas ...fake news! You were the last pillar I expected to fall. The horror.
  5. 3putt


    Hmmmm...Russian and Hills. He is being held outside of Allegany. The Hills are obvious. The Russian was trickier. But they are trying to take over the Coven's meth and prostitution operation on the grounds of the Old Royal Ednor. Scramble the HRT!
  6. They said the same about D Keith. Yikes.
  7. More USHL. Appert is highly regarded in the USHL. More so from an organizational perspective than x’s and o’s. So if I had to hazard a guess, the Amerks are going to become prospect heavy and let the cream rise.
  8. Hate the white on the Blue ones. Might as well use St. Louis' leftovers.
  9. I wouldn’t say compete, the desire is there. He is simply a sub par skater with no acceleration and and cannot play at the pace of a matchup center. His most common linemates are Kane and DeBrincat who push the pace. Without two excellent skaters on his wings he is not a driver. I can think nothing worse than a center who is complimentary player. Strome is a product of his situation, not a catalyst in creating it.
  10. And if they bring in someone connected to the league they should have a handle on the rest of the talent available, whether thruoigh trade or FA.
  11. Not every person who comes in will do what Bobblehead did and think that was what was needed. Some will say hmm...I have a 1c a 4c (Larson that has to be signed), a top 6 of Skinner, VO, Sam and a d pool of Dahlin, Joker, Miller, Pilut and pick one of Montour or Risto. I need to sign Linus add a good 1b like Greiss, or Markstrom and I need a 2c and a 3c. Haula, Granlund whomever can shore up the spine until Cozens or this years pick is ready. In the interim just making those moves and your probably closer than you think. With the cap space we should be able to parlay that in trade to shore up other spots like lhd and another rw. The key is no more Veseys, Shearys, Hunwicks, Elies, or Nolans clogging up the roster. The thing is if you use the term rebuild to refer normal roster augmentation, then yes there will be a rebuild. If rebuild is a total overhaul, then I don’t think that is what is needed. The problem is finding a guy who can identify talent that fits with what we have to make it better.
  12. Actually they don't. Stevie Y was explicitly told do what you must for as long as it takes but we want cups. Eliminate cups and the playoffs are not that big of a reach.
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