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  1. And one Jack Eichel injury from being a top lottery pick contender.
  2. Patrick Kane. Conor McDavid, Leon Draisatl, Nate MacKinnon, Sydney Crosby Jack Eichel. I'll wait
  3. One of my fave album covers of all time!
  4. Yeah a discouraged petulance. 2 points, Sabres score three, 2 primary assists and we win 3 -2. Ill take 45 games a year like that. Sign me up.
  5. In a good way...amirite! Glad you are on the prowl!
  6. It's hard enough to score 5 on 5. 6 on 5 is really hard.
  7. I assumed you were referencing Jack, though I see a parallel to ROR. The difference is that ROR was not the face, while still being an elite player. Tavares and Jack are more similarly positioned. If I was incorrect, my apologies.
  8. They didn’t trade their elite center. He left in free agency. Your passive implication is misguided.
  9. Kim holds the title of President of both the Bills and Sabres. Terry is technically not an executive in any manner of PSE. As to the hire I believe it pre-dated the firing of Brandon and the announcement of Kim ascending to her new role.
  10. Rocky Wirtz has a seat in the lower bowl and every fan is allowed to stop by and say hello between periods. Good or bad. He has said this year that he thought about going upstairs but most folks just want to know you are with them when things are not going well. Interesting philosophy.
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