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  1. I only have a work related account that is monitored. I don’t think I want to go that route.
  2. Same on my Ipad. But on the tv, it says no feeds available for this game.
  3. I remember last year games would have the feeds that were available early in the day in case you wanted to set a recording which I can do. Now no games list any feeds available. Is that what others are seeing as well?
  4. I run nhl.tv through Roku on my big screen. I have a vpn on my laptop.
  5. My renewal autobilled. So I do not think that is what went wrong. I called in exactly at 12 today to get support. Waited for 5 minutes and a woman picked I explained my situation and she said oh and hung up. I have now been on hold for 46 minutes. Add that to the 1 hour and 10 last night and not feeling warm and fuzzy about nhl.tv and on top of that what is this espn+ crap. Either you advertise every out of market game or you don’t. I don’t want to have to buy a streaming service on top of the service I bought already. Utterly pissed.
  6. Chicago is too close to Canada? I think there is something else going on. I removed the app reinstalled it, logged in and now It says there are no feeds for any games including tonight. And what the hell is ESPN + and why would that blackout agame
  7. Leafs Habs has no feeds on nhl.tv. Wtf. I'm in Chicago. These people wonder why they are not like the other sports and it is this crap over and over that makes people not bother to try and consume the product.
  8. Agreed. KA and Ralph have a plan. And the Pegs seem to be involved but not in the way. A goal upgrade and this team has improved considerably in the 5 months under the new way. I wasn’t a fan. But nothing to gripe about on paper.
  9. The big move will be firing the scouting staff, Bob, in a cost cutting move. They will be given the opportunity to rejoin the organization 3 weeks before the next draft. No travel reimbursement though.
  10. 3putt


    No hills in Kansas ...fake news! You were the last pillar I expected to fall. The horror.
  11. 3putt


    Hmmmm...Russian and Hills. He is being held outside of Allegany. The Hills are obvious. The Russian was trickier. But they are trying to take over the Coven's meth and prostitution operation on the grounds of the Old Royal Ednor. Scramble the HRT!
  12. They said the same about D Keith. Yikes.
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