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  1. How many more times will she be seen wearing Cannibal Corpse T-shirts? Will they play ****** With A Knife at the reception? As for that video, the motif behind it reminded me of this:
  2. We did have one. His last name was also Kane. Nice attempt at a backhanded post.
  3. I said earlier that this game had me worried before it started. Having some key people out on the o-line didn’t help. Plus, JAX had nothing to lose. So, this loss doesn’t surprise me at all. I had a feeling that we were due to be upset. Having said that, there’s something else I haven’t seen anyone bring up about our losses so far this season: on paper, they’ve all been close games. We can’t be expected to do blowouts against opposing teams as if we’re the Alabama Crimson Tide. On to next week, when we take on the New Jersey Denmarks (h/t William Shakespeare).
  4. Stranger things have happened.
  5. This game against the Jags has me really concerned. A part of our O-Line is snakebitten, and the Jags have nothing to lose at this point. They won’t make the playoffs this year, but they have the potential to shake up the playoff picture and embarrass a contender.
  6. @Hoss, you’re better than this. I normally don’t see you post a doozy. But, oh, man. This one reeks. Totally agree. KO is insufferable. There’s no other way for me to describe him. I bet he was eating crow for the main course and humble pie just for desserts. 😁
  7. There’s a reason why Mogilny wore 89, just like Jagr wore 68. AFAIAC, 89 is off limits.
  8. I can’t help but notice that Eichel got traded to a town that has a replica of the Eiffel Tower. But here’s my question: does RJ have the rights to the “Eichel Tower” moniker, or can Dave Goucher use it now?
  9. Unfortunately, there are too many real-life Veruca Salts.
  10. Just like “Gloria” by Laura Branigan in St. Louis, right?
  11. I guess that means you wouldn’t celebrate with this either:
  12. Now there’s a guy whose music is an inspiration for life support!
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