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  1. It's legal here in Ontario, too. I was able to order 7 grams online for the equivalent of $31 USD (includes tax), and have it delivered to my house for free. This is cheaper than anything I've gotten from the black market for at least 30 years. The variety to choose from and the quality of product are outstanding. I think the low cost is the province's approach to making the black market no longer viable. I wouldn't be surprised if they jack up the prices once they figure they have dealt a substantial blow to the black market. That would be consistent with their alcohol policy
  2. The Shining The Usual Suspects One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Psycho
  3. Apocalypse Now Reservoir Dogs Once Upon A Time In The West I also love Repo Man, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and Office Space, though I wouldn't expect anyone else to consider them as top 10 material.
  4. I think you might be mixing up these 2 teams. 1999 we were the #7 seed and had no offense to speak of. 2006 we were only 3 regular season points from being the #1 seed and had a dynamic offense. For me at least, 2006 was tense because we had an excellent chance to get to the finals. Then when all the top 4 seeds in the West lost in round 1, it was like the seas had parted for us. And then came the injuries and the Canes series. Also, in 1999 we swept #2 Ottawa and then beat the Bruins and then the Leafs. That was pure unanticipated joy! Like it literally couldn't have been a better
  5. Wow! All this hate for Milbury! I think he's a great commentator...
  6. Yes, it is real. I remember it clearly. He was at a pre-Halloween party, hence the costume.
  7. I bought that book 20 years ago and finally read it last year. It is quite good.
  8. UNC basketball got a little bad press a few years ago. That was then. Then came the multiple NCAA investigations. Then came NOTHING in terms of scandal or penalties for the BB program.
  9. LOL. The border is pretty much already closed, at least for non-Canadians in cars (not sure about planes). I arrived there at 6:30pm on Wednesday and there was one lane open and it had no cars in it. Outside of the commercial trucks, I was literally the only one crossing. Surreal.
  10. Moving does suck. However, as of Tuesday I will be completely moved up to Canada. The completion of this process will not suck.
  11. It was an incredible catch. I'm just not looking forward to "You Got Mossed!" going absolutely out of their minds about this catch, and not just for one week either.
  12. BagBoy


    Yeah, I worry about the kids, too. Initially I just thought that their education would suffer. But 8 months of abnormality for a kid, with "normalcy" being months if not a year or two away has got to be freaking devastating for a countless number of them regarding being socially effective going forward. I can't imagine what this thing would have done to me when I was 12 or whatever age back then. But there still has to be a responsible level of containment in public policy. Finding the optimal balance is the challenge here (Captain Obvious told me this, so it must be true). The only way
  13. BagBoy


    If I'm interpreting you correctly, you are saying that mental health cases in the public at large are increasing ~20% whether individuals are positive for COVID or not? That sounds reasonable to me. I can also understand that people with pre-existing mental issues would be much more susceptible to relapses and/or increased symptoms even without any actual COVID exposure. But a few things stand out to me. First, this was an Oxford University study. Obviously Oxford is not some hack university releasing questionable data for some sort of political or social agenda. Secondly, they mentioned
  14. BagBoy


    One more reason to take COVID a little bit more seriously... https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-mental-illness-int-idUSKBN27P35N
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