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  1. BagBoy

    The even randomer thread

    I'm convinced they dug up a bunch of Native American burial grounds to build Philly. Lot a bad mojo there.
  2. BagBoy

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    I love Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!
  3. BagBoy

    The Music Thread

    Man, I love the Replacements (Alex Chilton video 2 replies above). They were some serious drinkers. Frontman Paul Westerberg would usually slur when introducing the band at the beginning of a show and it sounded like, "Hi, we're the Placemats." So they were nicknamed the Mats for short ever since. They showed up wasted for an SNL appearance and were never invited back. They actually released an album of live covers they "performed" while *****-faced. Most of them were incomplete, and they didn't know all the lyrics. Songs like Iron Man and Saturday Night Special. God awful torturous racket if you're not a fan, but utterly hilarious if you are. They called it "The ***** Hits the Fans". In spite of their issues, they did not lack for a sense of humor. At one point they were driving to a gig and one of the guys' nephew had just committed suicide, so he decided to drive alone behind the other guys, who were drinking heavily all the way. When they all arrived, the sober one recounted that the three guys drinking literally fell out of the car laughing so hysterically that it took them like 5 minutes to finally be able to explain why they were laughing so hard. They had decided what to name their soon to be released album. They decided on "Let It Be"! This was only 14 years after the Beatles released their "Let It Be", so they knew this would be considered blasphemous by many. One time in a recording studio they managed to get vomit on the 12-foot ceiling of one of the rooms. The owner of the studio couldn't figure out how they managed to do that and actually lost sleep over it. He finally concluded that one (or more) of them had barfed in his cupped hands and flung it up on the ceiling. Regardless of all this debauchery, the Replacements were an amazing band, a true force in the 80's who influenced many future bands. Paul Westerberg is a tremendous songwriter. Check them out!
  4. BagBoy

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    There is already a movie called Dick. And it is about...you guessed it! Richard Nixon!
  5. Let's finish it in regulation!
  6. Rielly may be their most important player.
  7. BagBoy

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    ^ It's called Vice. edit: lol
  8. BagBoy

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    There is a movie about Dick Cheney coming out on Christmas. Here is the actor playing him. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6266538/mediaviewer/rm2787015680 I thought it was 71-year old Richard Dreyfuss, certainly not 44-year old Christian Bale. Here's another beauty of the lengths he's willing to go to capture a character (Cheney again). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6266538/mediaviewer/rm1327397888 Here is what he did to himself in 2004 for The Machinist. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0361862/mediaviewer/rm1747859712 Say what you will about him, he has been fantastic in some fantastic movies: The Machinist, Empire of the Sun (as a 13-year old), American Psycho, his Batman movies, The Big Short, etc.
  9. BagBoy

    Seattle Expansion - Early Sabres List

    If they're talking about the one on the right, yuck! They're gonna be the equivalent of the Penn State jerseys of the NHL, only worse.
  10. BagBoy

    The other sports thread

    Colt McCoy is out for the season for the Redskins. Mark Sanchez is the only healthy Washington QB. They just claimed Reuben Foster, knowing full well there would be criticism. If they're willing to do that, and under their current QB circumstances, doesn't it seem like taking a chance on Colin Kaepernick would be the obvious thing to do?
  11. BagBoy

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Getting back to the Leafs (as distasteful as that is) isn't Rielly already signed through 2022? That's what NHL Numbers says. NHL Numbers also says that Kapanen's contract is due after this season, so it's not just Marner and Matthews going to the bank.
  12. BagBoy


    Things are wonderful right now, and I like it as much as the next Sabres fan. Maybe it's just the old man in me, but we should keep the big picture in mind here. The only thing the Sabres have accomplished at this point is to put themselves in an excellent position going forward. No team ever qualified for the playoffs in November. As we all know, the way you automatically qualify for the playoffs is to finish in the top 3 of your division. That means that Buffalo, after 82 games, has to finish better than either TB, TOR or BOS (or otherwise as a wild card). This will not be easy. From both a fan and player/team perspective, the focus needs to be on future games, not the recent ones.
  13. BagBoy

    Defense This season vs last - Better?

    I'm with you Rick (and GA and Randall). Strictly defensively speaking, our defense does not feel miles ahead of last year's defense to me, but it definitely seems a bit better. We now have Dahlin, and we have been healthy so far this year (knock on wood), so those have been big advantages. Obviously this year's goaltending has cured a lot of last year's defensive warts. Phil getting everyone to buy in on letting the defensemen crash the net when appropriate has also been a big plus.
  14. BagBoy

    Speaking of the Aud . . .

    Oh boy. I wasn't at the first game, but did attend a few games that first year as a 6-year old. My family had 3rd row oranges right on the blue line. Dad also had occasional seats from work in the first row of the blues near center ice. There was an older English couple in the gold seats right in front of those seats who were hilarious. Announcer: "2 minute penalty to Buffalo number two Jim Watson for holding." English woman in front of us: stands up and yells in a cockney accent, "You can 'old me anytime Jimmy, baby!" If there was a game where the Sabres were up comfortably near the end, there was some guy who would wait for a really quiet time and then wail into the most perfect and loud Tarzan yell. It actually got to the point where the crowd would hopefully anticipate it and you could tell people were just piping down intentionally trying to encourage the guy. He got a huge ovation every time he did it and rightly so. You know when the refs hit the ice before any players at the start of each period? In that first season the Sabres had 2 figure skating ladies that would hit the ice with them before the players got out there. The figure skaters wore all silver and had actual sabres (plastic I'm sure). They would hurl their sabres into the nets right after the refs skated by them. I'm sure the refs really looked forward to that! Back then beer cups were made of paper, but they were waxed. If you set the empties upside down and stomped on them it made a wonderful popping sound that I will never forget in those narrow walkways as everyone exited the building. The last game I saw at The Aud was a Boxing Day game where Housley scored both goals in a 2-1 win over Boston. My brother gave me a brick from The Aud after the demolition. It is a prized possession.