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  1. This team has a lot of young stars on the rise. They are playing free, and they are playing fast. The Bruins and their gritty players will look once again to run them over, slow them down, and put their heads on a swivel. Unlike years past where you may have one game vs a team, this is a 3 game series back to back to back with Boston. After what happened last game, with players like Tage and Irwin getting owned in fights, Sabres need a competent guy that can make the Bruins accountable if they try the cheap stuff. Adding Samuelsson is a bonus, but you can't expect a rookie to sta
  2. “We have a little bit more information than maybe a fan does, some inner workings that we see some positives in.” Kim Pegula, May 2020. Words echoed by our storied Team President explaining the retainment of GM Jason Botterill, before performing an about-face and firing him weeks later. Botterill's departure led to the hiring of Kevyn Adams as GM after serving as the team's Senior Vice President of Business Administration for one year. An opportunity that had more to do with the Pegula's familiarity with Adams and less to do with his executive prowess. This elevated He
  3. We could only be so lucky to get Rutherford. Would change our team in a snap.
  4. If our goals for, and goals against were relative, I would agree. If we were both ranked 10th in the league in GF and GA we would be a playoff team. Our offense sucks. Lockdown or no lockdown. We need to score more goals. And Ralphs system keeps us from scoring and being 10th in GA is not good enough, then we need a new system. There are also teams that have played less games. It's all relative.
  5. Sabres rank 10th in the NHL in goals allowed. Goaltending isn't the problem. They rank 27th in goals scored. We all knew they needed to score more to make the playoffs, which is why the addition of Hall and Staal were huge. Considering they were ranked 23rd in goals scored last year, they have gone backwards. That's on Krueger and his system. You can talk culture all you want. When you add talent, and your offense regresses, that's a serious system problem.
  6. Mind you Ruff was fired after starting 6-10-1 in a strike shortened 12-13 season coming off a 39 win - 89 point season. Six seasons prior to that the Sabres earned 90+ points each year--four of which made the playoffs and two made the conference finals. Not to mention his run in the 90's of playoff appearances and Stanley Cup. We've been a wondering lost group ever since. Krueger is 34-37-10 for 78 points.
  7. Jeff Skinner 18-19: 82 games-40g-23a-63p Jeff Skinner 19-20, 20-21: 71 games-14g-10a-24p The guy has been a scoring machine for most of his career. A head coach plays his best players to their strengths. Perhaps it wasn't the best move signing him to $9m AAV. But he sure as heck is worth more than what he is producing right now. That's on RK. This team has scorers and guys that can make plays. Olofsson, Hall, Eichel, Reinhart, Skinner, Staal are all guys that can put up 20+ goals and 50+ points. Not to mention Dahlin looking completely lost. 6 goals from our D-men in 72
  8. Way to much. Cozens is a stud in the making. And then throw an 8th in an extremely deep draft? You can't make trades based on fear of failure. Cirelli could come to Buffalo and turn into a Vessey. Then what? Keep Cozens. Draft a stud at 8.
  9. https://coloradohockeynow.com/2020/05/22/report-nhlpa-approves-return-to-play-nhl-playoff-format/ No surprise. Now the Pegula's can get down to planning for next year, including finding a new GM
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