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GDT Red Wings @ Sabres Tuesday Dec 5th 7:30 pm ET ESPN+ / HULU


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Between Periods in Sabres locker room:

Donnie - need to dial up the compete boys.

Cozens - how about FU?

Ellis: Ok on PP, keep passing into D sticks, or around the boards, look for the perfect shot OK, I gotta go talk to Rayzor with keys.....

Cozens - need more FU.

Comrie - dudes the clothes pins are hurting my shoulders,  quit hanging me out ....

Sabres D - what? who, me? 

Cozens - F this.

GMKA - we want guys who want to be here, we are here to entertain, we want fans to come back, we have to earn it.

Fans: BOOOOOO, followed by sound of seats emptying 


*Misspelling intentional?

5 minutes ago, lothar said:

Alright, haven't been in on a GameDay thread in weeks. Just to change the vibe, I'm in. Let's go boys! 

@lothar how are the Hill People?

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4 minutes ago, Crusader1969 said:

Booing means it's the players fault.  I honestly don't think it is.  
A 3rd line of Rosen, Biro and Olofsson is only 1 mans fault  


They have more shots than our top line and played less than 3 minutes… They are not the problem… Skinner and Mitts no shots… Tage 1… in 7 minutes.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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