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  1. Concern would be concussion protocol
  2. I guess we will really see if he gets a call by player safety tomorrow or not
  3. I’m assuming there is no radio coverage tonight? I tried to pull up on radio.com and it’s not on.
  4. If you want to call a blatant elbow to the face a strong play
  5. I get he’s top 20 scoring and that’s great but he is a defenseman and not a forward. I would like him to play defense better. I understand that comes with time so it will be a few years before we see if he is a true star defenseman
  6. I’ve seen him have a few choice words with refs before but you’re right. It’s still very subdued
  7. If I’m Krueger I would lay into the refs. That was horrible
  8. Wow the refs are letting them play. That’s two open ice trips, one for each team
  9. I wish I had your optimism. I’ll be surprised if they win 4 games in December but you never know
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