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  1. Agree but I think the second goal was the only goal that was not stoppable.
  2. Tanking only works if you have a top notch front office that can make the right decisions. Pegula was brand new and had no clue. He gave up on Darcy a little too quickly and then handed the reigns over to a GM that had absolutely no clue what the hell he was doing. Now we’re back to what Darcy wanted to do, build through the draft.
  3. Oh I agree. You know your offense sucks when the coach leaves your star forward(and the only one who scores) on the ice for half the game. He played 12+ minutes in the third alone!
  4. what other Star forward players half a game?
  5. Johansson suuuuuucks. He is nowhere near NHL ready
  6. Well at least the game is over. There is absolutely no pressure
  7. I don't see this being fixed in the near future. I agree with Radar on his thoughts of free agency. This team will only be better with those in the pipeline. Unfortunately you have to hope and pray that they have drafted well and those prospects develop correctly. There is no easy answer in my opinion.
  8. Wow...... wooooow. How do you just lazily skate back into the zone when your net is empty.
  9. I call BS on that only because its coming front Philly homer announcers. That very well could have been Saying that tongue and check eluding to the fact that Eichel is literally carrying the Sabres. That was proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, last night. It looked like they were completely lost without him.
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