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After the Whistle Podcast


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4 minutes ago, Zamboni said:

Does Andrew peters still have an uncanny knack of talking over people who are in the middle of talking? Because when he was on WGR… He would do that constantly with guests, and Rivet. For me that’s just a massive turn off.

Unfortunately yes. In fact he stomped all over Elliotte Friedman when he was making some important points.

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1 hour ago, pastajoe said:

I always found Rivet hard to listen to. He always had to get responses pulled out of him. Duff and Marty are more prepared.

Can’t stand Marty, he never STFU to let anyone else talk, he talks over everyone

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There's been some good interviews on the show and interesting content.  I enjoy listening to them but I liked the Instigators show too.  I'm happy that they are still very pro-Sabres when they talk about the team even though not sponsored any more.  Roenick interviews have been good too.  The podcast is easy to fast forward if they get on a tangent you don't want to listen to.  No downside for me.

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