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  1. Sadly not - wife has some friends we are meeting with this afternoon. But if I come back here again I’ll definitely go - the food there was great
  2. @MODO Hockey no issues getting back, was even stopped by a few native Swedes to chat about the Sabres! cheers for checking on me
  3. Different section to you boys so had to peel off. A18. Can meet between periods so let me know where you are
  4. Nearly there - 10 minutes I think. Time for a quick pint before we leave?
  5. Just landed. Plane delays 😕 should be there for 6
  6. @MODO Hockey - what time and where are we meeting again?
  7. Post and crossbar as well as a few odd man breaks. A big save or two from Ulmark and some luck and the score is 2-2
  8. Also I still have a spare ticket for Saturday if anyone wants it (selling it at face value)
  9. I'm in MODO! In other news - does anyone know if they will be selling the 50th anniversary jersey at the games?
  10. I don’t wish to be an eyore, but the win hasn’t really excited me. I feel like an abused partner, unable to be excited about the good because I know the real bad is around the corner. hopefully this year I am wrong
  11. So including injuries, is our defence currently: Dahlin, Risto, Miller, Nelson, Gilmour, Scandella, Jokiharju, Pilut, McCabe, Bogosian, Montour? So that's 11 players, with Borgen in the A
  12. Do many believe the team is any better than last year? Maybe 85 points and draft 8th again
  13. So is our aim to acquire every LW in the NHL? I like the signing, but we are very crowded in that position now - what do we have 10 of them now? Skinner Johansson Vesey Sheary Olofsson Girgensons Wilson Rodrigues Smith Elie I don't want any of these guys playing 4C, let alone 2C.
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