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  1. Lazar is our top line C. Good for him. Making the most of his time. Skinner with Mitts and Sheahan could be nice
  2. If our shooting percentage was normal for the team it would translate to just under a goal per game. We are low because we are unlucky so far in my opinion
  3. Except when he's not doing it. Lazar, never famed for his goal scoring, has managed 4 goals on the 4th line. Jeff is on track for less than 6 points in an 82 game season. That is Andrew Peters territory. And Peters never saw PP time
  4. The Skinner stuff is odd. There must be some drama behind the scenes. Even a punishment benching is usually 1-2 games at most
  5. If there is one thing I have learnt from the last decade of being a Sabres fan, it's that just one more coach might be what we need to fix all our issues
  6. 96.2 PDO for the season. Has to change at some point. Right?
  7. I fully expect a shutout. And not the good kind.
  8. Across an 82 game schedule, Eichel is on track for 11 goals. How many one goal games have we lost? Eichel - 11 Hall - 5 Skinner - 0 Okposo - 0 The issue with this team isn’t the defence, goalies or cheap forwards. Those four players combine for $33.5 million and would be on track for 16 goals in a normal season.
  9. Squeaking still counts for 2. Be still my beating heart.
  10. He's out for a while. No Risto. No McCabe. We've lost our grit Flashes of life from Dahlin this game
  11. I get people are blaming Ralph for this. But no matter how janky a system is, the players should be scoring more than they are. Jack is on pace for a 13 goal season. Most of his points feel like they have been secondary assists. if players play this poorly it is also on them.
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