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  1. I think we come to regret this decision. I expect him to be a consistent 50-60 point player, who is defensively responsible
  2. If I'm choosing my fantasy, i'm imagining myself as a billionaire not a millionaire. Dream big, Physics
  3. Giving these 1 year $700k deals out like candy
  4. Looking at the Flames roster - there is no one I really want over Sam and their goalie has pretty mediocre stats. I hope Miller is the centre piece of the trade (obviously with significant add from us)
  5. He was on track for 14 goals and 30 points last year whilst being the shutdown line in fairness
  6. I am still skeptical Hall and Eichel will click - both like to carry the puck too much. Therefore, I expect Skinner to be on Eichel's wing. Plus skinner put up 23 points for $9 million. He should be thinking about his own performance before contemplating his drop in rank in the depth chart
  7. Personally, I think a team that wins the cup has Olof as a 3rd line winger and PP specialist. I also dont like pencilling in non-NHL players into key positions - let them learn in sheltered minutes. Therefore I think adding Monahan means you play two non-top 6 players in your top 6. Combine that with Risto and Montour on your RHD, means I imagine a lot of teams going for the weak right side of the Sabres
  8. And it makes our RW Okposo then Reider. Monihab as 3C makes no sense to me
  9. Agreed. He comes across very well in the interview and gives proper full answers to questions. Even makes it clear (albeit implicitly) he thinks its Eichel's team and he is there to support that
  10. I still hope we sign him. Depth and not forcing young players into a lineup if they're not ready is always good
  11. This is great news. Decent contract too! I wouldn’t play him with Eichel. Hall likes to drive a line. Happened with McDavid and it just looked clunky. Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Hall - Staal - Olofson (or Cozens) A moment to dream: Casey has spent the last 10 months remembering how to play hockey and started watching videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger on YouTube. He became intrigued what those metal poles were he saw Arny lifting. Upon enquiry with friends and family he learnt about a building called ‘Jim’ where we could go and get strong. Casey formed a close relation
  12. One or two, I believe (teams choice prior to the hearing)
  13. One thing people are forgetting is roster space - we have signed five guys to NHL contracts. The that's 3-5 roster places gone. Even if Wennberg, Fast etc. were available. We wouldn't be signing them. The fact is, our roster is pretty much full now - its just rather than chose to fill the gaps with top players, or under-the-radar players, we have filled it with bargain discount players. Olof - Eichel - Reino Skinner - Staal - Cozens Thompson - Eakins - Okposo Girgensons - Lazar - Reider We may see one more signing - dependent on Casey and the management's assessment of
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